10 Best Indian Wedding Games – Traditional Ideas

Are you having a traditional Indian wedding and wondering if to include Indian wedding games on your big day? 

Indian weddings are known for great food and over-the-top decorations, and the games they play make the event particularly fun and eventful. The uniqueness of Indian wedding games and parties usually keeps guests entertained and looking out for more.

One of the most indulging ways couples keep their guests interested and keep the fun going at their wedding receptions would be by including festive indoor and outdoor games and activities at their pre-wedding ceremonies. 

Whether it’s a small get-together with close friends and family for the reception or a big fat ceremony with loads of guests, Indian wedding games provide more than enough fun. Right from the haldi or mehndi ceremonies to the pool parties or the sundowners, the sangeet, and even after parties. Indian wedding games fit right into any reception and after-party you might be planning. 

Another fantastic thing Indian wedding games do, aside from being the perfect icebreakers for the family of the couple and the guests, is that they keep the children fascinated. And the kids can equally engage in some of the games, so you don’t have to worry about them getting bored or running around without supervision. 

If your Indian wedding is right around the corner, and you’ve been looking to find just the suitable Indian wedding games to incorporate into your festivities and ceremonies, or you’re looking for a friend, then not to worry, you’ve landed at the perfect place! We know just how crafty it can get for you to pick the type of games you would want at your wedding, especially trying to make sure there is a game for everyone. 

We have helped fish out some popular and fun games that you can choose from. These games would definitely capture the interest of everyone! Our list is filled with different wedding games that leave you wanting to incorporate them all. So start jotting them down! 


Check out these other amazing wedding games for the ultimate celebration on your big day:

1. Antakshari 

We can’t make a list of top Indian wedding games without including the signature game, Antakshari. Indian wedding games will always be incomplete if you haven’t played this game. If you’re wondering what game this is or it’s still sounding somewhat strange, relax; you know this game! We have all played this cheerful game many times in our childhood.

To play this game, you don’t have to worry about spending money on buying anything, and that’s one of the best parts about the game. All you need to do is create two teams, include everyone, from kids, grandma, grandpa, and bridesmaids, and let everyone sing and dance all night long. 

The game starts with a poem called ‘Baithe Baithe Kya Karenga, Karna Hai Kuch Kam, Shuru Karo Antakshari Leke Prabhu Ka Naam’. When the ‘M’ stops at the next person or the next group, that person gets to begin the game. They are told to sing a song starting with ‘M’. When they finish a letter or word, the next person sings a song with the last word of their song. To make the game even more fun, especially if it’s being played without older people or kids, you could include cocktails or mocktails to heighten the enjoyment. 

2. Untying the Knot 

In this Indian wedding game, family members of the bride and groom would tie numerous knots on the hands of the bride and groom using blessed threads. The bride and groom then have to untie each other’s knots. Now, we know this sounds easy, but it’s not. The family members of the bride and groom make sure to wet the knot and put a lot of haldi; this would ensure the knots are very much tangled. The rule of untying the knot in this Indian wedding game is that the bride has two hands to untie the knot, whilst the groom uses only one hand to complete the task. 

It is said that whoever united the knot before the other will be the dominant partner in the marriage and would have more responsibility.

3. Tie the Saree 

While this might be the most cliche Indian wedding game, it is still fun! 

With this game, you get to see the men at the wedding party be their silly selves, and this will create a truckload of laughter and add a lot of fun to your wedding, making it really memorable! 

To get the sari-tying competition going, invite men from both the bride and groom’s families to take the stage and get! This game would always make the list of funniest Indian wedding games to incorporate in your soirees because seeing all the men battling and giving it their all to tie a sari would literally have everyone laughing and rolling on the floor. 

You could also invite the male kids to join the saree-tying competition to spice things up. This would also be a fun watch and have other kids and moms laughing away! 

4. Naam Ka Khoj (Spot the Name)

All Indian brides love including even the tiniest details in their wedding mehndi design. This design also typically includes her groom’s name. In this Indian wedding game, the groom has to spot his name, which is hidden between the detailed mehndi designs on the palm of his bride. This game aims to bring the bride and groom closer to each other and, likewise, to make the bride and groom comfortable with each other. 

5. Joota Chupai

This particular Indian wedding game is always the favorite game of any Indian bride’s family because it has them wholly involved. The joota chupai was made for them! In this game, the bride’s family plots to hide the groom’s shoes and ensure he doesn’t get a hint of it. 

Later, they ask him to pay up so they can get his shoes for him and he won’t have to go home barefoot. This is a “juice lelo paise dedo” game that is usually played by the bride’s cousins, sisters, or friends right after the couple takes their shoes off to enter the mandap. 

The game ends when the groom has agreed to leave the bridal party with gifts or when he pays them. This game usually is a fun way to welcome the groom into the family! 

6. Guna 

This is an Indian wedding game that has the bride introduced individually to all other family members of the groom with a small game. An elder in the groom’s family transfers rice to the hands of other family members, and they then have to move it to the hands of the bride without dropping it. This game ends with the rice in the bride’s hand and a gift or shagun given to the bride by a groom’s family member. 

7. Ring Fishing 

In this Indian wedding game, a bowl is filled with milk, rose petals, and other objects. The wedding rings of the bride and groom are then thrown into the same bowl, and they are asked to try and find their rings using only one of their hands. If the groom sees the ring before the bride, he is said to have the upper hand in the marriage and vice versa. 

8. Pick the Plate 

This is a traditional Indian wedding game that is usually said to predict the kind of relationship the bride will have with her new family. In this game, plates are arranged in a row, and the bride is asked to pick them individually and stack them on top of each other in a different place. 

Now, each plate is supposed to signify a member of her new family, like the mother-in-law or sister-in-law. It is said that if she clinks any of the plates while stacking them, that is, if any plate makes a clinking sound, it signifies that she will have a conflict with the representative of the plate. 

9. Dulhan Ko Dhoondho (Identify Your Bride)

In this Indian wedding game, twelve small holes will be cut into a long saree; these holes will be big enough to fit palms through them. Then five women other than the bride would be asked to stand behind the saree and fit their hands through the holes. 

The Indian groom is then asked to come into the room and guess which pair of hands belong to his bride. If he guesses wrong, he is asked to serve a penalty to win his love back! 

10. Clash of the Coconuts 

In this Indian game, the bride and groom will take seats facing each other with only a ten feet distance separating them; then, the coconuts are brought into the room. The purpose of this game is for the bride and groom to roll their separate coconuts toward each other to break them when their coconuts meet midway. It is said that if they do it right, then they both have a shot at a successful Indian marriage. The bride and groom get to try with three coconuts each.

This list essentially contains every type of game that would bring all the joy and entertainment that your wedding ceremony is going to need! 


Reading all these might have had you wondering about the dos and don’ts of Indian brides and outfits, so here are some frequently asked questions to help. 

Why Do Indian Brides Wear Henna? 

Mehndi, also called henna, is a paste used to associate with good luck, happiness, and joyful spirits. In Indian Wedding traditions, the bride usually has a Mehndi ceremony which is held the night before the wedding. This ceremony is a way of wishing the bride good health and fortune as she goes on to get married. 

Can I Wear A Saree To An Indian Wedding If I’m Not Indian? 

Absolutely! Anyone can wear sarees. In fact, most Indian women would be glad to see you wearing one. 

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