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a rainbow rose makes a great gay wedding decor idea

When you’re planning your gay wedding decor, you have to decide which traditions you want to keep, and which ones you decide to leave behind. In their place, what would you rather have? If you want to add your own twist, or even add a little nod to your personal relationship throughout, that’s totally achievable.

Take a look at some of my favorite gay wedding decor ideas to get your own creativity flowing. Remember, they’re all customizable to suit your relationship – just use this for ideas.

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10 Gay Wedding Decor Ideas Every Couple Should Know About

From cute and quirky to elegant statement pieces, these gay wedding decors ideas should inspire you to get creative with your own big day!

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1. Fun signs

If you like a bit of whimsy, why not add it to your wedding day? I love cute signs, which add a little giggle to such an important day. Take this “Pick a seat, not a side, either way, it’s for a bride.” It’s fun, and also does an amazing job of bringing both families together.

You can also go for “Pick a seat, there’s plenty of room, either way, it’s for a groom.” Whatever you need, both are genius, to be honest. Etsy has some great gay wedding signs for LGBTQ couples.

2. Rainbow decor

It seems like all gay wedding decor ideas assume you want a riot of rainbows everywhere you look. If you do, great! If not, though, you can add them in random places. This is just a little celebration to your relationship and the LGBTQ community.

This rainbow cake is a great idea if you were thinking of incorporating the pride flag into your big day somehow. What do you think of this?

If you want something a little less subtle, check out this rainbow balloon arch.

P.S something like this can be a DIY project. Grab something like this rainbow arch kit. You don’t have to follow their guide, but it’ll give you all the balloons you need to create your own rainbow-inspired decor.

gay wedding decor rainbow balloons kit

3. The photo guestbook idea

Photo guestbooks are so cute – giving you instant pictures and memories, all from your guests. The personal touch is something you’ll look back on in years to come. Usually, they’re tailored to a bride and groom or are an empty notebook.

It’s super easy to make yourself in your favorite word or photo program. Or, just buy one already designed for you on Etsy.

4. The wedding toppers

Okay, you were probably expecting this one. LGBT couples have to get quite creative when it comes to wedding toppers.

Look at how personal these are – they actually look like the two brides, even down to the hairstyles. This also breaks down the myth that there’s a “feminine” and “masculine” character in every relationship. Perhaps both brides want to wear a dress and veil. Inclusivity – I love it.

Once again, I have to recommend Etsy as your go-to source for super cute gay wedding cake toppers. They have SO many cute ideas!

5. The vows

No more scribbling down your vows on paper – keep them safe forever. Read them whenever you want. Have them in a lovely notebook like this.

His vows and his vows, with names at the bottom. I’ve never really seen vow books before, ever, but I think they’re amazing. Much more sustainable than a piece of paper folded into our pockets, right?

6. Love wins

I don’t have to explain this phrase to you – love wins. It’s become synonymous with the LGBT movement – commemorating how love will always prevail, regardless of gender.

Adding something like this is a little nod to the struggles and the victories. It’s a simple human truth which is used to promote equality.

7. Sweet sentiments on your napkins (aka serviettes)

The wedding meal needs serviettes just to look nice and proper. There’s no reason why these have to plain.

Take a look at these sweet serviettes with “two grooms are better than one” printed on them. To be honest, these can be taken as a souvenir, too. Of course, you can have a “two brides are better than one” serviette, too.

8. The statement piece

There’s nothing subtle about this, and that’s the best thing. Imagine the photos you can get from these?

These actually look really refined in a rustic style wedding. It’s unconventional, but that’s what makes them so amazing.

9. The statement cake

Talking of statements, take a look at this cake. It incorporates the rainbow and is definitely something that will get a lot of attention.

Even in an upscale “refined” wedding, your cake is definitely where you can get a little crazy. P.S check out the LEGO grooms.

10. Little accents

Tiny little decor pieces, like these subtle rainbow favor cups, are really cute ideas. They’re the little things that people may need to second look, just to notice. Adding bits like that around is a really nice idea.

Take this garland as an example of this, too.

Well, I hope you gained a little bit of inspiration from this. I can’t wait to see how you use these gay wedding decor ideas in your own big day!

Looking for some amazing gay wedding decor? Get ready to feel inspiration strike! Take a look at some of our favorite ideas!

What are your favorite gay wedding decor ideas? Share below!

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