10 Beautiful Lesbian Wedding Venues in New Jersey

If you’re looking for the best and most beautiful lesbian wedding venues in New Jersey, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve spent most of my life just a proverbial stone’s throw away from NJ, literally just over the border in PA.

From beautiful gardens (there’s a reason why it’s called the Garden State) to trendy beaches, you’ll have plenty of options when planning a NJ wedding.

Let’s take a look at LGBT wedding rights in NJ, especially as they pertain to your venue planning.

Then, we’ll check out my top 10 favorite places to host your big day!

If you're looking for the best and most beautiful lesbian wedding venues in New Jersey, I've got you covered!

LGBT Wedding Rights in New Jersey: What You Need to Know

As I mentioned when we talked about LGBT venues in Florida, in some parts of the country it’s still very much legal for vendors to discriminate against same-sex couples.

New Jersey is also a predominantly “liberal” state, so the majority of the venues are LGBT-friendly to begin with.

In other words, most NJ wedding vendors don’t need a law to tell them to act like decent and accepting people.

However, there actually is a law that does just that! According to Equaldex.com, it’s illegal to discriminate against same-sex couples.

Basically, all venues are technically lesbian wedding venues in NJ.

So, now that the entire state is wide open, the hard part is narrowing it down to the best!

No worries, I’ve got you covered in the next section. ๐Ÿ˜€

Best Lesbian Wedding Venues in New Jersey

Whether you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, a quaint garden affair, or a ballroom designed to make you feel like princesses, NJ has you covered!

Below, you’ll find my top ten choices for the hands-down best places to tie the knot in New Jersey.

FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

1. ICONA Avalon

The ICONA Avalon is a landmark beachfront hotel in Avalon, NJ, located along the Jersey Shore.

Whether you want to wed with the ocean as your backdrop or prefer something a little more formal indoors, they’ve got the perfect option.

The Seaglass Ballroom is my favorite choice of their venues.

With pristine white decor and elegant beachy touches, it’s perfect for both a super formal or a casual affair.

The best part? It holds up to 500 people, so no worries about paring down that massive guest list.

2. Woolverton Inn

Located in Stockton smack-dab between NY and Philly, the Woolverton Inn is a beautiful colonial-style hotel with oodles of charm and personality.

They are “proud to welcome people from all backgrounds and ways of life,  with diverse visions and dreams for their perfect wedding day.”

While you can definitely just spend the day there, the Inn prides themselves on creating a magical weekend-long experience for your event.

3. Hotel Alcott

While NJ has many beautiful areas, there’s no place more gorgeous than Cape May for a wedding.

The Hotel Alcott is an amazing choice for those who love old-world charm (but with all the modern conveniences, of course).

The fully renovated venue can host up to 180 people, so it’s not quite as large as the ICONA but still roomy enough for your grand affair.

The entire venue just oozes romance, from the chestnut wood and wide staircase to the intimate B&B style rooms.

4. Main Street Manor Bed & Breakfast

The Main Street Manor, located in Flemington, may not be as large as some of the other venues on this list, but they’re definitely among the most unique.

The elegantly restored Victorian inn can host up to 45 people in their stunning garden.

They offer a whole array of inclusive packages, so all you have to do is show up!

They even have a special elopement package where you can wed in their beautiful library.

5. Molly Pitcher Inn

Red Bank is one of my favorite places in NJ, mostly because I’m such a huge Kevin Smith fan (View Askew Productions is located there).

The Historical Molly Pitcher Inn is ideal for those who want to wed while overlooking the water.

They offer four all-inclusive wedding packages with regal-sounding names like the Windsor or the Westminster.

Get married in their stunning event room or take it outdoors to the tented promenade.

6. HollyHedge Estate

Although it’s technically in PA, New Hope is pretty much just a breath away from NJ, and the HollyHedge is too gorgeous to ignore.

Not only are the LGBT-friendly, they actually offer discounts on same-sex weddings in celebration of the upcoming (in 2020) 5-year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling.

Plus, the location is just beautiful. It’s perfect for a rustic yet upscale wedding.

7. Stroudsmoor Country Inn

If you’re willing to come just over the border to my side in PA, you’ll find the iconic and elegant Stroudsmoor Country Inn.

It’s about five minutes away from the bridge separating PA and NJ on 80, and it’s quite possibly one of the most charming venues on this list.

While the venue is gorgeous year-round, if you’re looking for a magical place to get married in the winter, you definitely want to check it out.

They’ll handle everything from coordinating to catering (and the food is absolutely outstanding, by the way).

8. Tomasello Winery

Another unique choice, the Tomasello Winery in Hammonton is just off the White Horse Pike, so it’s easy to get to from just about anywhere.

Touted as the most luxurious winery ballroom in NJ, the venue can hold up to 206 guests (such a specific number, isn’t it?).

Since they only host one event per day, all of their focus will be on YOU!

You can even get custom wine label wedding favors to give to your guests!

9. McLooneโ€™s Pier House

If you want to get married right on the beach and don’t really want to go the hotel route, you’ll love McLoone’s Pier House.

Since it opened back in 2005, it’s become a favorite among wedding planners in the Long Branch area.

Like the Winery above, McLoone’s focuses on just one wedding at a time to ensure that you have the day of your dreams.

10. Hyatt Regency Princeton

While I personally prefer smaller local venues, I know some of you would rather go with a grand chain hotel.

In that case, the Hyatt Regency Princeton is a solid option.

Located in historical Princeton (obviously), the Hyatt has a long and stellar reputation for helping couples host gorgeous events.

Plus, since it’s such a large hotel, all of your guests can stay right on the property!

Really, any of these lesbian wedding venues in New Jersey will help make your dreams come true!

You just have to decide if you want to go with something small and intimate or grand and elegant!


What is the average cost of a wedding venue in NJ?

Wedding venues in New Jersey typically charge between $60 to $190 per person. This rate will still depend on the season and day of the week. Not to mention, the location where you choose to have your wedding will greatly impact the price. So if you have a wedding in a high-end venue in New Jersey during a high-peak time, you’d spend about $200 per person.

Can you get married at NJ Botanical Gardens?

Yes, you can get married at New Jersey Botanical Gardens via The Skylands Manor. There have been hundreds of weddings held at this location, which gives you a beautiful backdrop on your wedding day. Apart from the lush greenery, this wedding venue has an exclusive castle for its guests. There’s also a private chapel by the lake where you can exchange your vows in.

Can you get married in a public park in NJ?

Yes, there’s no reason why you can’t have a wedding in a public park, as long as there’s a limited number of people in attendance. But if you will be more than 10 in the ceremony, you may need to get a permit.

Why are New Jersey weddings so expensive?

New Jersey weddings are usually expensive because most couples have an average of 136 guests in attendance. Not to mention, there are plenty of extra wedding-related events, like an after party and a post-wedding day brunch.

Can a non-resident get married in New Jersey?

You will need to apply for a marriage license in the New Jersey municipality where you or your fiance reside in. If neither one is a resident of New Jersey, you will need to submit the application in the municipality of the wedding venue. Once you’ve obtained this license, your license will be valid throughout NJ.

What makes a marriage invalid NJ?

A marriage can be voidable if there was fraud, force or coercion, impotency, or at least one spouse of unsound mind at the time of the wedding.

Do you have any other favorite lesbian wedding venues in New Jersey? Share below!

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