46 Outstanding Wedding Decoration Ideas for Every Wedding Style

garden wedding with outstanding wedding decorations and view

The glamor of your decor is what differentiates between a simple and a statement wedding. The right wedding decoration ideas can instantly elevate your big day to whole new levels.

Don’t worry, you don’t always have to spend a fortune to get fabulous results on decorations for your day. Below are some ideas- many of which are totally affordable- that can inspire you. My recommendation: choose one that really pops out at you, then plan the rest of your decor around that.

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46 Outstanding Wedding Decorations

1. A tree log vessel with a mix of flowers of different colors.

2. A beautiful walkway with theme colors in red and white. The decorations on the benches take the décor a notch higher.

3. A metallic guest book with amazing lighting and flowers. This is definitely one thing which you wouldn’t want to miss on your wedding day.

4. A metallic and rustic candle holder surrounded by simple but beautiful flowers.

5. Looking for an entrance in your outdoor wedding ceremony? Well, this is exactly what you need!

6.Beautiful and simple green flowers, lights that are creatively set and a clear welcome note.

7. A warm and well done table setting with a blend of different flowers of various colors.

8. A welcome note on a black and white board with green flowers. The picture of the bride s well is on the side and a guest book.

9. An altar of an outdoor set up of a wedding ceremony. The green flowers and the light holders add to the ambience of the wedding.

10. An indoor set up for a wedding ceremony. The round table at the center adds to the whole experience.

Credit: Amanda Adams Photography

11. Purple flowers and a big candle at the center of a table. The big glasses send a message of something good to drink.

Credit: B Floral

12. Awesome! The combination of white and pink flowers hanging beautifully is just amazing.

13. This is for a beach wedding ceremony. The flower petals on the ground matching the flowers hanging on the stands.

altar on the beach
Credit: In Tandem

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14. The yellow sunflowers on a bottle along the edges of the seats just make the ambience bright and beautiful.

15. Simple white and green flowers on a bottle.

16. This brings the “sea life” experience. The star fish and the wrapped glasses stand out.

Credit: ParadiseBridal via Etsy

17. A lovely photo-shooting site with a Cabro-pavement and two white wooden doors.

18. A lovely tabletop placed on two wine-fermenting drums outside a dark brown wooden house. It has wine jars and flowers on top.

19. A white, four-course wedding cake decorated with green leaves around it. It is placed on white flowers and green leaves.

20. A lovely set wedding reception hall laid with white table clothes, cutlery, and green tree branches.

21. Two wine-fermenting drums with bouquets of flowers on their tops.

22. An entrance to a white wedding reception hall fitted with white curtains.

Credit: Lacie Hansen

23. A photo-shooting stand fitted with green and white flowers overlooking a dam.

24. A floor decorated on the sides with glass boxes holding burning candles.

25. A green carpet with pink and purple flowers arranged to for a letter.

Credit: Sarah Kate

26. A couple taking wedding vows on a beach in front of a photo-shooting stand decorated with flowers and white sheets of clothes.

27. Sunflowers placed in blue glasses.

28. A green wooden door fixed in a wall and decorated with hanging bottles and frames containing writings. At the bottom are green leaves.

29. Glasses with burning candles put on top of a white table together with bouquets of purple and green flowers


30. A hall decorated everywhere with white sheets of clothing awaiting a bridal procession.

Credit: Bob & Dawn Davis photograph

31. Creative flowers holders

32. A glass full of fruits, notably the orange and apples.

33. Long tables with flowers at the centre.

34. A ranch wedding décor

35. All set for an outdoor wedding

36. Vintage lampstand holding a lit candle

37. A combination of green and pink, an amazing scene for photography.

38. White and green live flowers

39. Light up the night indeed! All is set!

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40. A wonderfully decorated indoors wedding setting

41. Simple ribbon décor on a chair

42. Wonderful, right?

Credit: Karen Tran

43. Yes, love is the air!

44. A simple but beautiful outdoor altar.

45. A church wedding décor

46. White is the main colour

groom carrying his bride in front of a post decorated with leaves

What are your favorite wedding decoration ideas? Can you share it with us?

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