11 Sam Smith Wedding Songs Perfect For Your Special Day

Singer-songwriter Sam Smith has some of the greatest love songs. Here’s our top 11 Sam Smith wedding songs that can be played in your special day.

Who is Sam Smith?

Sam Smith is not just for break-ups; they’re wedding-worthy!

Their debut album “In The Lonely Hour” in 2012 cast the English singer-songwriter into the spotlight, with powerful heart-break ballads dominating charts and earning them four Grammy Awards.

In their latest album, they explored their sexuality and showed how love knows no boundaries. 

For your wedding, it would be a miss not to have the vocals of Sam Smith in it. Whether it’s walking down the aisle, dancing to your first dance, or throwing some moves on the dance floor, we got you covered with our trusted list of these 11 Sam Smith songs for your wedding. 

Sam Smith Wedding Songs

Here are our other top wedding songs for the ultimate play list on your big day:

1. In the Lonely Hour

Lyrics: I need someone that I’ll look to/ In the lonely hour that we all go through/ To give me comfort and love me through/ In the lonely hour I need you

The song named Sam Smith’s first album is a raw, love confession to their partner. We love the soft melody and interlude, making this an ideal song to walk down the aisle with (we can already imagine the tears)!

In the exchanges of vows, we have a feeling that your heart would be filled with gratitude and love as you choose your forever partner to be there in even the loneliest of hours. 

2. Stay With Me

Lyrics: Oh, won’t you stay with me?/’Cause you’re all I need

The song that earned Sam Smith’s 4th Grammy for Record of the Year is well worth the attention. While the song may lean on the sadder side of the spectrum, we love the choir and theatrical emphasis of asking for your reciprocated love (cue the “I dos!”)

3. Who We Love

Lyrics: Footprints along the sand/ Whispers of sweet romance/ Sound of a wedding band/ Holding hands in the street

A song with Love lyricist master Ed Sheeran can do no wrong. The song paints many imagery of love, with a nod to the wedding in the lyrics. 

Fresh from his newest album Gloria, this love ballad is a breath of fresh air for Sam Smith who continues to explore their sexuality. In a world where we love who we love, this song feels like a warm hug and gives us that reassurance. 

4. Latch

Lyrics: I feel we’re close enough/ I wanna lock in your love/ I think we’re close enough/ Could I lock in your love, baby?

Lock in your love? Say no more. 

This pop ballad makes for a great dance number for your wedding night. However, if you want to make this your first dance, you can! There is an acoustic version of the song that makes it nice and slow to dance to. 

5. To Die For

Lyrics: I long for you/ Just a touch Of your hand/ You don’t leave my mind

Til death due us apart, Sam Smith said. 

While this is another melancholy song by Sam Smith, there’s a yearning for a loved one that is beautifully transcribed in the lyrics. 

We imagine the newlyweds singing the song to each other as they vow to be there through sickness and health.

6. Like I Can

Lyrics: When mine is the heart and the salt of the soul/ There may be lovers who hold out their hands, but/ They’ll never love you like I can

This song has a beat that is made for the wedding dance floor. We love the lyrics for this one because it feels like an anthem both parties are singing to each other that reaffirms the love the two have for one another to be the most genuine and worthy of all.

7. Life Support

Lyrics: I built this bed for me and you/ Can’t you see that I am yours?/ So will you be my life support?

A wedding is a celebration of a marriage between two people and the building of a life together, and we love how the song celebrates it. 

With “life support” in the lyrics, it again draws in the commitment to one another to be there through the good and bad. 

8. My Oasis

Lyrics: Oh, babe, I really need you/ My feelings getting deeper / My mind is in a free fall

Know the saying “I’m a sucker for you”? This song loosely translates to that but with the Sam Smith way. 

“My oasis” translates to a peaceful area in our everyday lives and calling your loved one “my oasis” is a high compliment that would surely make anybody smile especially on their wedding day.

9. Say It First

Lyrics: Come on baby, say it first/ I need to hear you, say those words/ If I’m all that you desire, I promise there’ll be fire

This soft song with a gentle pull of a love confession will surely bring you back to memory lane to see who said “I love you” first. 

This song makes for a perfect slow dance accompaniment, and we’re certain both of you will be mouthing “I love you”s the entire time. 

10. HIM

 Lyrics: Say I shouldn’t be here but I can’t give up his touch/ It is him I love, it is him

By explicitly calling out religion and critics, Sam Smith makes their sexuality well known in this powerful song. 

The repetition of “It is him I love” is the declaration of love that becomes a marching anthem for Sam Smith as the song progresses. Combined with the battlefield-like instrumental, we are immersed in the emotions of what it’s like to be in a forbidden love.

For those who had to fight for their love, we feel this song pays tribute to those battles. 

11. Baby, You Make Me Crazy

Lyrics: Baby, you make me crazy/ Why’d you have to fill my heart with sorrow?/ Save me, make it all hazy

Lovesick, anybody?

In this light song, Sam Smith captures the emotion of lovesickness all in one go. We imagine you serenading this song to your loved one at the wedding to show how much you love that person. 

But just like in Sam Smith fashion, you’d be singing with a choir (to prove your love, of course)!

In Sum

We hope you consider Sam Smith in your wedding with these songs! We love Sam Smith and know that wherever their vocals are, musical joy is bound to happen.

So if it’s in your walk down the aisle, your first dance, or just a dance number, we hope a song or two by Sam Smith makes the appearance on your big day.


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Are Sam Smith’s songs appropriate for the wedding?

After reading through our song selection, we hoped you changed your mind! While some songs surround the topic of heartbreak, Sam Smith has a plethora of songs that radiate the feeling of love and belonging. 

Plus, Sam Smith has bops that are perfect for the dance floor!

Where can I use Sam Smith’s songs at my weddings?

There are a few ways Sam Smith’s songs can be used. Slow-paced songs like “In the Lonely Hour” are great for using for your first dance or waltz, while more fast paced songs with a tempo like “Baby, You Make Me Crazy” call for all guests to be on the floor.

Sam Smith tends to make acoustic versions of most of his songs so if you need to swap any studio version, there is likely an acoustic version to exist.

Can Sam Smith sing at my wedding?

According to this article by the Toronto Sun, in 2021, Sam Smith sang “Stay With Me” at a wedding for a whopping $340,000.

While we love Sam Smith, we’re not sure we can all dish out that money!

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