This Lesbian Couple Takes the Cake for Most Original Wedding Photo

We had our big fat lesbian wedding yesterday, featuring our moo-tron of honor, my wife’s cow Charon! The photog put this pic up basically immediately!
Source: Reddit

As far as original lesbian wedding photos go, this couple definitely wins the internet with their unique matron of honor. Or, should we say, “moo-tron of honor!”

The couple posted their wedding picture on Reddit, featuring Charon, the cow, who had to be an important part of the event.

They captioned their unique photo with just a quick note:

We had our big fat lesbian wedding yesterday, featuring our moo-tron of honor, my wife’s cow Charon!

And the community just rolled in. Without a doubt, their unique idea is not something anyone can overlook.

One user said.

No need for anymore wedding pictures ever again. Nothing will compare to how amazing this is.

And another one.

I LOVE THIS!! Beautiful brides, beautiful cow, and I love your coordinating bouquets…so dramatic. Just gorgeous all around.

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It’s definitely the most original lesbian photo with a pet!

just married lesbian pair in white wedding dresses and their dog in forest

Adorable, yes, but no one can deny that our title couple really went all out with their lesbian wedding photos with pets!

Clearly everyone was excited to see this picture and according to some of them, no wedding picture ever will be able to bring something more to the party.

What an a-moo-zing photo! Seriously though, this is a fantastic photo– all three of you look fabulous! Congratulations!

And of course

I love that Charon is all dolled up. It reminds me of Swiss Désalpe festivals where they dress the cows up and walk them down out of the high pastures. Everyone who likes fancy cows should google this.

And it’s amazing to see so many supportive people in one place.

You both look absolutely stunning, your bouquets are #GOALS, and Charon’s garland made my whole day. Congrats and I wish you the best life!!

And probably the comment that wins the day is.

Lesbian? I thought you were american.

Just to end the happy story on an even happier note!

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