20 Gorgeous Lesbian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Looking for the most beautiful & unique lesbian wedding decoration ideas?

Wait until you see the ones I picked out for you!

With everything from small touches to stunning centerpieces, you’ll find just what you need to make your dream wedding a reality!

Let’s get this wedding planned, shall we?

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Looking for the most beautiful & unique lesbian wedding decoration ideas? Take a look at these 20 for both the ceremony & the reception!

Lesbian Wedding Decoration Ideas

I’ll make it easy to find just the right Mrs & Mrs wedding ideas by breaking this into two sections: ceremony decor & reception ideas.

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Okay, now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s check out my favorite outstanding wedding decorations!

Lesbian Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Looking for the most beautiful & unique lesbian wedding decoration ideas? Take a look at these 10 for the ceremony!

Let’s start with the main event, your actual wedding ceremony!

Decoration ideas for the ceremony range from over-the-top arches & floral displays to tiny touches that make the day extra special.

Lesbian Wedding Decoration Ideas for the Ceremony

The first five ideas are beautiful ways to incorporate the rainbow symbol into your wedding.

If rainbows aren’t your thing, though, I’ve included some other ideas that symbolize love.

Rainbow Ideas for Your Ceremony

Try just one for a subtle effect or go all-out with a full rainbow wedding and do them all!

1. Rainbow Seats for Your Guests


I absolutely love the idea of turning your seating into a sea of color!

It makes a huge impact as your guests arrive yet takes on a subtler approach once they’re all seated.

You can either rent chairs or DIY it with dining chair seat covers or even just by wrapping the seats in fabric.

2. Rainbow Wedding Party


Your wedding party becomes part of the decor with this idea!

Assign each member a different color of the rainbow for their dress or suit.

At the ceremony, line them up “ROY G BIV” style, with red on the outside and violet ending up right next to each of you (or vice-versa).

Don’t have that many people in your wedding party? That’s fine! Split the rainbow up, with you and your Mrs. in the center.

DorisWedding has some beautiful dresses in all colors that are totally affordable. The one below comes in every color imaginable!

Queen Anne Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Ruching

3. Rainbow Candles for the Aisle

If you’re looking for something a little subtler, try lining the aisles with flameless rainbow candles.

You could go with real candles, too (I’ve seen it done), but I’d be afraid of setting the wedding party on fire!

4. Rainbow Bouquet for the Brides


How gorgeous is that rainbow bouquet? This is another great idea that you can either buy from a local florist or just DIY.

If it’s a little too bright for you, achieve the same effect with subtler pastel colors.

5. Rainbow Lanterns

Rainbow paper lanterns make super inexpensive lesbian wedding decoration ideas.

Add LED tealights inside for a nighttime wedding, or just hang them from the trees for a daytime ceremony.

Non-Rainbow Lesbian Wedding Decoration Ideas

If rainbows just aren’t your thing, try these ideas!

6. Tulip Bouquet


Tulips symbolize “perfect love,” which makes them fantastic hers and hers wedding ideas!

Go small with a tulip bouquet or all out with a tulip arch (just a head’s up, that’ll get pretty expensive!).

7. Orchid Wedding Arch


Orchids are another great flower choice for your wedding! They symbolize beauty, love and strength.

While a tulip arch can be a little overpowering and expensive, orchids are just right for it.

8. Choose a seat not a side…

A popular decor idea for the ceremony, this sign reads “Choose a seat not a side, we’re all family once the knot is tied.”

If you don’t love the one above, check out dozens more options here.

9. Dove Trees


You kind of have to bear with me on this one because I can’t find a picture that adequately shows what I’m thinking, but the one above is close.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, try decorating trees with white dove garland.

While most people think of them in terms of religious symbols, they’re actually a sacred animal of the love goddess Aphrodite.

You could also release doves at the end of the ceremony, but I’m not a big fan of that because it just seems kind of mean to the bird.

10. Seashell wedding decor


Another symbol of Venus/Aphrodite, seashells symbolize “protective love,” and make beautiful wedding decorations.

Use them in your bouquets, wedding arches and more.

If you’re landlocked and can’t get the real thing from a beach near you, this is a fantastic assortment.

Reception Decorations for your Hers & Hers Wedding

Looking for the most beautiful & unique lesbian wedding decoration ideas? Take a look at these ideas for the reception!

Let’s head to the reception, my favorite part!

Don’t get me wrong, the ceremony is beautiful and all, but you can really go all out with reception decorations!

We’ll break this up into two sections: general decor and then some great centerpieces.

11.Rainbow Macaroons


You could go all out with a rainbow wedding cake, but if you prefer a subtler idea I love these macaroons!

Side note, I just learned the difference between macarons and macaroons. The above are actually the latter.

12. Wedding Wish Jar

I love this alternative to a guest book! Ask your guests to write down their wish for you.

Then, after the honeymoon, you and your Mrs. can sit down together and read them all!

13. Rainbow Cake Jars


These make fabulous DIY wedding favors as well as great table decor! Check out this tutorial to make your own.

14. Rainbow Tablescapes


Another idea that can be as subtle or fancy as you want, rainbow tablescapes look beautiful at your reception.

Use inexpensive bud vases and fill them with water, then drop in some food coloring for a DIY decor idea that won’t bust your budget.

15. Rainbow Smoke Grenades


At the end of the reception, let your guests give you a beautiful sendoff with these fun rainbow smoke grenades!

I have an irrational fear of sparklers, so I really love these as alternatives to the “burning sticks of fiery doom.” Told you it was irrational.

Lesbian Wedding Decorations: Centerpieces

Looking for the most beautiful lesbian wedding decorations centerpieces? Check out a few of my favorites!

As the name implies, centerpieces take center stage on your tables so they really need to shine!

Don’t worry, though! That doesn’t mean they have to be expensive or over-the-top! Check out a mix of ideas below.

16. Rainbow Roses


For major wow factor, try rainbow roses as your centerpiece. A single one in a bud vase is just as gorgeous as a bouquet of them at each table.

If you can’t find a florist in your area that has them and don’t feel like you can DIY them, you can buy artificial versions on Amazon.

17. Maple Leaf Centerpiece


If you’re planning a fall wedding and aren’t really into the rainbow theme, maple leafs make beautiful centerpieces.

Did you know that they’re a symbol of love? True story!

18. Cakes as a Centerpiece


When I was looking at hers and hers wedding ideas, I came across so many cute wedding cakes that I thought it was sad you had to pick just one.

But wait, do you? Why not have multiple smaller cakes and use them as centerpieces?

Either choose different flavors for the “guts” of the cake and decorate them all the same on the outside, or go eclectic with totally different cakes at each table.

You can pull the eclectic look together by using the same cake topper for each one. I like this one:

19. Fiber Optic Lights


Fiber optic color-changing lights are gorgeous centerpieces for a nighttime wedding outside.

Set them to change to all of the colors of the rainbow or just to your wedding colors.

20. Rainbow Mason Jars


You can take a couple of different approaches with rainbow mason jars.

For example:

  • Get plain jars and use rainbow tealights inside
  • Line them with tissue paper and use regular lights
  • Fill smaller ones with different colored water and tier them on a table

Basically, anything goes with this super inexpensive centerpiece idea!

I hope you found just what you were looking for with these lesbian wedding decoration ideas

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I also recommend checking out these hers and hers wedding ideas & tips for more suggestions to help with your planning!

What are your favorite lesbian wedding decoration ideas? Tell me below.

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