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Show off your unique personalities and give your guests a dessert to remember with these 8 unconventional wedding cakes! One of the most exciting parts about planning a wedding is the wedding cake.  Why not throw caution to the window and try an unconventional wedding cake, that will delight your guests and have them talking! It’s not only a fabulous way to show off your unique personalities, it’s also a great money saver! When you step outside the traditional tiered cake, your possibilities are endless (which means your budget has a lot more flexibility). Unconventional cakes also let you add a bit of flair to an otherwise traditional wedding. Check out a few of our favorite ideas!

8 Unconventional Wedding Cakes to Try

A Cake For Every Table

Rather than a large cake, why not surprise guests with a small cake at their table?  You can pick and choose the flavors for each cake; you can create different designs for each table depending on who’s sitting where; or you can keep it simple.  The only limit with this kind of cake is your imagination!


Either an entire display of gorgeous macarons in the shape of a cake, or a few layers underneath an equally beautiful traditional wedding cake – the choice is yours.  Light, airy and downright flawless, macarons are a perfect choice for a romantic wedding day!


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More and more weddings are featuring cupcakes alongside a more traditional wedding cake – and why not? Cupcakes are truly little bites of heaven!  You can include cupcakes of different flavors and styles, arranged in intricate patterns and displayed beautifully.


OK, let me just say that I personally think this is the most wonderful idea in the world.  Everyone loves donuts!  Many bakeries offer a wide range of amazing and different donut flavors.

Pies And Tarts

Rather than a cake, perhaps a selection of pies and tarts is more up your alley.  Apple pie; mini butter tarts; strawberry rhubarb pie; peach pie; and the list goes on.  And what an amazing list it is!

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Cake Pops

Mini pieces of cake, frosted beautifully and served on a stick?  Delicious, and not to mention fun! How many times have you been to a wedding and noticed that most guests only take one or two bites of their piece of wedding cake?  Problem solved with gorgeous cake pops!


Delight the kid in all of your guests by serving up fabulous cookies instead of a traditional cake. From macadamia nut and white chocolate; to salted caramel and milk chocolate chips… well let’s just say that I would be one happy wedding guest! Add in some sugar cookies decorated in your wedding colors to pull it all together!

Pancake Cake

Fluffy pancakes, or daintily thin ones that are more like crepes: the choice is yours on your wedding day!  Surprise your guests and tempt their palates with an original pancake wedding cake.

Whether you choose a traditional wedding cake or something a little more unconventional for your wedding is up to you.  It’s your special day so if you feel drawn to an unconventional wedding cake, I say go for it!

What are some of the most amazing unconventional wedding cakes you’ve ever tasted?

Show off your unique personalities and give your guests a dessert to remember with these 8 unconventional wedding cakes! Check them out!

Julia Davis
Julia Davis

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