23 Modern Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Selecting the perfect style for your locks on your wedding day is a significant task in a bridal planner’s checklist. When looking at Black bride hairstyles, you must decide several things. 

It can be challenging to find suitable wedding hairstyles for Black women. If you have long hair, go with a low bun or messy updos. Then you can add hair accessories to complete your overall style. 

If you are having a boho wedding, go with a natural hairstyle. Afro puffs are adorable and can highlight your natural hair. Box braids are also great for a bohemian wedding and pretty much every wedding theme.

You should look for some inspiration images to show your stylist so you can get an accurate cost estimate. But before you get stressed out and silk press your hair, consider these wedding hairstyles for Black women. 

Embrace your Natural Curls

Black women have beautiful curls. They might be tight curls, medium curls or pin curls. The coils in your hair are a great place to start your wedding hairstyle inspiration. 

Wedding hairstyles for long hair can highlight these natural curls. For example, try a high curly bun to underline the greatness of your ringlets.

Some of the best wedding hairstyles for Black women include a smooth, natural afro and an elegant finger wave hairstyle with a tendril. We love our twisted updos – try a tight curl wash and go with a deep updo or cascade.

How Do I Choose My Bridal Hairstyle?

The bridal hairstyles for Black women are deeply personal. They may want to go with a natural, intricate wedding hairstyle. Black brides can opt for a high-curly bun with bridal hair accessories. She can also use bridal hair accessories with a low bun. Going natural is also a great option. Keep reading for some great options for Black bridal hairstyles!

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1. Classic Wedding Updos

Classic updos for Black hair have become very popular and are a good excuse for a strapless dress and statement headpiece. Let your hair fall and create a beautiful frame for your face. Add some dynamic symmetry to your classic hairstyles. Sweep and pin your hair in alternating directions and do curling spirals around the neck.

Add some colorful highlights for more depth and fun. For a bold statement, add big, vibrant flowers. Weddings are usually just templates. There are several opportunities to add your own personality.

2. Casual Simple Updos

An informal updo is another excellent choice when choosing African American wedding hairstyles. It requires much preparation to achieve the desired appearance. But it’s all about smooth elegance and simplicity. This hairstyle can quickly become dirty and requires constant brushing and applying all day, but it’s fairly straightforward to maintain. It’s great for a traditional wedding in late summer. This season demands romance and authenticity. 

3. Side Hair Clip Hairstyles

The bride-to-be should consider using a side hair clip. While most styles require softer accessories, side clips allow you to make a big statement. This bridal hair accessory works well for smooth or loose hairstyles. It’s the dynamic look we enjoy in spring or autumn weddings when seasons change. Use a large clip to offset a basic dress or boost excitement with vibrant clothing or jewelry.

4. Side Swept Hairdos

Sideswept locks give Black wedding hair a perfect combination of curly and smooth. One side may curl and fall naturally. It gives an organic feminine appearance, a bit more robust and controlled. This style is fantastic paired with delicate tiaras. These styles are perfect for a fairy tale, historical or rustic theme wedding.. 

5. Charming Loose Curls

Loose curls are a very versatile bridal hairstyle for a Black bride. You can integrate this style with an array of wedding themes, but it best embraces nature or romance. Jewelry and floral accessories pair wonderfully with this style. Its flexibility allows for creative ideas without breaking the aesthetics. You can also mix in some braids for the perfect fairytale look.

6. Cornrows and Curls

Cornrows are one of Black women’s favorite hairstyles. They’ve become very prominent for Black brides. That’s probably because this style works with hair of all kinds and is simple and flexible to complement various wedding gown styles. This style is suitable for both brides and bridesmaids. Each woman can have a hairstyle that will rock post-wedding as well.

7. Long Loose Waves in Ponytails

You don’t have to be the bride to rock this look. This style is suited to mothers of the bride or groom and bridesmaids too. This hairstyle with short shaved ends is easy to apply and works well for bridesmaids, as it won’t draw too much attention away from the bride. You can wear hair extensions to increase the length of the wig.

8. Natural Highlighted Curls

Beauty young woman in white dress

Natural curls are a classic hairstyle, but there is nothing like a curly hair day to help you feel like yourself. You can add temporary hair color for a bit of flair without damaging your beautiful curling tresses.

9. Giant Bun with Cornrow Side Details

These huge bun hairstyles are stunning and should be on any list featuring hairstyles for Black ladies. It’s simple, stylish and can fit any theme by simply changing the shape of a bun. The addition of side cornrow details adds a unique look that’s perfect for your big day.

10. Curly Bun with Side Swept Bangs

Who doesn’t like buns? This style can add elegance to the classic bun. The braids create visual interest. This style can wow without bangs since the big bun is the star.

11. Roll and Tuck Chignon

This style demonstrates that combining different hairstyles with different hair types is worth it. You can create something fresh and different from your norm with some experimenting.

12. Messy Updos

If your bridesmaids are wearing strapless gowns, they should consider messy updos. While the style can be similar, there is a wider variety for Black women to make each woman look unique. You can add hair accessories for some fun variety. 

13. Loose Fishtail Braid

Fishtail hair braids are a style that may seem complicated and tricky, but in fact, they are pretty simple. This is an ideal Black bridal hairstyle as there are many options for decorating the braid.

14. Sleek Classic Chignon with Middle Parts

Chignons have a reputation for vintage glamour. The simplicity of this style makes it the best option when choosing wedding wigs for Black women. You can pull your hair back towards the nape if you have relaxed or natural hair.

15. Sleek and Low Puffy Ponytail

A stylish short puff ponytail is an excellent option for both brides and bridesmaids. It’s fun and a little easier if your bride loves doing her hair. You can complete this look with relaxed, natural hair or extensions.

16. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous curls can easily be worn for Black weddings. This style is suitable for relaxed hair too. You can achieve curly and natural hair stretched with or without heating.

17. Side Afro Puffs

Afro puffs are great natural hairstyle, usually consisting of two “puffs” of hair, one on each side. Pulling the puffs to one side is one of the best ways to enhance the familiar, feisty-looking hairstyle. It can also leave more room for a hair accessory. 

18. Textured Faux Hawk with Curly Bangs

This beautiful hairstyle will suit women with long natural hair who want the look of their natural curls. If your natural hair lacks definition, it can be achieved by combining braids or twisting them.

19. Pompadour and Double Chignon

An elaborate pompadour hairstyle featuring a double chignon will turn heads. It’s not your everyday look and is an excellent option for the bride who wants her wedding to make a statement in every way imaginable. A slight veil can help highlight the style. 

20. Pin Curls

This luxurious hairstyle can work for short or long hair. Add accessories and voila, you have an ideal wedding hairstyle.

21. Curled Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are incredibly versatile when showcasing the bride’s hair. The curls look great and their style allows for wearing several hair accessories. You’ll always look fabulous with this hairstyle. 

22. Wavy Chignon

Adding waves to chignons creates texture and adds vintage glam to your hairstyle. Generally speaking, the design has elegance and poise, perfect for any Black bride.

23. Curly Updo

You will need perfect styling to keep your hair off of your shoulders and neck, but it is well worth the effect. This style is a stylish yet fun way to do your hair for a relaxed ceremony.

Tips to Take Care of Your Afro Hair Before Your Wedding

Whatever type of hair you may have; curly or straightened – it’s crucial to take care of it and give it a touch of some TLC before your wedding. 

However, whichever style you choose for your wedding, here are a few tips for conditioning afro or curly hair, which tends to become dry, and make it look as healthy as possible.

  • The first thing to do is to buy some leave-in conditioners and protein treatments before your big day. It is advisable to start getting your hair healthy at least three months before you say the magic words “I do” for the best effect. Remember, you can’t buy just any hair treatment products you see in the supermarket. It has to be hair treatments and masks mainly targeted at black afro or curly hair.
  • After you have conditioned and treated your hair, book an appointment with a hair salon for some oil scalp massages. A healthy and hydrated scalp will produce healthy and hydrated hair.
  • Also, make time to steam your hair either at a professional hair salon or you can buy a hair steaming cap to use at home.
  • If you are a bride with long hair, trim it every six weeks or so before the wedding day to keep hair ends healthy.
  • Finally, don’t try hair coloring treatments or extreme straightening too close to D-day. This is because they may cause your hair to dry out, leaving you little time to return it to its former glory.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions people often ask about black women’s hairstyles.

What Makes Black Women’s Hair Types Special?

The African-American hair is coiled and textured, which makes it special. Also, it produces protective oils that keep the hair healthy. 
African-American hair types are so versatile that they don’t require much manipulation. Additionally, it is easy to handle, and you can wash and go without worrying about styling. Their hair is flexible, too, and almost every hairstyle sits nicely on it. Hair thickness is a great benefit for weddings as you can style and stretch it as it is.

What Are The Best Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women?

The best wedding hairstyles for black women include the soft natural afro with a delicate side clip, and a regal finger Waves updo with tendrils. Also, the tuck and roll updo, tight curls wash and go, deep side parts updo, or cascading waves. 
However, if she wants to keep the look crisp, a textured updo with crown, spiral locks, updos, or layered loose ringlets is gorgeous. Other hair ideas are the low-textured bun, jungle braids, curly high bun, and jumbo low bun braids with curls.

How To Care For African-American Hair Type Before The Wedding?

You can do this by always deep conditioning and investing in silk pillowcases or head scarves before bed. This helps to minimize dullness and breakage. Finally, choose hairstyles that match your hair texture because you don’t want to damage your hair with over-manipulation. Also, check the climate because humidity can ruin black hair. Therefore, protect your hair.

The Last Strand

The wedding location could affect how you want to style your Black hair. If you are going to be in a warm, humid environment, you should wear a protective style. Beautiful box braids are a great wedding hairstyle for Black women who want to protect their hair.

Black women have plenty of choices to highlight their natural hair. Whether you want to go with a high bun, classic updos or a sleek chignon, you will look fantastic with some planning. Don’t forget to bring plenty of inspiration pics to your hairstylist! Pinterest can be a great tool for this.

We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your choices. No matter what you choose, we know you’ll be fabulous!

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