Wedding Plans Cancelled? Have a Drive-In Movie Wedding (Here’s How)

Wedding plans cancelled due to unforeseen events? Convert it to a drive-in movie wedding! It's unique, fun, and easy to pull off. Here's how!

If your wedding plans got cancelled due to unforeseen events, consider converting it to a drive-in movie wedding!

It’s unique, fun, and easy to pull off.

Here’s how!

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Why a Movie Drive-Wedding?

What a strange world we live in when it’s perfectly legitimate to suggest that you have your wedding day in a drive-in movie theater.

We all know times aren’t normal, and we’re all trying to make things as special and bearable as possible.

So, it’s no surprise then, that wedding days are becoming something that you never imagined they would become.

In fact, it’s possibly the least bizarre bit of news lately.

I’ve been watching the wedding scene super close, often with total heartbreak as couples postpone or cancel their big days.

However, there’s also the fair share of heartwarming stories.

One of which was definitely the news that a Texas couple, who had to cancel their initial wedding plans, decided to have their ceremony in a local drive-in movie theater.

Now, that’s creative!

So, with this ingenious social-distanced wedding capturing the imaginations of many, here’s why I think this is an amazing idea.

It’s super unique

In every single way, this will be a wedding that nobody forgets.

In such unprecedented times, a super shocking, creative wedding is just what people need.

Looking back on photos, you’ll be reminded of the times that people will study in history lessons.

Who knows, maybe your unique drive-in wedding might be mentioned, too.

Regardless of these unforeseen events, you want your wedding to be totally unforgettable.

Sure, traditional weddings can be grand and beautiful, but untraditional weddings are the 21st century summed up anyway.

This shows adaptation, love prevailing, and the everlasting human spirit.

P.S, while everybody might not love weddings, it’ll be hard to find a guest that won’t have fun at one of these venues.

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The photo opportunities

That’s one of the main issues with social-distanced weddings.

While it may seem trivial to some, it’s not unreasonable to want lovely photographs taken of your big day.

It’s very unclear what the rules are regarding photographers.

If you do decide to hire one, make sure that everybody is super safe. Alternatively, just get your friends and family to take hundreds of photos.

It’s worth mentioning just how stunning drive-in movie theaters are.

Most have quite a retro look to them and are complete with aesthetically pleasing lights as the night draws in.

Photos are important, whether they’re going on the gram or not.


It goes without saying, a movie-theater is a great load of fun.

You’ll always come across somebody who doesn’t really like weddings, but they’ll undoubtedly love a good drive-in movie.

It’s a different kind of experience, that everybody can appreciate.

Of course, the giant movie screen adds something a little special to the ceremony.

You can project the special moment you tie the knot and then use the screen to play family videos, or memories with friends.

The Texas couple, Bri and Lindsey, made sure their wedding adhered to social distancing rules, with the help from their friends and family who were honking and flashing their lights.

Don’t fret, this was planned in just over two weeks – spontaneous weddings can be just as special.

You can all share a toast from your car windows, play the same music, and just spend quality time with each other – from a safe distance apart.

How to make your drive-in wedding super special

Wedding plans cancelled due to unforeseen events? Convert it to a drive-in movie wedding! It's unique, fun, and easy to pull off. Here's how!

Keep to a theme

You can still adhere to the original theme that you were planning. Sure, you might not have a forest or beach wedding, but you can sprinkle a little bit of that in it.

Remember, your friends and family would love to help make this memorable for you – they won’t object to decorating their car.

Still get dressed up

You and your guests should still wear the typical wedding gear.

That means big white dresses, extravagant suits, gorgeous veils, and the nicest shoes.

Sure, you might have to postpone the bouquet throwing, if you wanted to do that, but everything else should stay the same.

Decorate accordingly

Yes, this ties in with “keeping to the theme”, but it’s important.

Make everything feel, look, and act like your original wedding would.

Place up flowers, create a wedding arch, scatter around balloons, add lovely fairy lights.

Sure, your guests won’t be able to touch any of them – but were they there to be touched anyway?

Don’t hide anything

It might seem desirable to hide the fact that there was a pandemic during your wedding.

However, you shouldn’t do that – it’s part of your wedding day and an integral part of history.

There are striking photos of weddings with guests far apart, wearing masks – they’re authentic, and don’t wash out the significance of the time.

If you decide to have children, they will look at these images with total awe.

So, there we have it.

I hope this lovely little move drive-in wedding story gave you something to smile about, and maybe even gave you some amazing ideas.

You don’t have to cancel your wedding, you can just adapt.

The world may be distant, but we are all still connected in many ways.

A drive-in wedding or another type of social distanced wedding could prove this.

How would you make a drive-in movie wedding special? Share your ideas below!

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