A Bride Built The Most Stunning Flower Wall for Her Socially Distanced Wedding

beautiful DIY flower wall frame bride made to celebrate Zoom wedding

DIY Flower Wall Frame/ Photo via RedditA bride to be built the most amazing DIY flower frame for her socially distanced ceremony, and it’s just the neatest wedding decor ever.  It’s all handmade from a Reddit user, @BeauteousGluteus. Her wedding on the beach was canceled due to the pandemic. So, she brought the beach to her! She created this flower wall and had a unique socially distanced zoom wedding.

If I can’t get married on the beach, I can at least have a flower wall for my socially distanced zoom wedding. from weddingplanning

I thought this was one of the most amazing things. That flower wall reminded me of that grand Kim K rose wall at that time. So, how did she do this? She wrote a comment in reply to a user stating that she had to visit FIVE dollar trees to source the flowers.

She only had 4 weeks to plan her new zoom call wedding, since the cancellation of their original plans. She said she would have bought the flowers from AliExpress if she had a little more time. She bought the fabric and a glue gun from Joann Fabric, I can only imagine how hard these things were find during a pandemic.

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She spent around $370 making this wonderful wall – with the largest cash drop being on the backdrop. However, this is still cheaper than most average wedding decor, of this size.

She spent around 45 working hours making this wall, this included removing the blooms from their stems, stitching all the fabric together, and attaching the flowers to the wall. Obviously, in normal circumstances, spending this much time on something isn’t really possible. She definitely did make the best of a bad situation.

Here’s a brief story of her wedding plans before the cancellation, something you may find comfort in reading if you’re in a similar position. A thread shared 2 months ago:

What to do if you’re in a similar position

If you, like so many others, are in a similar position. That is, your original wedding plans have been canceled because of an unprecedented pandemic. Nobody could have predicted this, but there are ways you can get around it – similar to this Reddit user did.

Take, for example, you were planning on having a beach wedding. Bring the beach to you. Similarly, you can bring any kind of ceremony you originally planned, to you.

If you wanted tons of floral designs, you can get a little creative and make a wall just like this. This makes a great backdrop for photos and that Zoom call wedding you may have.

Remember, you can always bring these DIY crafts to a party or ceremony you may have, after lockdown is over. They’re not real flowers.

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How to make your own DIY flower wall frame

Generously, she shared so much information about this wonderful flower wall, including a video tutorial which she followed. So, thank you to this helpful Reddit User.

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Material Needed

  •  8×10 backdrop stand,
  • 1 large glue gun,
  • 29 full size large hot glue sticks,
  • 6 yards of green fabric,
  • and approx 270 bunches of flowers (mostly hydrangeas, roses, dahlias, tulips, peonies and a few lillies). It measures about 7.5ft x 8ft.

Here’s the video:

How can you bring your dream wedding destination to you?

If you can’t go to your dream destination, bring it to you! Here are just a few little ideas for how you can still have a beach, woodland, or even a destination wedding from your own home. Now is the time to be more creative than ever, especially with the free time you might have found that you have.

Beach wedding

Gay wedding on the beach

If you were planning to have a wonderful beach ceremony, it’s not the end of the world. You can bring the beach to you.

  • Order fake/real sand
  • Make a nautical wedding arch
  • Include beach props
  • Make a flower wall, like the one featured above

Garden wedding

Two handsome gay grooms toast their marriage with champagne.

This one would actually be pretty easy, especially if you (or somebody you know) has a garden you can use.

  • DIY wooden signs and decor
  • Make/buy a rustic looking wedding arch
  • Make sure there are lots of florals
  • Have homemade jam etc served
  • Have a photo backdrop with tonnes of greenage and wood showing

Destination wedding

From the East Coast to the West Coast, we've rounded up the most perfect places in the United States for your LGBT destination wedding! Take a look!

This is where you can have a lot of fun. A destination wedding is a dream for many, but who know when flights and travel will begin again? So, bring that destination to you. My main advice is to play into stereotypes of an area, be a little over the top, but always be culturally sensitive. Here’s how.

  • Use props related to that area.
  • Flags are a great way to get that message across
  • The wedding “meal” should be a local/ famous dish
  • Attire could mirror that of the country
  • Photo backdrops could be a famous monument/view in that specific destination

For instance, “Italy” would have Pizza, the Italian flag, and a lot of wine. One set in “England” could have umbrellas, the union and jack, and cups of tea. Be a little silly and creative.

Your wedding, which you may have been planning for a while, getting canceled is heartbreaking. Of course, there are bigger problems, but you have a right to be upset.

It might seem like all is lost, and you’ll have to wait a while to get that dream wedding, but that’s not always the case. This Reddit user shared her upset, and also her heartwarming decision to just carry on.

She still got married, and she just brought that beach wedding to the comfort of her own home. Zoom weddings are a part of history, not an inconvenience.

Have you ever built a DIY flower wall frame? Share your tips below!

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