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Knowing how to make a floral arch swag for your wedding arch can save you a ton of money.

You wouldn’t believe how expensive it is to have someone else do it for you!

For the price of a wedding arch rental and a few supplies, you can create a stunning swag that looks like a pro made it.

We’re going to tell you how below!

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Knowing how to make a floral arch swag for your wedding arch can save you a ton of money. Follow our step-by-step directions for a stunning swag!

How to Make a Floral Arch Swag for Your Wedding

It’s always beneficial to be a little crafty for your wedding day.

It’ll help cut some of the costs, add a personal twist to your design, and proves to be rather therapeutic.

One of our favorite ways to get creative is with the floral decorations.

Now, well all know, weddings are filled with flowers. They’re literally everywhere.

So, making sure that they all coincide with each other is so important. We find, one of the best ways to do this is by doing it yourself.

Below, you’ll find instructions on how to make a floral swag for your wedding arch.

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What is a flower swag?

A flower swag has been popular for decades, especially for weddings. However, they have been used in different settings and events.

They’re essentially decorations made of flowers, designed and pruned for special occasions. And what’s more special than a wedding?

Swag has been used to decorate ancient temples, graves, and homes. In ancient Rome, they were even worn – something you’ll often see in Renaissance paintings.

Something else to note: Flower swag, particularly garlands, have had religious connections for a period of time. So, regardless of your wedding, these wonderful pieces will always be appreciated.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into our flower swag instructions.

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Knowing how to make a floral arch swag for your wedding arch can save you a ton of money. Follow our step-by-step directions for a stunning swag!

What you’ll need

So, this does differ slightly for every design, and indeed, every wedding.

Below is a general rule of what you’ll need.

We’ve pointed out what is essential for every single crafty floral swag.

The links will take you to our preferred products on Amazon, but you can get them from craft stores too if you prefer.

Step 1 – Pick your theme

This is an incredibly important step, so don’t miss it out.

You must decide on what you want your floral swag to look like.

Different flowers make a completely different vibe to others.

Make sure you’re picking colors and styles that will match your overall theme and aesthetic.

For instance, a forest/natural themed wedding would have a completely different selection to a traditional white wedding.

Choose your flowers wisely. After that, you can decide what type of look you will try and achieve.

Messy? Natural? Traditional? Modern?

Step 2 – Start with your greens

Every piece of floral swag needs greens.

This usually comes in the form of leaves, but can also be various flowers that are predominately green. Think fern, for example.

You should start with these green pieces, these are your framework for your design.

Make sure to place them in your oasis tub at different lengths. That will make it look a lot more natural.

We also recommend that you shorten the greens at the top and bottom, keeping them relatively long on the sides.

Top tip: angle the greens forward as you make your way to the middle of the foam.

Yes, you should put greens all in the middle, too. However, make them shorter in the center.

Remember, your middle stems should be pointing forward.

P.S make sure you add different shades/types of green for a more varied look.

Step 2 – Add the flowers

Next, you’ll be placing your filler flowers into your oasis.

These will imitate the angles of the greenery, and be the centerpiece for your swag.

Just like with the flowers, make sure you shorten the flowers in the center.

This creates that desired enclosed look, that we all love from the floral decor.

Flowers that don’t have long stems will need to be taped in and wired. Make sure this is discrete.

Top tip: if you’re using roses, make sure that you de-thorn them. If you don’t, you risk ruining the foam.

You could also hurt yourself, which isn’t ideal.

Step 3 – Complete your design

Admittedly, this may take a few trial and error runs.

This isn’t a necessarily hard DIY, but perfecting your colors and design can be a little tricky.

After all, you want everything to be perfect.

So, find out what works best with each color, what design matches your aesthetic, and work with it.

Step 4 – Finishing touches

Of course, you’ll need to put sealant on your amazing design – this will ensure it stands the test of time.

You can also add glitter or ribbons at this point. Anything that makes it perfect for you, for your big day.

The last step is, of course, to attach your floral swag to your wedding arch.

These pieces work the best in the corners of wedding arches, so bear that in mind.

DIY Floral Arch Swag Tutorials

Work better with visuals rather than written directions?

Take a look at some of our favorite tutorials on how to make a floral arch swag for your wedding.

1. Visual guide to our step-by-step directions

This tutorial follows the same steps that we discussed above, so it’s a great place to start.

2. Floral Swag made with pool noodles

Foam blocks and cages can be oddly expensive. This tutorial saves you money by using pool noodles instead!

3. DIY Dollar Store wedding floral arrangements

This one is fantastic for those on a super tight budget. Most- if not all- of the supplies come from a dollar store.

Learning how to make a floral arch swag for your wedding arch isn’t terribly hard, as long as you have a little patience!

Well, we hope this helps you not only achieve your dream aesthetic but do so in a truly authentic way. Remember to show us your designs, attempts, and masterpieces. 

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