How to Find & Style Stunning Candelabras for Weddings

Candelabras for Weddings styled with flowers

Candelabras are an amazing addition to any lesbian wedding (or any other wedding, of course). They just ooze elegance and tastefulness. Plus, after the wedding, you’ll have a beautiful souvenir that doubles as a stunning home decor statement piece. 

So, where can you get these wonderful pieces which look like they’re straight out of a Disney movie?  Keep reading to find out, then get some tips for styling it to match your wedding decor

Where to buy Candelabras for Weddings

So, you can find these really easy online, and in the style, color, and size that you always envisioned. Below, I’ve listed some of the best options. Whether you want a vintage look, modern, or rustic.

P.S, these will be plain candelabras, which we will show you how to DIY decorate later on. If you want to find one which is fully decorated, scroll to the renting part of this post.

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silver candelabras for weddings

This gorgeous five-arm metal Candelabra is so gorgeous and looks really amazing. This is such a versatile little piece that will look incredible at your wedding venue. You can easily make this more rustic, Avante-grande, or minimalistic. Totally you’re choice – that’s the beauty of DIY. The one above is from Amazon. Etsy also has some beautiful pieces!

Beauty and the Beast 

Beauty and the Beast Gold Candelabra with Candles Perfect for image 0

If your brain jumps to Beauty and the Beast when you think of these lovely items, then you’re not alone.

In fact, this seller is listing one which mirrors the exact one seen in the Disney classic. This will ensure that your big day is a fairytale.

If you’re looking for one like that locally or on another shopping site, just search for a gold candelabra. You can then decorate your table to match that specific aesthetic.

Black metal 

silver candelabras for weddings

These have such an enchanting gothic feel to them. Not only that but they also can be dressed up to create an ultra-modern look.

Black is always a fabulous colour to choose for your decor, it can either be super striking or minimalist – depending on how you decorate. I can imagine this at an alternative, rustic, or even traditional wedding – just get creative.


A copper candelabra like this one will obviously look amazing at rustic weddings. Imagine these at an outdoor or barn wedding venue. Gorgeous.


silver candelabras for weddings

First, by “ivory,” we of course mean the color and not the material. Most countries ban buying and selling the real stuff, and with good reason given the incredibly unethical source.

If you’re opting for a big white wedding look, this would be incredible. Again, the look of this can be totally transformed with the right decor.

White is one of the easiest colors to decorate and transform – think of it as a blank canvas. This could be a safe choice for you.


silver candelabras for weddings

Lastly, we have crystal (or glass) candelabras. This is arguably the most simplistic and is perfect if you’re looking for a classic but simple way to decorate your table.

How to decorate your candelabra

Okay, so you have the candelabra, now what? You absolutely can leave these plain, they still look fabulous. However, you want to add a little bit more “oomph” or make it better match your overall decor theme, here are some great ideas!

Faux greenery 

MARTHA&IVAN 14 Strands Artificial Ivy, Fake Ivy Garland Decorations,Fake Plants,Fake Vine,Vine Decoration for Wedding,Party, Garden, Home Decoration (14 Strands)

For those naturalistic, rustic weddings, you can wrap around some of these gorgeous looking artificial ivy plants.

I highly recommend you use artificial plants for this, as they are much easier to work with and will not wither or shed onto your tables.


Ling's Moment Artificial Flowers 50Pcs Ivory Roses Decor w/Stems,3' Real Touch DIY Foam Floral for Wedding Bouquet/Centerpieces, Outdoors Party Backdrop, Room/Table, and Garden/Pot Decorations(2023)

Again, using artificial plants – you can try to decorate using roses. They’re the universal flower of romance, and nothing is much more romantic than a wedding.

These ill really jazz up your candelabra and make it a statement piece. I really loved these black roses, and could picture them perfectly with the black candelabra for that Gothic style. They also come in more colors including purple, pink, red, and blue.

Bonus tip- if you used silk flowers to decorate your wedding arch, keep some aside for this project. It’ll really tie the whole look together.

The tutorial below is an amazing tutorial on how to create a flower arrangement around a Candelabra. How incredible would this look on your wedding table?

Silk ribbon

No products found.

One last suggestion is to tie around some gorgeous silk ribbon. This adds a little simple something to your design, and can totally transform the look.

P.S, you can use all three of these ideas in one – greenery, roses, and silk ribbon. That’ll be an extravagant look, perfect for a lot of weddings.

How to rent a candelabra

Of course, as with most things with your wedding, you can rent out candelabras. All of which will be decorated to fit your wedding.

You can check out local craft stores which will offer an amazing range of beautiful decor for your wedding. These are a top option for most weddings.

American Party Rentals also offers a large range of Candelabras, but these will not be decorated. So you will still have to DIY that part yourself – if that’s something you’re looking for.

Renting could be a more affordable or sensible option for you.

I hope this guide helped you on your journey to the most incredible wedding decor. 

Using candelabras adds such an elegant touch to your wedding. Check out our guide to buying and styling them!

Did you include candelabras in your wedding? Share your tips below!

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