25 Best Fall Wedding Colors (Stunning Palettes & Trends)

Everyone loves autumn. The weather starts cooling down, the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air and new colors start popping up everywhere in nature. There’s something so cozy and comforting about this time of year, so it makes sense that many people love the idea of a fall wedding. 

Fall weddings offer a wonderful opportunity to incorporate the beautiful colors of the season into your wedding palette. From warm earth tones to rich jewel tones, there are countless options to create a stunning and unique fall wedding color scheme.

And while autumn is a great time to get married, finding a way to put your own unique spin on the season can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best fall wedding colors schemes to choose from so that you can find something that feels right for your special day. 

Incorporating Colors into Your Wedding

Before we start, it’s important to know how and where to incorporate colors into your wedding. Here are some great places to start: 

  • Save-the-dates
  • Invitations
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Clothing for groom and groomsmen
  • Floral arrangements
  • Centerpieces
  • Table linens
  • Cake and other foods
  • Dishes and silverware
  • Nametags
  • Menus

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1. Autumn in the Midwest

This color palette encompasses the colors that we most associate with the fall season  — burnt orange, burgundy and rose all make an appearance. Trading in vibrancy and brightness for a more muted look, this color scheme is perfect for those who would love an autumn wedding but don’t want to narrow down the colors. 

2. Rosey Sunset

A combination of cream, tan and burgundy hues, this irresistible color palette is perfect for the fall season. This color scheme is great if you don’t want to do all of the classic fall colors, but it has enough to feel truly autumnal. Plus, with the combination of cream and burgundy, the floral options are very exciting. This is the perfect palette for any wedding, especially an outdoor autumn wedding at sunset. 

3. Vintage Amber

Unlike many other autumn-themed color palettes, this scheme pairs a deep amber yellow with more earthy tones to create a rustic look that feels bright but also very autumnal. Using amber as a key color is great because so many wedding essentials, from candles to glasses, are available in this gorgeous color. Add a little brightness to your wedding color scheme with a vintage amber. 

4. Cornflower Blue

wedding table with dark blue tablecloth, cutlery, glasses and napkin

A light, dusty cornflower blue is a unique choice among the many autumn hues. A mix of different shades of light blue and gray, this color palette is perfect for a wedding in early fall. What better way to nod back to spring and summer than with a touch of blue? Despite its uniqueness, cornflower blue is expected to be very popular for weddings this year and moving forward! 

5. Terracotta

This gorgeous color palette has the perfect mix of reds and browns to complement the changing colors of fall. Complete with orange-reds and rusty browns, this color scheme feels like a nod to the colors of the American southwest. The colors in the scheme all look great with white, which is perfect for the wedding dress, table linens and anything else that may be white. Each of the colors pop and add something different to the palette. 

6. Emerald

If you’re interested in having an outdoor wedding this fall, then it’s important to consider how your color scheme will match your surroundings. What better way to honor the great outdoors than with this emerald-themed color palette? A perfect mix of pink and green, this jewel-toned color scheme is a more dramatic choice than others. The contrast between the hues truly pops, making this a great and memorable option for anyone interested in a fall wedding! 

7. Lavender and Gray

If you love the idea of an autumn wedding but don’t want to do the typical color scheme, consider going for this gorgeous lavender and gray color palette. Complete with bouquets of lavender and purple roses, this color scheme is a great, non-traditional option. Plus, lavender and green work well together, so the decor will go seamlessly with an outdoor venue. If you’re looking for a color palette that feels classic but still stands out among the crowd, look no further! 

8. Pumpkin Orange

When it comes to autumn weddings, what better way to honor the season than with its most famous product? Pumpkins! This bright, vibrant orange pairs seamlessly with other festive fall colors like red, beige and taupe. This color scheme is perfect for a rustic-themed wedding and great for incorporating real pumpkins into the decor. If you’ve always dreamed of having an autumn wedding outdoors, then this might be the perfect palette! 

9. Mustard Yellow, Burgundy and Green

If you have always dreamed of an autumn wedding but feel like there’s too much orange and red in the modern decor, this mustard yellow-inspired color palette might be the perfect choice for you. Often overlooked, this bold, bright shade of yellow finally gets a chance to shine with this color scheme. Plus, the combination of yellow, burgundy and green makes the floral bouquets and centerpieces feel and look both effortless and unique! 

10. Mauve and Plum

If you’ve always had a flair for the more dramatic things in life, consider going with this gorgeous and moody color palette, complete with deep purples and complex greens. To mix things up, each of the bridesmaids’ dresses can be different shades of purple. Plus, this palette allows you to lean into the dramatic theme. Wholly original and completely its own, this unique color scheme will not soon be forgotten! 

11. Warm Earth Tones

If you’re into more muted tones than bright ones, then consider this gorgeous earth-tone color palette. A mixture of copper, olive, sage, tan and green, this palette is perfect for an outdoor wedding in the autumn. It has just the right amount of earthiness to feel rustic while still feeling fresh. Plus, with the addition of copper, you can incorporate metallic centerpieces!

12. Warm Taupe

Another scheme with earthy tones, this warm taupe color palette is perfect for those who favor more simplistic designs over others. With just three different shades to draw inspiration from, this color palette has an exact direction, making it easy to organize around. Plus, white goes great with taupe, which is a great way to incorporate the wedding dress and white flowers into the decor! 

13. Charcoal

A departure from the normally bright, vibrant colors associated with fall, this charcoal-inspired color palette could be the perfect choice for a couple looking to shake things up. Paired with a light green and soft blue, the charcoal pops. It’s both reminiscent and unique. If you love the idea of incorporating charcoal shades into your wedding color scheme but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect color palette for you! 

14. Champagne and Wine

Aptly named after two drinks typically served at weddings, this color palette is perfect for any couple looking to incorporate crimson and other deep reds into their special day. Florals can be red with a touch of purple and pink, creating a beautiful scheme that looks great with greenery. This color palette would work perfectly for any outdoor wedding and will stun no matter what! 

15. Orange and Pink

A unique and unexpected combination, this color palette encompasses a spectrum of orange and pink that truly stands out among the crowd. Incorporating both rust and terracotta-like shades, the floral options within this color scheme are breathtaking, as are the bridesmaids’ dresses. Plus, since the colors blend well with the season, they’re perfect for an outdoor ceremony!

16. Dark Teal

With just the right amount of brightness and vibrance, this color palette would be perfect for an early-autumn wedding. The combination of the bright orange and strong teal makes it seem like summer is breathing its last breath before lovely autumn finally takes over. If you’ve always dreamed of a September wedding, this could be the perfect color scheme for your special day! 

17. Purple and Ivory

Despite the color not appearing very much in autumn, deep, dark purple hues have long been associated with the fall season. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate this gorgeous color into your wedding day, consider using this purple and ivory color palette. The green in the floral bouquets goes beautifully with the rich purples accented by the off-whites. If you’ve been looking for a color scheme that’s simple yet elegant, this could be the one for you! 

18. Black and Boho

If you’re looking for a wedding color scheme that accents your hippie, bohemian side, then consider this dramatic color palette. A seamless combination of black, orange, brown and green, this unexpected combination yields truly stunning results. Plus, it allows the groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids to wear black, and who doesn’t look great in black? Truly unique and all its own, this color palette could be just for you! 

19. Slate Blue and Burgundy

Yet another incorporation of blue, this color palette pairs soft slate blue with strong burgundy. Despite the steep contrast between these two shades, they blend seamlessly. Plus, using slate blue allows you to play around with different shades of light blue, which comes in handy when designing floral arrangements and centerpieces. If you’re looking for a unique color scheme that feels timeless, look no further than this gorgeous combination. 

20. Maroon, Forest Green and Gray

With the incorporation of maroon and green, this color palette is the perfect choice for an outdoor ceremony, blending in flawlessly with the surroundings. Though maroon and burgundy are becoming incredibly popular wedding colors, the inclusion of green, gray and even dusty lavender help to differentiate this color scheme from the rest of the pack. If you’re looking for a trendy color palette with its own voice, look no further  — you’ve found it! 

21. Plum, Lilac and Navy

Trading traditional fall colors entirely for various shades of purple and blue, this color palette is a great way to put your stamp on autumn wedding color trends. Seamless yet completely unexpected, this could be the perfect color scheme for your special day. Plus, the inclusion of navy makes finding clothing for the groom and groomsmen much easier. If you’ve always loved purple, this is the perfect color palette to get you started! 

22. Burgundy and Gray

There’s something so classic about this simple and gorgeous color palette. With just burgundy and gray, this scheme’s colors blend together perfectly and naturally. If you find most wedding color palettes busy and overwhelming, then this is the perfect color palette for you. Simplify the decorations for your special day with this timeless scheme! 

23. Forest Green

If you’ve always loved the outdoors, consider using your special day to express it. This forest green color palette has the right amount of whimsy. Plus, with dark green hues, plants and forestry can easily be incorporated into the decor. And what better color palette to use when planning an outdoor wedding? Simply put, this color scheme is perfection! 

24. Vintage Orange

Even though it’s the quintessential autumn color, orange doesn’t always get featured in fall weddings. However, this color palette brings this oft-ignored hue to the front of the line, bringing gorgeous results. There’s something about these orange and brown shades that feel so rustic, homey and warm. While this color palette could work anytime in the fall, we see this working best at an October wedding. 

25. Dusty Orange and Gray

Highlighting orange once again, this color palette could not be more autumnal. With the inclusion of gray, we see this color palette working perfectly in October or November. These colors would work very well at a rustic outdoor ceremony and the floral arrangements are divine. Plus, using these colors opens the door for incorporating wood into the decorations, adding a homeyness that every outdoor wedding needs.

Final Thoughts on Fall Wedding Colors

When it comes to autumn, many people only think of a few different colors. However, as you can see, it’s possible to incorporate any color you’d like. You can play with mixing and matching your own color palettes here. Whatever you decide, your fall wedding will be unforgettable! 

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