How To Decorate A Wedding Arch With Silk Flowers

Looking for tips on how to decorate a wedding arch with silk flowers?

We’ve got you – and your arch- covered!

Below, we’ll talk about the benefits of using silk flowers, then go over some great ways to use them.

Let’s get going!

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How To Decorate A Wedding Arch With Silk Flowers

Knowing how to decorate a wedding arch with silk flowers can save you money while still giving you your dream wedding decor. Check out tips on how to do it!

A wedding isn’t complete without a gorgeous wedding arch.

It’s the centerpiece of the ceremony, and how it looks can make or break the whole aesthetic. No pressure, of course. 

The good news? You can decorate a plain wedding arch in any way that you want. 

Below, we take a look into the best idea for wedding arches, using silk flowers.

We really hope this gives you useful ideas or some much-needed inspiration. 

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Why you should choose silk flowers?

Knowing how to decorate a wedding arch with silk flowers can save you money while still giving you your dream wedding decor. Check out tips on how to do it!

So, you’re probably wondering “why silk?”, right?

While it’s true fresh flowers do add a fresh and fragrant atmosphere, they’re not as easy to work with

Something as simple as hot weather or the wrong treatment can lead to failure, which just isn’t worth the risk.

Silk flowers for wedding arch are a great option for this reason alone.

In addition to this, real flowers are extremely expensive, especially when they’re super fresh. 

With all this in mind, many soon-to-be’s opt for silk flowers.

They look equally as gorgeous, but they’re easier to work with, design, and are a lot less risky. 

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best silk flower wedding arch ideas and how to decorate a wedding arch with silk flowers. 

1. The natural look

Natural wedding aesthetics are becoming more and more popular.

We can envision a natural silk flower wedding arch in the mountains or a forest. 

We recommend using a lot of greenery for this project, especially ivy and long hedges. 

If you can, your wedding arch should have a wooden/tree-like effect. This will just add to that wonderful natural look. 

Lastly, add some natural look silk flowers around the arch – scattered messily.

As we know, nature doesn’t have a pattern or set location for anything. 

To really achieve the natural look, make sure you choose colours that are all common in real-life natural settings.

Think white, lavender, and green. 

2. A trip to the forest

On that similar type of style, why not take a forest look a little further. 

For this, we recommend taking pine trees as inspiration. 

For this, decorate your wedding arch with leafy greens, and anything that mirrors a forest. 

This type of look is perfect for those in an outdoor setting, or for those with a natural, organic theme running through their wedding. 

Silk flowers/leaves can really help you achieve this look. 

3. A hint of nautical

You can easily add a marine look to your wedding arch, with the right materials. 

To begin, work with a wooden/aquatic structure, and then wrap silk flowers around this. 

You can even incorporate this with a robe or curtain, like the example above. 

Of course, the anchors are a lovely addition – but it’s really those silk flowers that add that romantic look to this wonderful arch. 

4. Incorporate fabric

That brings us nicely onto our next idea – using fabric on your wedding arch

There are so many ways to add fabric to your wedding arch, we personally love the draped-over style- almost like somebody threw the fabric over. 

What really completes this look is the floral accessories. Take the below wedding arch as inspiration. Look how gorgeous those separate bouquets are – incorporating an array of colour and botanical beauty. 

5. Romantic colors

When you think of romance and love, your mind often jumps to pink and red colors.

Why not include this in your wedding arch?

It’s much easier and sustainable to use pink and red silk flower balls and make a gorgeous bouquet, to attach to your wedding arch

Top tip: Add these bouquets to the corners of your wedding arch, this way your pictures will always look flowery, bright, and beautiful. 

6. The classic white wedding

Another popular color for weddings? White. 

If you’re having the classic white wedding, your arch should mirror this. 

So, we love the use of white and blue in this kind of arch. Remember, the “something blue” rule. 

Add a bunch of white and blue silk flowers, mix with green leaves – you’ve got a timeless wedding arch

7. Winter wedding arch

Last, but certainly not least, winter wedding arches are also great to make with silk flowers. 

Not only because the climate is always accommodating to silk flowers, but because they can be styled much easier. 

Of course, for this kind of wedding arch, white silk flowers work the best, although you can always just go with silk vine-like greenery alone.

Either way, make sure they mirror flowers and plants which are in “season”. Think ivy, pine leaves, and snowdrops. 

A little cute addition would be to sprinkle fake snow onto the petals and leaves.

If you’re wondering how to attach flowers to wedding arch, you can use glue, pins, or simple  wrap them around. 

We hope these ideas really inspire you. Silk flowers are an amazing way to decorate your wedding arches, with no complications or failures. 

Plus, when using DIY silk flowers, you can create a style that really matches your vision. 

Do you have any other tips on how to decorate a wedding arch with silk flowers? Share below!

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