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If you’re having a hard time finding beautiful wedding arches for rent, let us help you out.

Below, you’ll find plenty of resources for the best places to borrow an arch or arbor.

We’ll go over some of our favorites that are available throughout North America.

Then, just in case you don’t happen to live near any of those locations, we’ll also give you tips on finding one for rent locally.

Let’s get started!

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Having a hard time finding beautiful wedding arches for rent? Let us help you out.  Check out our favorite rentals & learn how to find more near you!

Where to Find the Best Wedding Arches for Rent

Purchasing a wedding arch can make a hefty dent in your wallet, especially once you factor in the flowers & other decor to make it truly special.

There are other options for those on a tight budget, one which includes wedding arch and wedding arbor rentals.

Yes, you can browse sites for local rentals and save yourself some money.

Weddings can cost tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars, some might think saving a few bucks isn’t worth the hassle.

It all depends on the type of wedding arch or arbor you are looking for. We have done some research to save you some time.

Let’s start with our favorites, shall we?

Our Favorite Wedding Arches for Rent

Below are some wedding arch rentals in certain cities and also a few different styles for you to choose from.

Stay tuned, because we’ll expand our search and give you tips on finding rentals right in your own hometown.

FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

1. LOCAL RENTAL – Central Ohio: Wooden Hexagon Wedding/Ceremony Arch

LOCAL RENTAL - Central Ohio: Wooden Hexagon Wedding/Ceremony Arch

Available for rent on Etsy for $350

I know what you may be thinking, $350 may be a huge sum to a lot of people anyway (shipping not included), and just for 100 more dollars more, you can own one.

However, did you think about the placement of the wooden arch after the big day?

Did you think about the time it takes to set it up?

All that is done for you if you rent the gorgeous hexagon-shaped ceremony arch.

2. Rustic Wooden Arch Rental (Chicago & Surrounding States)

Rustic Wooden Arch

Available for rent for $400 on Etsy

Looking for a wedding arch rental in Chicago? This gorgeous piece is up for temporary grabs throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota or Illinois.

If you live outside those states, you’re not necessarily out of luck. Contact the seller and see what they can do.

The arch looks like a giant wreath. You pick the greenery and flowers, then they’ll arrange it for you.

3. A-Frame Style Rustic Wedding Arch Rental

A-Frame Style Rustic Wedding Arch Rental

Available for rent on Etsy – The rental price and setup + delivery fee will be provided upon inquiry.

The perfect triangle-shaped arch for a rustic wedding.

Throw on some satin fabric, a string of delicate white Christmas lights, a few small wreaths and it’s the perfect backdrop for a farm, field or forest wedding!

4. Traditional Arbor

Available from The Little Wedding Shop – For $150

If an arbor is what you want, this is the perfect structure to say your vows under.

It can be decorated as such, with flowers and fabric to create the shelter in which you pledge your life to one another.

It looks rustic, yet elegant with a touch of class to fit any type of wedding.

5. The Hexagon Backdrop

Available from The Little Wedding Shop – For $150

Perhaps you just want a backdrop, something to make for a great background for your wedding photos.

This hexagon-shaped arch is unique and unlike other shapes, yet minimalistic and simple.

6. Gold Colour Metal Arch Metal Round Wedding Arch Moon

Available on Etsy for $80

Although there aren’t many options for a circle arch rental, we did happen to find one on Etsy for a fair price, that could rival rental prices.

You also get a beautiful yard decoration after the event, so it’s worth it!

7. Floral Hoop Wedding Arch Rental

Available on Etsy for $400

Another one that’s available in Chicago and throughout the Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa area, this circle wedding arch rental is perfect for a Christmas wedding!

If you’re not in love with the colors, don’t worry, they’re just an example of what you can do with it.

Once again, you pick the greenery and flowers, and EnchantedwallDesigns will create it.

Fee includes delivery and setup.

8. Gold Metal Arch Rental

Available at Past Pieces for $75 CAD

If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding arch for rent in Canada, head to Past Pieces!

For $75 CAD, you really do save a ton of money if you rent.

This golden metal arch is more of a modern and luxe design compared to a traditional arch.

Embellishing the frame with lights, chiffon or satin cloth and just a few garlands here and there will surely class up any wedding.

9. Wrought Iron Arch Rental

Get it from Bella Wedding Rentals, price varies

If metal is more up your alley, this wrought iron arch has a gothic and vintage look if that suits your wedding style more.

It starts at $95 and set up and decor cost extra.

If you have your own decorations and plan to set it up and take it down yourself, it could save you a lot of money.

How to Find Local Wedding Arches for Rent

Having a hard time finding beautiful wedding arches for rent? Let us help you out. Check out our favorite rentals & learn how to find more near you!

While Etsy is definitely among our favorite sites to find beautiful wedding arches for rent, it’s hit or miss if you’ll find a seller in your area.

So, what do you do, especially if you live in a small town with very few options? Here are some tips.

Check out Hobby Lobby

Did you know you can find a great wedding arch rental at Hobby Lobby? The best part? They’re actually VERY budget-friendly.

In fact, some of them start at just $5 a day! Of course, those are fairly plain, but if you just need a basic wedding arch and plan to decorate it yourself, you can’t beat it.

Use the Right Keywords

I’m going to tell you a secret- searching for “wedding arch rentals near me” is not the best way to go about finding a good place.

The “near me” keyword is so overused that you’re more likely to get keyword-crammed results from a thousand miles away than you are something local.

For example, I wanted to find Chinese food delivery in my area. Instead, I got one local result that doesn’t deliver, ten pizza joints, and a million keyword-crammed results from who-know-where.

Whether you are looking for wedding arch rentals in Dallas, Chicago, or any other city, all you need to do is enter your search term and zip code.

That’s it! So, for example, if you’re searching for rentals in Beverly Hills, you’d enter “wedding arch rentals 90210.”

Search rental websites

Skip over the search engine entirely and go directly to websites that specialize in helping you find things for rent in your area.

Examples include:

Contact local florists

Feed two proverbial birds with one seed (so much nicer than the stone cliche) by contacting your local florists to see if they can do both your flowers AND rent you an arch to put them on.

If they specialize in weddings, there’s a very strong chance they can help you out!

This is your big day, and while we know weddings can cost an arm and a leg, not a lot of people will have the budget to have their dream wedding.

Cost cuts must be made here and there.

We know the wedding arbor/arch is incredibly important, as it is the focal point of the ceremony.

Save some money on it by renting. Not a lot of us need to sink a few hundred dollars into a large and cumbersome decoration piece.

We hope we gave you some ideas and got the gears turning for your wedding arch selection.

Do you have any other favorite places to find wedding arches for rent? Share below!

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