8 Stunning Rainbow Wedding Dress Ideas

Rainbow wedding dresses are a bold and colorful choice for brides who want to make a statement on their big day. These gowns come in a variety of styles and designs, and can be a great way to add a pop of color to your wedding.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional ball gown or a more modern, fitted dress, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 8 stunning rainbow wedding dress ideas that are sure to inspire you. From pastel hues to bright and bold colors, these dresses are sure to make you stand out on your special day.

If you're dreaming of tying the knot decked out in a rainbow wedding dress, you'll love these ideas! From subtle to flashy, there's something for everyone!

Stunning Rainbow Wedding Dress Ideas

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5 Incredible Wedding Dress Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

Wedding dresses no longer have to be a plain old black and white or even a plain pop of color. Brides are now getting more and more creative when deciding on their wedding dress, as wedding planners and event designers don’t shy away from expressing the unique creativity that comes with wedding designing.

From two in one wedding dresses (adding a detachable skirt for the ceremony to switch up the reception look) to having each bridesmaid in their own chosen color – wedding planners and event designers can work together with brides to craft something truly special that reflects bride’s individual style.

From nude to superhero weddings, what can you do to up the wow factor? How about a rainbow wedding dress?

Whether fashioned with abstract designs or bearing embellishments of traditional gold, rainbow wedding dresses add not only a splash of color but also show your love for everyone and anyone.

Now your mind is racing, wondering where you can purchase one of these amazing rainbow-colored dresses. Don’t worry, we did the legwork for you and compiled an extensive list of rainbow-colored wedding dresses for sale.

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Now, brace yourself for the eye-catching piece sports.

1. SALE LED Rainbow Wedding Dress 

LED Rainbow Wedding Dress

Amazing is the word that popped into our mind when we came across this amazing wedding dress.

It takes the traditional wedding dress style and intertwines the colors of the rainbow inside the white.

This rainbow-colored wedding dress will surely turn heads at your wedding ceremony.

Brighten up the photos and the whole ambiance of the reception and ceremony with this colorful design. 

It’s also not just colors that enhance this beautiful wedding dress, but little LED lights are scattered on the train to make sure you are the brightest and sparkliest in the room.

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2. Rainbow Train

Whether you want to have a rainbow wedding gown or not, decorating the train or veil with multiple colors could still have the same effect.

See how the added soft ombre of every color of the rainbow really stands out in this photo.

Also maybe think about featuring a rainbow skirt, but if you don’t want too many colors to steal the show, just the veil will do the trick well too!

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3. ADULT Rainbow Colored Sparkly Knee-Length Tutu Skirt

ADULT Rainbow Colored Sparkly Knee-Length Tutu Skirt

If you’re looking to make a statement on your wedding day, a rainbow dress is the perfect choice for boldly expressing yourself.

Offering much more than traditional white or beige gowns, rainbow dresses showcase rainbow colors that offer unlimited creativity. If you want to go even further against tradition, rainbow wedding tutu dresses create an array of possibilities.

From pastels to rainbow ombres, structured layers to voluminous skirts and sleeves that range from classic to an avant-garde style; no matter what look you decide on, rainbow dress allow you to express yourself with creative shapes and silhouettes that make lasting impressions.

Whether you choose the sexy shorter style or opt for something a bit more dramatic, rainbow wedding dresses let you create a unique style that is distinctly yours.

Here is another rainbow wedding dress for sale, or should we say rainbow wedding tutu? Some people like to go against tradition and opt for dress styles that are shorter, sexier or more whimsical.

As if rainbow bridal gowns aren’t whimsical enough, think about one in a tutu form! Most people will be shocked to see it being used as an actual wedding day outfit. The colorful tulle is sparkly, which will catch the spotlight in such a way that it lights up the entire dance floor!

Another nice feature of this wedding tutu is that the top part can be full black. So if you want a compromise between black wedding dresses and rainbow ones, this is a perfect selection. It’s more like combining a black wedding gown with a rainbow tutu skirt.

If you’re getting married on a hot summer’s day, the knee-length tutu will also let your legs breathe.

MisShow Women’s Rainbow Vintage 5 Layered Tulle Tutu Puffy Ballet Bubble Skirt Party Underskirt One Size
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEED–Four Layers light-weight soft Tulle, plus 1 layer imitation silk satin lining,high quality with details to decorate your parties.
  • SIZE: Adult one size: waist (25.59″-39.4″), length:25.59″; High Stretched Elastic Band
  • Made of Four Tiered Tulle with plenty of gathers to hold the dress’s shape,plus one Layer of soft lining to prevent scratching gentle sensitive skin

4. Pastel Rainbow Wedding Dress

A rainbow wedding dress doesn’t have to be neon-colored and steal the show. It can be a subtle design as well.

We know, it kind of goes against the idea of having a rainbow wedding dress in the first place, but once you take a look at this pastel design above, you might change your mind.

The smooth and understated blend of pastel colors brings an air of elegance yet individuality to the dress itself.

Paired with little flowers on the bust area, it really spices up a traditional dress, don’t you think?

5. Ombre Unique Wedding Veil

Remember when we said just the veil would do? Instead of rainbow colors, (well you can do that if that’s what you want), you can just do an ombre (a color fade) for the veil.

You are able to choose more than one secondary color to have a beautiful off white veil fade into every color of the rainbow.

It will really spice up your wedding, especially if you have a color theme. Match it to your wedding party’s outfits for added effect.

Benefits of this? You don’t need to stress about getting the perfect colorful wedding gown, and you can also help amplify the work of your hairstylist with your ombre veil.

Kercisbeauty 3M 1 Tier Soft Tulle Sheer Cathedral Wedding Lace Veil Single Layer Drop with Gold Flower Comb Multi Layer Pearl Chain for Bride Bridal Headpiece Hair Dress (Ivory)
  • ♥Handmade item, it’s a single layer veil,and two corners are rounded. The veil(with two hair combs) and the gold hair comb/back chain are separated.
  • ♥Color : Ivory ( use comb ) ♥Length: 300 cm of the veil / 50cm+60cm+85cm of the gold chain
  • ♥Materials:Tulle and two clear hair comb in each side. We only use high quality of tulle.

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6. Rainbow Bridesmaids and Trim

Why not coordinate your bridesmaids to match you? If you have seven, then that’s great.

Even if you only have three or four bridesmaids, it will still look amazing to have them wear the primary colors reflecting the wedding theme.

You can create a sort of wedding dress rainbow with them and the trim of your dress.

As you can see from this picture, the lovely bride has alternating colors of the rainbow spanning the entire trim of her dress.

It’s subtle detail to an all-white traditional dress, giving it a modern touch. If you are a fan of minimalistic design, you are sure to fall in love with this.

7. Rainbow Unicorn Organza Ruffle Adult Women’s Wedding Prom Pride Dress

This one is hands down one of our favorites. We almost didn’t want to list this gorgeous piece in case it gets snatched up!

Look how gorgeous you will look in this princess unicorn-like dress!

The beaded bodice adds a touch of elegance to this dress made from a rainbow tulle, so it doesn’t look so much like a costume but a magical fairy dress.

It’s exactly the ball gown we would wish our fairy godmother would conjure up with a wave of her wand along with a solid gold entourage.

Make Cinderella jealous with this fun, gorgeous and elegant rainbow wedding dress.

8. MADE to ORDER Fairy Rainbow Pastel Tones Wedding Dress Fairy Roses Wedding Dress

We know this is high up there in price, but it’s for your big day, which happens once in a lifetime. Compared to traditional dresses, the price tag is quite literally peanuts.

 Once you lay your eyes on this amazing dress, we’re sure you will agree that it’s worth every penny.

The beautiful pastels intertwine with sparkles and delicate corsages sewn throughout the dress. If you are a stickler for handmade pieces, this makes a great choice.

You can choose the colors and the lengths as well.

Due to its bespoke and customizable features, it’s not a dress to be purchased at the wedding dress boutique.

This is the type of piece that requires you to work together with the designer to figure out what works best for your big day.

Honorable Mentions

1. Pretty in Blush

Your wedding day is all about you and your love story. And what better way to show off your personality and style than with a stunning blush wedding dress?

Blush is a beautiful, romantic colour that evokes love and happiness. A blush wedding dress is perfect for a bride who wants to feel like a princess on her big day. 

A blush wedding dress can also be as traditional or modern as you want it to be. From classic ballgowns and A-line silhouettes to more fitted mermaid and trumpet styles, there is a blush wedding dress for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a gown with intricate lace details, a flowing chiffon skirt, beaded sequins, or even a two-piece look, you’re sure to find the perfect blush wedding dress for your special day.

No matter your style, a blush wedding dress will make you feel beautiful and romantic on your special day.

2. Vintage Inspired Rainbow Wedding Dress

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, there are many styles to choose from. But if you feel overwhelmed, why not take inspiration from the past? 

Vintage-inspired rainbow wedding dresses are things, and they come in several styles. This may include sleek and simple to over-the-top rainbow wedding dresses that feature different hues of blush, ivory, and beige. 

It’s the perfect look for a romantic and timeless vibe. Vintage-inspired rainbow wedding dresses are perfect for a summer or spring wedding.

Accessorize the look with a classic pearl necklace, a beaded headpiece, and an exquisite lace veil. Add an embellished clutch and a bouquet of vibrant flowers to ignite this fun and flirty look. Finish it with a vintage-inspired hairstyle and a pair of t-strap wedding shoes. 

3. Floral Stripes Rainbow Wedding Dress with butterfly sleeves

Are you looking for something truly unique for your wedding day? Floral Stripes Rainbow Wedding Dress with butterfly sleeves is a sure bet to turn heads. The rainbow colours, for their charming nature, symbolize hope, children’s laughter, and new beginnings – all of which are important on a wedding day. 

The flowers on the dress add a beautiful and romantic touch, while the stripes add a modern and stylish twist. This dress will make any bride feel like a princess on her special day.

So, choosing this wedding dress is a fun and unique way to show your personality on your big day. And it is an eye-catching embodiment that features colourful stripes to give a braid one-of-a-kind look. And the best part is that you can easily find a dress like this without spending a fortune.

4. Classic Tulle Dress

This beautiful rainbow wedding dress is perfect for any bride who wants to feel like a unicorn on her big day! The dress is made from a soft pastel sequin fabric, and features rose gold unicorn embroidery on the bodice. 

The skirt is adorned with a pretty bow, and the back of the dress is open, allowing you to show off your beautiful back. This dress will make you feel like the most special bride in the world!

If you're dreaming of tying the knot decked out in a rainbow wedding dress, you'll love these ideas! From subtle to flashy, there's something for everyone!

Let’s take a breath, we know you need it after looking at so many unique and frankly beyond magnificent wedding dresses.

With wedding dress options ranging from classic white wedding gowns to ones inspired by unicorns and rainbows, there truly is something for everyone.

We can’t help but be in awe at the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into each wedding dress.

From feathered wedding dress adorned with delicate beading to shimmering multi-toned wedding gowns with LED lighting, these wedding dress are truly works of art.

No matter which one you choose, you’ll surely be the center of attention on your wedding day!

It’s hard to choose a favorite! We love the princess unicorn one and the rainbow one with LED lights.

The last one with the flowers and sparkles are a close second or third.

We know it’s hard to pick, but which rainbow wedding dress was your favorite?

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