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This Bride Pulled Off a Beautiful $3,000 Wedding (You Won’t Believe the Cost of Her Dress!)

Bride and groom from Reddit share how they threw a cheap wedding for under $3,000

With finances tight for everyone thanks to current events, many couples are searching for ways to pull off a cheap wedding without it actually looking cheap. One Reddit bride did just that! She paid just under $3,000 for her big day, and it was just lovely. You won’t believe the cost of her dress! Read … Read more

Burke + Malachi: Cupid’s Arrow Never Flew So True (Check Out Their Amazing Photos & Epic Dance Video!)

Burke & Malachi went viral with their epic dance video. Now, check out their beautiful love story and peek at their gorgeous gay wedding photos!

  Burke’s and Malachi’s wedding story begins with Cupid’s virtual arrow and culminates in a viral dance video that has everyone cheering. We caught up with them via a socially distanced email interview to learn more about their journey, proposal, and of course the inspiration behind that epic video. Read on for our interview. Plus, … Read more

These Brides Prove You Really Can Throw an Epic Socially Distanced Lesbian Wedding

a birch tree carved with the initials of the brides at this real socially distanced lesbian wedding

Think you can’t plan a socially distanced lesbian wedding that even remotely resembles your dream? Stick around, because these brides are about to prove otherwise! With a little creativity and a few compromises, both of these amazing couples pulled off a wedding that no one will ever forget. One couple even did it for just … Read more