Lesbian Wedding Jumpsuits Are As Elegant as Dresses, TikTok Star Proves

For those planning a lesbian wedding, traditional gowns don’t always feel like the right fit- both literally and figuratively. Fortunately, one TikTok user Kennedy, aka “GownEyedGirl,” has the solution: swap out that gown for a jumpsuit. In a quick 15-second viral video, Kennedy shows off four diverse lesbian wedding pantsuit options that are every bit as elegant as long white gowns. 


Did someone say… jumpsuits? #foryoupage #fyp #bridal #weddingdress #weddingjumpsuit

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Lesbian Wedding Jumpsuits Are As Elegant as Dresses, TikTok Star Proves

The fans on the platform were absolutely thrilled by the idea.

This is the next generation of wedding dresses, breaking boundaries of what wedding dresses are supposed to look like AND IM ALL FOR IT!

And others talked from their personal experience.

My mom wore a white suit to her wedding and it looked BOMB and she still has it.

While some are daydreaming about their weddings.

If i get married, wifey gonna be in the first dress and I’mma be in the last jumpsuit.



Where To Buy Elegant Lesbian Wedding Jumpsuits

If you have your heart set on an elegant lesbian wedding jumpsuit, small boutiques are often your best bet. Just as there are many amazing lesbian wedding outfits you can choose from, there are also many LGBTQ-friendly stores that carry bridal jumpsuit sets. 


According to Kennedy, the creator of the viral TikTok video, the first dress she presented was a Costarellos creation, available on the LOHO Bride website. Another LGBTQ-friendly store you can get an amazing tuxedo is HerTuxedo.com where you can find a large selection of beautiful wedding outfits. Dapper&Urban is another great option where you can definitely find great outfits for your wedding!


More and more brides are looking for unique ways to dress on their big days. One future bride shared on Facebook:

Hi all! I’m having a hard time figuring out what the heck to wear for our wedding…. I’m agender and I just am not feeling like I connect with anything. What did/are you wearing for your ceremony and/or reception? Did any of you wear something less traditional? Thank you all in advance and congrats to everyone here!!!


While many brides still choose traditional gowns, elegant pantsuits open up a whole new world of possibilities for those who just don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress. 



So go ahead and choose something you love and something you are comfortable with. It’s your big day and everything is about you, how you feel, how you look and how you want to remember this day!





What are your thoughts on these lesbian wedding jumpsuit ideas? Share below. 

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