Choosing a Color Theme for your Wedding – Comprehensive Guide to Picking Your Wedding Color Palette

Wedding season can be year-round, but wedding colors change with every season. That is why you should consider a specific color theme for your wedding depending on the month and the season. If you need help with your month’s wedding color theme, we are here to help. 

Your wedding colors can be whatever you would like them to be. Ultimately the color scheme can be as daring or conservative as you wish.

The significance of color themes reflects your vision in the wedding photos and decor. You want to ensure the bridesmaid’s dresses are reflected with rich shades to complement the bride.

Wedding colors can make event planning much more straightforward, especially when it comes to designing your wedding invitation and wedding decor at the venue. A great color combo will help you cherish your wedding day. Ultimately you want your guests to say the reception space was all the rage.

Choosing the right color theme for your wedding is a crucial decision that sets the tone for your entire event. By considering the season, your personal style, and the desired ambiance, you can create a color palette that reflects your vision and enhances the overall look and feel of your wedding day. Remember, the colors you choose will impact everything from the bridesmaid dresses to the venue decor, so take the time to select a combination that is visually appealing and evokes the desired emotions for your special day. With a well-thought-out color scheme, your wedding will be a visual delight and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

No matter the season, we can help find the right color palette for you!

Winter Wedding Colors for December, January and February

It’s winter wonderland time and you are ready for holiday-themed wedding colors! The easy colors to think about are all-whites, reds and purples. You are looking for solid, royal and rich colors. Hunter green and cherry red might be your first choices for winter wedding colors.

December Wedding Colors 

Did you decide to plan your wedding around the holiday season? What a great way to get family together to celebrate your wedding day. Your color palette can use regal winter colors in celebration.

All your whites and reds will work, of course. Emerald green is also a fantastic choice. Light blue is an excellent color for bridesmaids’ dresses at December weddings. Consider using a bright yellow accent to bring attention to the color palette as it presents bold pops.

White flowers for the bridal party are great during the winter months. 

You can associate colors with precious metals like grayed jade, velvet and silver. These colors are great for bridesmaid dresses.

Velvet is an exciting material for December. If you want to take few chances, go with all white, regal red and royal purple for your bold color choices.

January Wedding Colors

You’re celebrating the New Year with new beginnings with a January wedding. Typically, you would want to avoid pastel shades as they are generally for spring weddings.

However, you can use pastel colors such as ice blue, baby blue, lavender or even duty rose. The colors fit with the “icy” theme because they are winter colors. Navy bridesmaid dresses could also present an exquisite design on your wedding day. 

Winter colors in nature are great for inspiration. Navy, midnight blue, plum, burgundy, emerald and gold are fantastic colors for a January wedding.

February Wedding Colors

We all know Valentine’s Day is in February! February Weddings have so much love in the air. However, you might want something other than hot pink or bubblegum pink setups in your wedding venues as primary colors. 

Red is the go to color for February weddings because it’s perfect for winter and Valentine’s Day. You could also consider dusty rose for your bridesmaid dresses.

If you are daring and want to pull off a bold statement, go with a red wedding gown. Nontraditional weddings do not need the traditional white dress. You could even go with a red and black-themed wedding. (insert a link to a red and black themed wedding)

You may still want to avoid pastel color schemes and go for deeper hues due to the season. However, you can use rose gold to highlight aspects of the groom’s attire.

If red doesn’t appeal to you, you can utilize deep blues, golds and greens. Instead of going with run-of-the-mill light pink, consider a shade of purple. 

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Spring Wedding Colors for March, April and May

The weather is much better. The foliage is in bloom. Spring weddings are about rebirth, and spring wedding colors should reflect the color scheme.

Therefore, you should play with pastels in your spring wedding color theme. Pastel bridesmaid dresses are adorable in a spring wedding. Think about warm pinks, soft yellows or coral for lighter shades of color.

Greens, creamy whites and light yellows can also be attractive options for your bridesmaid’s dresses. Purples, such as violet or aubergine, are fantastic complementary colors to a spring wedding color palette.

March Wedding Colors

It may still feel wintery, depending on how early in March the wedding is. Thanks to this, you can stick with more wintery colors, or choose from an array of spring colors. Pastels might not yet feel right, but that is possible towards the end of the month.

Tiffany blue, chiffon yellow and seafoam green are beautiful colors for bridesmaids dresses this time of year.

Your wedding venue colors could pair well with lighter and darker complementary colors. It all comes down to your preferences.

April Wedding Colors

If you want to go with a colorful palette of pastels for your April wedding theme, you can use a soft lemon, pistachio or sky blue. These are incredible for outdoor weddings.

The soft lemon evokes the spring sunlight into your wedding color theme. Pistachio’s light green mimics the blooming plants and the abundance of greenery. Sky blue is the perfect accent color for bridesmaid dresses in an April Wedding. Any pastel color scheme that reminds people of the season is excellent. You can even use dusty rose gold. 

If you want to get more unexpected, consider using apple red, caramel and carrot orange. Caramel is a rustic color, while apple red is a bold, vibrant spring color. Outdoor barn weddings are flawless in these color schemes.

May Wedding Colors

You can incorporate some summer and traditional spring colors in May weddings. Here we see a combination of conventional spring and less conventional colors.

Bridesmaid dresses can use cornflower blue, lily-white, sunflower yellow, freesia lilac or peony pink as an assortment of color choices.

If you are considering lavender, then the freesia lilac is another excellent color to add to your color theme. Play with these colors on a mood board to help bridge the spring/summer color theme for your May wedding!

Summer Wedding Colors for June, July and August

Summer brides may feel squashed by this season because it is challenging to get past the beach or garden themes. Summer months are great for an outdoor wedding.

Remember, summer weddings present a vibrancy that spring wedding color themes lack. While Spring is best for softer colors, you can add bolder colors in the summer.

Plus, utilizing outdoor spaces allows you to have a fun atmosphere without too much fear of extreme weather events. 

June Wedding Colors

June is a fantastic wedding month to mix light and bold colors. For example, you can use yellows and greys with your color scheme. Mustard yellows mixed with soft and slate grey are a sharp color theme.

If you want to hit home with summer boldness, use jewel tones such as garnet, aquamarine, citrine and bright quartz.

You might have a beach theme and want to mix turquoise and dove grey to complement the scenery. You can also take inspiration from your favorite beaches.

July Wedding Colors

July weddings have summer heat, and you will want to reflect the color theme with warm tones. We recommend summer solstice colors such as coral, custom peach, Grecian and ice.

Coral hues with blue night skies remind us not just of the beach but our summer youth. You remember the sunsets, the backyard parties and chilling by the lake. Create some nostalgia with your color palette!

August Wedding Colors

August is a tough season for some, as it’s the end of summer. At the same time, others are thinking of autumn colors. The fall season brings color schemes with warm hues such as burnt orange and earth tones to mind.

But this allows you to mix colors and play around with fun ideas! Some awesome colors for August are yellows, oranges, bold browns and neutral greys. The color wheel can help you find cooler colors to mix in for your table settings. 

Think goldenrod, sunflower yellow, saffron or dandelion for your yellows. Remember, we are at the tail end of summer, so we are thinking of fall-colored leaves.

Pair oranges with yellow, brown, ivory, pink or green.

If you choose brown, make sure the color is bold and reminds your guests of autumn.

Neutral greys can fit in with all of the above suggestions. Pearl grey, slate, dove grey and steel grey pair well with blues, violets or purples.

Autumn Wedding Colors for September, October and November

Autumn weddings can start incorporating colors similar to those suggested in winter weddings. It is also a time when you can move to softer, earthy tones.

For a fall wedding, think about soft purples, emerald greens and reds. As we return to chillier weather, you can also use an iridescent color scheme, such as pale gray and silver.

A forest green reception hall is a great design palette for the other color choices in a fall wedding. While it is no longer time for blooming plants, we now experience the beautiful rustic feel of fall.

September Wedding Colors

We particularly enjoy burgundy and dusty rose pairings for September wedding color themes. The burgundy color is similar to red wine and provides a more rustic feel, while the dusty rose reminds us of earthier tones.

October Wedding Colors

October weddings are the same month as Halloween and we are all thinking about Halloween. Halloween allows for the opportunity for plenty of nontraditional wedding themes. 

Red and black are great, but if you opt for orange and black, you don’t want your wedding guest to think they should have brought a costume.

Muted colors like mauve can work great for your bridesmaid’s dresses. Think of neutral hues such as copper and gold for your wedding invitations. Browns work well for the rustic look.

As for orange, you want to reflect something other than the color of the pumpkins. Check the fruit aisle for inspiration when you are in the grocery store. If you want to go with pumpkins, think about using non-orange pumpkins.

November Wedding Colors

Many November weddings are planned with Thanksgiving in mind. You can escape from the traditional Thanksgiving colors and enter the winter swing with some December color theme suggestions.

What we love most about November weddings is the success of mixing muted and softer blues with bolder oranges associated with autumn. 

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Color Theme for your Wedding

We provided some great suggestions for every month and every season! Each month brings something unique color themes to your wedding plans. A summer bride or a winter bride will want to enhance their beauty with the season’s expression of colors for their wedding color theme.

It may seem silly, but what month you choose can really help determine which colors you’ll use for your wedding. You can play with creating your own color palette here. What colors are your favorite for each month and season? Let us know in the comments below.

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