8 Stunning Rainbow Wedding Dress Ideas

If you’re dreaming of tying the knot decked out in a rainbow wedding dress, you’ll love the ideas below!

From elegant muted rainbow shades to flashy (and flashing) LED-lit gowns, there’s something for all tastes!

Take a look and find your dream dress!

If you're dreaming of tying the knot decked out in a rainbow wedding dress, you'll love these ideas! From subtle to flashy, there's something for everyone!

Stunning Rainbow Wedding Dress Ideas

Plain old black and white or even other colors can be a bit boring nowadays since people are coming out with more creative ideas for weddings.

From nude to superhero weddings, what can you do to up the wow factor? How about a rainbow wedding dress?

Rainbow wedding dresses add not only a splash of color, but also shows your love for everyone and anyone.

Now your mind is racing, wondering where you can purchase one of these amazing rainbow-colored dresses.

Don’t worry, we did the legwork for you and compiled an extensive list of rainbow-colored wedding dresses for sale.

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1. SALE LED Rainbow Wedding Dress 

LED Rainbow Wedding Dress

Available on Etsy for $300.00+

Amazing is the word that popped into mind when we came across this amazing wedding dress.

It takes the traditional wedding dress style and intertwines the colors of the rainbow inside the white.

This rainbow-colored wedding dress will surely turn heads on your big day.

Brighten up the photos and the whole ambiance of the reception and ceremony with this colorful design.

It’s also not just colors that enhance this beautiful wedding dress, but little LED lights are scattered on the train to make sure you are the brightest and sparkliest in the room.

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2. Rainbow Train


Whether you want to have a rainbow wedding gown or not, decorating the train or veil with multiple colors could still have the same effect.

See how the added soft ombre of every color of the rainbow really stands out in this photo.

Also maybe think about featuring a rainbow skirt, but if you don’t want too many colors to steal the show, just the veil will do the trick well too!

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3. ADULT Rainbow Colored Sparkly Knee-Length Tutu Skirt

ADULT Rainbow Colored Sparkly Knee-Length Tutu Skirt

Available on Etsy for $47.24+

Here is another rainbow wedding dress for sale, or should we say rainbow wedding tutu?

Some people like to go against tradition and opt for dress styles that are shorter, sexier or more whimsical.

As if rainbow bridal gowns aren’t whimsical enough, think about one in a tutu form!

The tulle is sparkly which will catch the spotlight in such a way that lights up the entire dance floor!

If you’re getting married on a hot summer’s day, the knee-length tutu will also let your legs breathe.

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4. Pastel Rainbow Wedding Dress


A rainbow wedding dress doesn’t have to be neon-colored and steal the show. It can be a subtle design as well.

We know, it kind of goes against the idea of having a rainbow wedding dress in the first place, but once you take a look at this pastel design above, you might change your mind.

The smooth and understated blend of pastel colors brings an air of elegance yet individuality to the dress itself.

Paired with little flowers on the bust area, it really spices up a traditional dress, don’t you think?

5. Ombre Unique Wedding Veil

Available on Etsy for $98.00+

Remember when we said just the veil would do? Instead of rainbow colors, (well you can do that if that’s what you want), you can just do an ombre (a color fade) for the veil.

You are able to choose more than one secondary color to have a beautiful off white veil fade into every color of the rainbow.

It will really spice up your wedding, especially if you have a color theme. Match it to your wedding party’s outfits for added effect.

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6. Rainbow Bridesmaids and Trim


Why not coordinate your bridesmaids to match you? If you have seven, then that’s great.

Even if you only have three or four bridesmaids, it will still look amazing to have them wear the primary colors.

You can create a sort of wedding dress rainbow with them and the trim of your dress.

As you can see from this picture, the lovely bride has alternating colors of the rainbow spanning the entire trim of her dress.

It’s a subtle detail to an all-white traditional dress.

7. Rainbow Unicorn Organza Ruffle Adult Women’s Wedding Prom Pride Dress


Available on Etsy for $349.30

This one is hand down one of our favorites, we almost didn’t want to list it in case it gets snatched up!

Look how gorgeous you will look in this princess unicorn-like dress!

The beaded bodice adds a touch of elegance so it doesn’t look so much like a costume but a magical fairy dress.

It’s exactly what we would wish our fairy godmother would conjure up with a wave of her wand.

Make Cinderella jealous with this gorgeous and elegant rainbow wedding dress.

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8. MADE to ORDER Fairy Rainbow Pastel Tones Wedding Dress Fairy Roses Wedding Dress


Available on Etsy for $1299.99

We know this is high up there in price, but it’s for your big day which happens once in a lifetime and compared to traditional dresses, the price tag is quite literally peanuts.

Once you lay your eyes on this amazing dress, we’re sure you will agree that it’s worth every penny.

The beautiful pastels intertwine with sparkles and delicate corsages sewn throughout the dress.

You can choose the colors and the lengths as well.

All you need to do is work together with the designer to figure out what works best for your big day.

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If you're dreaming of tying the knot decked out in a rainbow wedding dress, you'll love these ideas! From subtle to flashy, there's something for everyone!

Let’s take a breath, we know you need it after looking at so many unique and frankly beyond magnificent wedding dresses.

It’s hard to choose a favorite! We love the princess unicorn one and the rainbow one with LED lights.

The last one with the flowers and sparkles are a close second or third.

We know it’s hard to pick, but which rainbow wedding dress was your favorite?

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