5 Gorgeous Yet Affordable Minimony Wedding Dresses for Your Downsized Day

Looking for beautiful minimony wedding dresses to wear to your downsized ceremony?  There are thousands of designs out there, and you need to choose something you really love. Since it’s your day, it should be just the way you always dreamed it to be. I have a few wonderful designs in mind, and I’m sure you’ll absolutely fall in love with them. Each one makes the perfect micro-wedding attire!

5 Gorgeous Yet Affordable Minimony Wedding Dresses for Your Downsized Day

The concept of a wedding has really changed in 2020, and it looks like 2021 wedding trends will follow the same pattern. We can’t have large groups together, and many people are either canceling, postponing, or moving their weddings online. If you’re lucky enough to be able to have a small celebration, then you need to be prepared. 

Now, if you already bought an amazing wedding dress that you were planning to wear to a big ceremony, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t wear it to your minimony instead. The only reason not to wear it would be if you’re planning a large wedding later on, when it’s safe to do so again. 

Since you’re here looking for minimony wedding dresses, though, I’m going to assume that you don’t already have something to wear. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Below are some beautiful options that are also very affordable. All are under $1,000, and one is even under $100!  

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1. Simple Minimony Wedding Dress

 Simple Minimony Wedding Dress

A minimony doesn’t have to be simple, but your dress can be. If you’re into minimalistic, then this dress will be the perfect choice. You get to accessorize it the way you want, and you can adapt it to any wedding theme you and your partner want. I found this dress on Etsy and fell in love with it completely. 

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2. Lace Minimony Wedding Dress

Lace Minimony Wedding Dress

Lace is always a good idea when it comes to weddings, and this one is truly special. Even though it’s a bit pricy, it can make your day absolutely incredible. It’s entirely handmade! Plus, it’s still budget-friendly compared to most traditional wedding dresses out there!

Since we’re talking about buying an expensive wedding dress from the internet, I checked out the reviews and I was impressed to see how many people went for it and were happy with their choice. You can find it on Etsy!

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3. Boho Minimony Wedding Dress

Boho Minimony Wedding Dress

You’re a big fan of boho? Well, we all are. And this dress is stunning. It combines the classic bohemian accents with the modern style, and you’ll be incredibly happy you actually went for it.

It comes in eight sizes and three shades of white, so it’s made to fit everyone. This dress is available on Etsy.

4. Minimalist Minimony Wedding Dress

 Minimalist Minimony Wedding Dress

I like the way this dress looks quite a lot. It’s incredibly complex but looks minimalistic. It’s made out of silk and for this price, you can expect to look like a real princess in it.

The store will make it according to your measurements, and it’s got pockets! It’s every woman’s dream to have a wonderful dress with pockets, and this one from Etsy definitely gets that done!

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5. Persephone Minimony Dress

Persephone Minimony Dress

If you want backless wedding dresses that will make everyone go “wow,” then this is it. Everything about it is made with ultimate care, and all the people who already bought it are delighted. It comes in 11 sizes and two shades of white, so everyone can find an option that matches.

Above that, you can send the seller a message with your measurements and a custom message, so the dress will be made for you entirely. I found this one on Etsy

Looking for beautiful minimony wedding dresses to wear to your downsized ceremony? Check out 5 stunning yet affordable options!

There’s just one rule when choosing your minimony dress. It has to be perfect for you. There’s no such thing as too little or too much as long as you’re happy and feel like the princess you are!

Which of these minimony wedding dresses do you like the most? Share below!

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