6 of the Best Reggaeton Wedding Entrance Songs

Nothing sets the mood for creating unforgettable memories like music. And there’s no better time to write memorable stories than a celebration of love and joy- a wedding. 

If you are getting married, or you know a friend that is, then you must want something more than the traditional wedding processions’ charm to add to yours or their special day. Enter the reggaeton music genre – considered to be one of the most common styles of music in the predominantly Spanish-speaking Caribbean. 

If you’d like more info about the top reggaeton songs of all time for the perfect wedding entrance, sure to leave your guests in awe, read on. 

Reggaeton is also known as reguetón and combines the reggae and dancehall musical styles of Jamaica with the bomba and plena rhythms of Latin America and hip-hop. Additionally, the music is mixed with rapping, usually in Spanish. 

Reggaeton has offered the Hispanic youth a musical style they can identify with, beginning with those from Panama and Puerto Rico. Now, the Latin American and Central American audiences and the larger Latino community in the United States are influenced by this genre.

Whether you are new to reggaeton music or you are a long-standing fan with your wedding around the corner, we suggest you use this list of the best reggaeton wedding entrance songs of all time! 

Top Reggaeton Songs for the Perfect Wedding

You also don’t want to miss these other popular wedding songs for the ultimate play list on your big day:

1. “Despacito” By Daddy Yankee Ft. Luis Fonsi 

Lyrics you’ll love: 


Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito(I want to breathe your neck slowly)

Deja que te diga cosas al oído(Let me tell you things in my ear)

Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo(So that you remember if you are not with me)


Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito(I want to undress you with kisses slowly)

Firmar las paredes de tu laberinto(Sign the walls of your maze)”

There’s no need to introduce this song. When “Despacito” debuted in 2017, it swept the globe and still enjoys enduring popularity. This reggaeton song makes for the perfect wedding entrance song if you and your spouse are not shy and ready to get your flirt on! 

2. “ADMV” By Maluma

Lyrics you would love: 

“Cuando los años nos pesen(When the years weigh us down)

Y las piernas no caminen(And the legs do not walk)

Los ojos se nos cierren(our eyes closed)

Y la piel ya no se estire(And the skin no longer stretches)

Cuando lo único que pese(When the only thing that weighs)

Sea lo que hicimos en vida(be what we did in life)

Y aunque nada de esto pase, woh-oh(And even if none of this happens, woh-oh)

Eres el amor de mi vida, woh-oh-oh-oh(You are the love of my life, woh-oh-oh-oh)”

Maluma sings heartfelt lyrics about a committed love in the song “ADMV,” which stands for “Amor de Mi Vida” (Love of My Life). If you and your partner are planning a romantic entrance, like your spouse carrying you in bridal style, this would be the perfect reggaeton song. 

3. “Mi Gente” By J. Balvin Ft. Willy William

Lyrics you’ll love: 

“Hago música que entretiene(I make music that entertains)

Mi música los tiene fuerte bailando y se baila así (let’s go)(My music has them dancing hard and they dance like that; let’s go)

Estamo’ rompiendo la discoteca(We are breaking the disco)

La fiesta no para, apenas comienza(The party doesn’t stop, it’s just beginning)

(¡Eh!) C’est comme ci (¡eh!), c’est comme ça

(Hey!) Ma chérie, la-la-la-la-la”

One of the best dance tunes we’ve heard is “Mi Gente,” another Latin Grammy winner! This is a reggaeton song that is ideal for any wedding entrance since it “compels” you to move your body. And to top it off, people will dance along. Irrespective of their age or musical taste, everyone will want to dance to the Latin Grammy-winning tune! So go ahead and add it to your wedding playlist. 

4. “Chantaje” By Shakira Ft. Maluma

Lyrics you’ll love: 

“Cómo tú me tientas cuando tú te mueves(how you tempt me when you move)

Esos movimientos sexy siempre me entretienen(Those sexy moves always entertain me)

Sabe’ manipularme bien con tu cadera(He knows how to manipulate me well with your hip)

No sé por qué me tienes en lista de espera(I don’t know why you have me on the waiting list)”

Maluma and Shakira collaborate on yet another current reggaeton song. “Chantaje” is a well-liked song for weddings and other special occasions just because of the lyrics! 

The lyrics of this particular reggaeton song will get you and your partner in the mood! You both would definitely get your groove on as you enter the reception. This reggaeton song is also ideal for getting your guests up and dancing during your event. 

5. “Si Estuviésemos Juntos” By Bad Bunny 

Lyrics you’ll love: 

“Todavía yo te espero(I still wait for you)

Aunque yo sé que tú no vas a volver(Although I know that you are not coming back)

Todavía yo te quiero(I still love you)

Aunque yo sé que eso me puede joder(Although I know that this can screw me)

Y tengo tu foto guarda'(And I have your photo saved)

Tú y yo bailando cuando éramo’ menore’ de edad(You and I dancing when we were underage)”

In the song “Si Estuviésemos Juntos,” Bad Bunny speaks about the idea of getting back together with a past love interest over a lovely piano melody (with a faint trace of urban beats). This is the ideal blend of” “slow and romantic” and “upbeat and groovy.” That makes this reggaeton song an excellent pick for the perfect wedding entrance. 

6. “Bàilame” By Nacho 

Lyrics you’ll love: 

“Imaginar que nuestros cuerpos están sintiéndose(Imagine that our bodies are feeling)

Al ritmo de la música jugando y conociéndose(To the rhythm of the music playing and getting to know each other)

Bailando, fusionándose, el fuego va prendiéndose oh-oh(Dancing, merging, the fire is igniting oh-oh)

Quiero bailar contigo esta canción(I want to dance with you this song)

Con el volumen al máximo (el volumen al máximo)(With the volume up, the volume up)”

“Bailame” by Nacho is a perfect alternative if you’re looking for something a little less typical. This upbeat, energetic song will draw in visitors and lure them to get up from their chairs and dance along with you and your spouse during your wedding entrance. 


If you’ve read this far and have a few questions about reggaeton songs, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help satisfy your curiosity. 

Who Invented Reggaeton? 

The name “reggaeton” is credited by many to the Puerto Rican DJ and record producer DJ Nelson. Puerto Rican DJ and record producer DJ Nelson accidentally coined the phrase “reggaeton” in 1995 while working on his solo CD. Reggae Maratón, Vol.1 was the first title of that mixtape.
It possessed every element of modern Reggaeton, including rap-styled lyrics, 808 rhythm beats, tropical-flavored timbales, and a pumping dance sense. He was discussing “Reggae Maratón” with one of his coworkers when the word suddenly appeared. Unintentionally, DJ Nelson combined two words to say, “Reggaeton!” Finally, his mixtape was given the title Reggaeton Live, Vol. 1. The origins of the genre can be found during the construction of the Panama Canal, which employed Jamaican labor.

What Is The Name Of The Beat That Most Reggaeton Songs Have? 

The distinctive rhythm that defines Reggaeton is “Dem Bow.” The name is a play on the dancehall song’s title from the early 1990s that helped make the beat popular.

Are Reggae And Reggaeton The Same? 

Although the reggaeton music genre has songs that mix with the musical styles of Jamaica, reggae is different. 
Reggae is a distinctive genre of rock music that has its roots in Jamaica. The traditional rock lineup, easy chord progressions, repetitive verses and choruses, and references to “Rastafari” are all characteristics of this style, which originates in several different musical genres.

Final Thoughts on Best Reggaeton Wedding Entrance Songs

Finally, we have reached a conclusion after journeying through the vast world of Reggaeton in search of the perfect song for a wedding entrance. From the romantic and sexy strings of “Despacito,” to the vibrant and energetic Bàilame,“, it is clear that reggaton has a myriad of versatile and captivating songs sure to create a memorable atmosphere.  

We’ve successfully compiled a few of the most popular picks at wedding ceremonies and couples’ favorite reggaeton songs of all time for their entrances; some are so good they even double as songs for first dances! 

Once you’ve finished reading through, you and your future partner can easily select any of them as your top pick, send them over to the DJ or band that will be playing at your wedding, and have a soundtrack that will always remind you of the unmatched joy and love from your wedding day.

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