40 Gorgeous Wedding Hair Styles for Straight Hair

When you plan for your “big day, you want everything superb, right down to the last detail. The hairstyle you choose is as important to your wedding day look as your dress, jewelry, makeup, and accessories.

If you have naturally sleek hair, here we have compiled a collection of unique bridal hair inspiration for straight hair. These are definitely going to give you a classy wedding day look.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long, Straight Hair

If your hair texture is naturally straight, we have some straight styles for you. For your wedding day hair, isn’t it better to embrace the natural beauty of your hair and style it perfectly straight?

1. Straight hair with a center part:

The simplest yet elegant hairstyle for a wedding day. If you have straight hair with a healthy texture, it is a wonderful choice to keep it straight for a natural look.

2. Straight +down:

Having your hair straight down your back at your wedding is absolutely amazing. Pull back the front and add a beautiful accessory that matches your gown. Voila!

3. Loose braid:

A very loose messy braid with an accessory that matches your hair color looks both carefree and elegant at the same time.

4. Crown braid:

The crown braid or milkmaid braid is a favorite traditional hairstyle amongst many women around the world. 

5. Long, straight braids:

A fishtail braid looks perfect for super long hair. Even if you don’t have Rapunzel-length locks, it’ll still look beautiful.

 6. Loose curls:

Loose curls are perfect for a beach wedding!

7. Fancy updo for long straight hair:

Updo for long, straight hair can be done with the help of an expert, and there are many styling techniques for long hair. You can also add an accessory for a more glamorous hairstyle! 

8. Half up-half down:

Another elegant style for long hair, pull back and tie up the top half of your hair, then loosely curl the bottom.

9. Wedding hairstyles for colored hair

bride with rose gold hair

Dying hair in different colors is very trendy these days. Some beautiful hairstyles for a wedding day with colored hair may be a good idea. I’m absolutely crazy about this pinky ombre shade!

10. Messy buns

Messy buns for the wedding are simply easy yet classy.

11. Ponytail/ classy pony

‘picture source from Instagram @natasha.astylist

A ponytail is a classy option.

12. Low bun

For a perfectly done-yet-undone look, consider rocking a low, messy bun with a floral band.

13. High bun:

You can accomplish a sleek, high bun with a tiara or floral band.

14. Straight hairstyle for long black hair

If you have got Long, black straight hair, you can particularly go for a “braid and bun” combo, with a traditional hairpiece. You might have seen the ones of Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit in the Bollywood super hit movie DEVDAS.

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15. Natural curls

Natural is always classy. You’ll look amazing with wavy curls in your outdoor wedding!

When you have straight hair of medium length, there are a lot of hairstyle choices. You can definitely get a gorgeous look with medium-length straight hair. 

16. Classic bun; a hairstyle for Pakistani and Indian brides with long, straight hair

A classic bun with center or side hair partitions. This is a traditional hairstyle common in Indian and Pakistani brides with added jewelry or fresh flowers that enhances the beauty. 

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Straight Hair

You can give an elegant look to medium-length hair through different styles. If you wish, you can add a hair extension to give it a more appealing look. 

1. Side part:

A simple updo for medium straight hair, which you can definitely opt for a simple but gorgeous look.

2. Wavy hairstyle:

If you have curly hair, light, beachy waves hairstyles definitely add beauty and an extra touch to your style.

3. Soft curls:

For straight hair brides, loose, soft curls give you a sophisticated look. If you like flower crowns, you can add a crown to enhance the beauty of the hairstyle.

4. Timeless Chignon:

The loose chignon is a popular and elegant bridal hairstyle. If you have straight hair, this style is perfect and easy to master on your own.

5. Hair with flowers or jewelry:

As finishing touches, you can pair medium straight hair up with light hair jewelry or flowers.

6. Ponytail for thin straight hair:

straight hairstyles for wedding (2)

Thin, straight hair can be done in a ponytail with a small hairpiece. This is one of the easiest wedding hairstyles for thin hair.

7. Side braid:

Medium straight hair in a loose regular braid, simple braid, or side braid gives an elegant look.

8. Bun with front bangs:

high bun with bangs

A high or low bun with side bangs is an elegant hairstyle. 

9. Tucked bun hairstyle:

A tucked bun hairstyle is simply gorgeous. You can add up a delicate hair accessory to spice up the beauty.

10. Front bangs:

bride with front bangs

Front bangs with or without a simple high bun definitely look gorgeous.

11. Fringes:

Fringes with a loose braid or bun with added fresh flowers or ornaments look simply beautiful.

12. Bow hairstyle:

If you want something a little more unique, this adorable bow bun is perfect!

13. French knot:

A French knot hairstyle for medium straight hair looks elegant. You can add fringes, side bangs or a simple, sleek backcombing.

14. Twists with straight or curled hair:

Front Twisted hair with loose curls or simply straight hair is an easy hairdo.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair:

If you have got short hair, but don’t want to style up with wedding hair extensions, don’t worry! We are here with some gorgeous hairstyles for short-length hair.

1. Soft, wavy hairstyle:

Soft, wavy romantic hair waves with a a few small braids woven throughout looks so cute.

2. Straight bob:

One of our most favorite wedding hairstyles is the straight bob: if you have short hair, the bob might create an elevated version of your wedding hair style. This is one of the straight styles that will send you back to Great Gatsby’s era!

3. Undercut pixie with long fringe:

An elegant and modern hairstyle.

4. Bob with highlights:

A trendy hairstyle for short straight hair.

5. Side swept short hair:

short hair with hair band

You can choose this hairstyle for very short hair with a tiara or crown.

6. Short hair with hair accessories:

chic pixie haircut

Wearing a crown or tiara or a delicate hair piece to any hair length simply boosts up the beauty of style.

7. Princess Diana hairstyle:

A unique, elegant hairstyle by Princess Diana for very short hair looks gorgeous.

8. Front bangs:

Front bangs on short straight hair are another hairstyle idea for short hair.

9. Soft, romantic waves hairstyle:

short bride hair

10. Bridal Bob with Barrettes:

bridal bob with barrettes

Refresh your bob-short wedding hair by adding waves and putting in some fancy barrettes. 

Tips to Know About Styling Straight Hair

If you naturally have straight hair you can avoid the hassle of hair sprays, gels, and hair straighteners that might damage your hair texture. 

Here are some pro tips that will help you style your straight hair more gracefully.

  • Choose the right hair product according to your hair texture and requirement.
  • Wash your hair with warm water.
  • Don’t use conditioner up to the hair roots.
  • Rinse the shampoo thoroughly.
  • Air-dry your hair as often as possible
  • Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair. 
  • Get the hair trimmed regularly.
  • Use a hair mask or oil to keep the hair well-nourished.
  • Don’t tie your wet hair.
  • Use the hair dryers or straighteners on low or medium heating mode.
  • Get frequent trims to keep your hair manageable all the time.


Is straight hair out of style?

Straight hair is never out of style. Although there are a lot of hairdo options, straight hair is globally the first choice of many people.

Can you get waves on straight hair?

Yes, definitely. If you want to give a wavy hair texture to your straight hair, there are many ways. Either you can use a curler, gel, or hair spray. Or if you want to avoid chemicals, you can choose any DIY method.

Does a durag work on straight hair?

Using a durag to tie down your hair helps keep it straight. It helps to keep your hair in good shape for longer while still looking stylish.

Should straight hair be layered?

Adding layers to straight hair helps to give more volume and create movement.
What haircut looks best on straight hair?
Wispy lob. 
Deep side part. …
Angled bob. …
Sleek and short.
Front bangs and layers. …
Center-parted bangs. …
Short bob with heavy bangs or fringes.
What is a waterfall braid?
 A waterfall braid is a half-French braid in which we braid part of the hair and leave the rest to fall down, like a waterfall. 


If you are having naturally straight hair, you have many hairstyle choices to choose from for your BIG DAY! Now you can look classy with any of these alluring hairstyles. 

What are your favorite straight hairstyles for weddings?

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