Beginner Easy Wedding Hairstyles: Fashions to Follow in 2023

Weddings can be stressful enough without having to worry about your hair. Many brides want easy wedding hairstyles so they can concentrate on other aspects of the wedding day.

Your hair length and texture often determines what you can do with your hair. However, there are ways to make your hair look longer or shorter. Long hair can be cut and short hair can have hair extensions added to make your hair look longer. Medium-length hair can be put up with hair clips and small flowers in your hair. 

When it comes to easy wedding hairstyles, it’s important to consider your hair length and texture for a look that suits you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques and styling products to achieve the desired look.

In this article, we will discuss low-maintenance ways to style your hair if you want a simple wedding hairstyle. 

Simple Wedding Hairstyles Based on Hair

If you want easy wedding hairstyles, it will depend on your hair texture and length. 

Thin Hair

A twisted-down hairstyle is a super easy option for brides with thin hair. It gives the volume that an updo would, but at the nape of your neck. Instead of a simple bun, you have to create a twisted effect with your hair and then have it loop at the bottom, giving an illusion of a low chignon.

Medium Hair

If you have smooth, straight hair, show off your lustrous texture by wearing it down. Tack one side back or add a veil on top for added drama. Go for a sleek updo. Consider a low bun to one side or a bow-like French twist to guide your hair’s silky-smooth hair. You can also collect your hair back into a slick ponytail for an on-trend look that’s adorable and functional.

Thick Hair

Display your lush locks with a twisted half-updo. Whether braided, twisted or pulled back, a half-up style is slightly more formal than merely wearing your hair down. Plus, it raises half of your hair off your neck, so you do not need to fret about overheating. 

Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress can help you decide how you want to style your hair. If the dress reveals or has a complex design on your back, you may opt to have your hair up. If the wedding dress is extravagant, go with a classic chignon hairstyle. If your dress is more of a minimalist look, put more energy into the details in your hair. 

Take motivation from your dress and how the designer styled it. You can see how the dress looks with the hairstyle on a mannequin or through editorial photos with models. It can help break you out of a bridal hair overload and assist you in gaining a renewed view of how best to style your hair.

High necklines can greatly satisfy even higher updos that elongate the neck, while strapless dresses can gain a demure vibe from a waterfall of hair falling around the shoulders. Center parts can be a well-balanced technique to reflect a sweetheart neckline, whereas a deep side part can highlight asymmetric elements.

Factor in Your Veil or Headpiece

Similar to wedding dresses, significant accessories can guide your choice of hairstyles. If you’ve fallen in love with a particular type of veil, consider complementary coifs. Draped veils, for example, have no clips and need to cascade seamlessly over the head. A clip-in cover may require a ‘do that can grip and hold its weight like an updo or braided style. Headpieces require the same planning, whether fully-fledged crowns, dainty tiaras or fresh floral toppers.

Can I Do My Own Wedding Hair?

You style your hair every day, so, of course you can! All you need is some inspiration and a little practice and you’ll be able to master that wedding-day style in time for the big day.

Try a braid, a bun or bouncy waves. When in doubt, recruit a bridesmaid for help or filter through the whole bridal crew until you find the one that learned how to French braid at summer camp.

Manageable Wedding Hair for the Bride or Bridesmaid

The bride of course wants to look immaculate for her big day. And what would a bride be without her bridesmaids? Ensuring the bridal party looks the part on your wedding day is crucial!

The bride and bridesmaids can each do her own hair or you can hire a hairstylist. One thing to consider if you do your hair is to bring plenty of hair spray, makeup and bobby pins. Hairspray and makeup will help you get that finished look. The bobby pins will be a lifesaver if you go for a top knot or buns as your most effortless hairstyle. 

There are many fantastic ways to have braided wedding hairstyles if you like braids. Most braids are simple to do and look great. You can have a fishtail braid, a braided bun or a waterfall braid. Have you considered wearing messy rope braids? 

Nothing is as easy as buns or a high ponytail for an elegant look. Though if you want to add some textures add some braids to your hair. Here are some other gorgeous hairstyles to consider for a chic look.

Loose Curls

Long curls are ideal for use on your wedding day. For an all-out polished hairstyle, use a mousse for a soft and breathable look and a hair styling cream for the perfect shine. Completely blow dry. If you have curls, you can use large barrels; if not, use larger barrels to compensate for curling. Working from roots to end, spiral the section of hair around the barrel and leave it there for a minute. Finish with hairspray.

Old-Hollywood Waves for Medium to Long Hair

Smooth, shiny Hollywood waves are the ultimate dream, but they may seem a little terrifying to do yourself. You won’t regret it once you’ve got those perfect Hollywood curls though. Select the direction you want the hairs to fall and using a small wand curl everything in this direction. Without unraveling them, pin the curls with barrettes or salon clips. Let cool, take out clips, then brush lightly. See this tutorial here for extra guidance.

Beautiful Curly Up-do

Having an attractive curly up-do requires little work. First you’re supposed to separate your curled hair into segments. Tie up front hair with clear elastic bands for extra volume. Then the rest of the hair should be turned into an updo. Use bobby pins to fix hair ends. Finally, add flowers or a floral hair accessory. 

Classy Lower Bun

This cute hairstyle is a favorite for weddings and other classier events. First, make one long ponytail. Roll that into a bun roller, and voila! You can finish the look with an elegant hair tie or some rhinestone accessories. 

Minimalist Knot for All Hair Types

Simplicity doesn’t have to be boring. The minimalist knot is not only sophisticated and chic, but it’s also super easy to recreate on your own. Pull all the hair back into a three-strand plait or two-strand twist at the nape of your neck. Then, twist it into a bun and secure it with clips, easy-peasy.

Romantic French Braid Style

The first steps to creating this hairstyle is to place your headwear on your head. It helps to braid a loose French braid around that band to protect your ears. After you split your hair into smaller sections, braid until you reach the end and tie it off. Your favorite red lipstick is the perfect addition to a romantic French braid.

Quick Ponytail Bridal Hairstyles

Ponytails may seem too casual for your special day, but ponytails are incredibly versatile for any wedding. It’s easy and quick for any level of hair experience. Stylish side ponytails or Dutch braiding style can easily bring a casual ponytail to the next level. 

Half-Up Half-Down Bridal Hair

Half-up half-down hairstyles are an excellent choice for outdoor, autumn or winter weddings. Dress this style up with a flower, ribbon or gemstone. Curls can add some extra flair.

Easy Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

Wedding guest hairstyles can be easy and beautiful. If you’re a single gal looking for a good time, go with a half-up half-down and flip out the ends. You can wear brushed beach waves for a casual look or loose curls to create an elegant look.

How Can I Style My Hair at Home as a Wedding Guest?

You have likely thought through all the significant parts of your friend’s wedding. You may know what to wear or the gift you want to give them. 

If you have your dress picked out, you may still need to think about one essential part of your look: your hair. To help, we sourced the easiest wedding guest hairstyles that you can do yourself. There are styles for short and long hair and everything in between.

Easily rock any of these styles and people will think you got your hair professionally done. They don’t need to know it only took you a few minutes in your bathroom! 

Fairy-Tale Tuck for Medium to Long Hair

This DIY style is fairly easy to create. Start by securing your hair loosely below your neckline. Use your thumb to roll hair underneath the loose ponytail. Secure in place with bobby pins. Pull out some strands to frame your face for a romantic effect.

Side-Parted Glam for All Hair Types

A side part can look quite elegant. Use loose curls on either side for a sultry look. You can smooth any wispy parts with bobby pins. For extra flair, you can add dazzling hairpieces.

Loose Waves

Loose waves with a center part can look casual and sophisticated all at once, perfect for any wedding. Use a ¼-inch curling iron on dry hair, alternating directions towards and away from your face for added texture. Spray on dry shampoo for added volume. 

Short, Sleek and Straight Hair

This cool hairstyle is pretty straightforward and looks perfect in photos. Remember to add hairspray before you head over to the nuptials! The style looks great at all hair lengths, but it looks exceptional with short hair. 

Check out these other popular and exciting hairstyles for your big day:

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