Emerald Green And Gold Wedding Inspiration

When it comes to your wedding, you want it to reflect you and your partner as a couple, ultimately. Depending on the colors you choose, reflect your love story, styles, and values. 

For those wishing to follow an emerald and gold-themed wedding and inherently reflect their elegance and organic chicness – it has the power to create a celestial ambiance to your day. 

Plus, there is no denying that these two colors don’t look simply divine together. They are always in trend, adopting a stylish, unique, and overall welcoming vibe at your wedding. 

Although, when establishing a theme, it is important to stick to it. Here, you’re celebrating sophisticated lighting, ethereal details, and vibrant hues that take inspiration from green and gold. 

That being said, you can use complementary colors, such as black and white, to balance out the scene. Plus, candles, metallic decor, and fresh flowers are great items to fill out an area. 

Emerald-green and gold-themed weddings place emphasis on feelings that are stylish, regal, and warm simultaneously. With the right balance of colors, this theme can be used all year round. 

With this in mind, this article will explore some emerald green and gold wedding color themes to incorporate into your big day. 

You can use emerald green and gold as your wedding colors to create a luxurious and timeless look that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Let’s get started. 

Emerald Green Wedding Party Dresses

When it comes to choosing the perfect bridal dresses, your main concerns should be comfortable and, of course, theme suitability. 

If you’re choosing an emerald-green and gold-themed wedding, then choosing emerald-green bridal dresses is the more flattering option. 

Here, you should take emerald green as the primary color. For instance, the dresses need to be the main focus. One option would be silk, velvet, or chiffon emerald styles. 

Then, you’ll want to accessorize your bridesmaids with gold hues. This could include sophisticated gold jewelry, hair clips, or waistbands. 

When it comes to the groom’s team, here, you can opt for emerald-green suits. When at the altar, the pop of jewel tones surrounding the brief and groom will create a harmonious theme. 

Jade and metallic gold is a combination that works perfectly in an effort to enhance the bride’s beauty. Plus, as per the latest bridal trends, the bride can even opt for gold and jade jewelry to help maintain the theme. 

Although, if you’re looking to stand out, and go against the status quo, then you can also opt for an emerald-green bridal gown, too. 

Likewise, the groom can take a regal approach by adopting a white suit with emerald-green accessories – the perfect contrast of colors. 

Wedding Cake

Move aside from plain white wedding cakes, fun and playful wedding cakes are the latest trend, and emerald-green and gold wedding cakes are sure to make an impact. 

The latest trend in wedding cakes is gold-tinted edible flowers. These would pair perfectly with an emerald-green cake. 

Here, consider opting for a geode wedding cake design with tons of floral arrangements to make for a desirable and memorable experience. 

With the right ratio of color and decoration, you’ll be able to achieve a wedding cake that is completely unforgettable. 

Whimsical Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements can be considered one of the most integral aspects of your wedding decor. When it comes to telling the story of your wedding day, flowers play a huge role. 

Each flower is connected to a specific symbolic meaning, therefore, having ones that reflect your love story and theme are important. 

When following an emerald-green and gold color theme, consider matching white and yellow roses with tons of green foliage and leaves to create a breathtaking display. 

Here, you can even use gold pine cones and tinsel to add an enchanted feel to your wedding. 

Moreover, baby breath, daisies, olive leaves, and wildflowers are also great for creating a royal floral enchanted look to your bouquets. 


This season, make the most out of the deep, jewel-tone colors of emerald green and gold.

Whether you’re planning your big day to take place alongside an evergreen forest, a hillside vinegar, or a classic church wedding – sparkles of gold and emerald compliment a range of seasons, ambiances, and settings. 

When it comes to the table setting, you can opt for a white table cover with emerald green napkins and table runners to make the rich colors stand out. This creates a more fascinating and captivating appearance. 

Minimal geometric designs and gold-hued centerpieces contribute a particular essence to your table decor. For some regal perfection, consider laying the tables with metallic gold cutlery and tableware. 

Emerald Green And Gold Accessories

There are several different ways bridges can incorporate emerald green into their wedding outfits. Whether you go for geode crystal,  a pair of rich emerald heels, or jewelry, there are tons of ways to add these organic colors to your wedding day.

One of the benefits of these colors is that they will perfectly highlight your bridal silhouette through gold hues and glimmering tones. 

To keep the continuous theme, consider pairing your wedding dress with touches of emerald and gold stones and crystals to match the theme of your big day. 

Emerald Green And Gold Toasting Flutes 

Toasting flutes are the best way to commemorate your wedding day. Plus, the perfect way to remember the day forever is to get custom-made flutes. 

If you are looking to stay on theme, keep your flutes fashionable and sophisticated with green and gold splashes. Not only do these look amazing but you can keep them forever, too. 

Looking to go one step further? Consider adding both the bride and groom’s names onto each flute. These make for the perfect addition to your home together as a married couple. 

That being said, you can also purchase plain gold and emerald green flutes for your guests to hold and drink from during your wedding reception. 

Nonetheless, these glasses are a great addition to your emerald-green and gold wedding theme. 

To keep the theme harmonious, consider matching your toasting flutes with your cake serving equipment – it is the small details like this that make a huge difference. 

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to your big wedding day, you want everything to be just right, and one of the biggest factors contributing to this is the color theme. 

Whether you decide to go all out, colorful, or keep it traditional, having a harmonious theme truly makes a difference. 

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some emerald-green and gold inspiration for your wedding day. 


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