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You’ve got your something old, new and borrowed. Now check out 12 unique something blues for your wedding day!

If you are a bride or a soon-to-be-bride, you know all about “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”

The tradition of wearing or having something blue as part of your special day is fun but can be a little frustrating if you just aren’t sure how to incorporate this hue.

Thankfully there are all shades of blue that you can incorporate seamlessly into your wedding. If you are unsure of what your “something blue” will be, check out these 12 unique something blues that are sure to inspire you.

Unique Something Blues for Your Wedding

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1. A beautiful blue floral bouquet that is sure to wow your guests!

2. Sassy pastel blue heels that add some fashion under your dress.

3. Adding a cute message to the bottom of your shoes is a very subtle something blue. The best part? It doesn’t cost you a dime! Well, maybe except the cost of a blue Sharpie.

4. Go all out with a statement blue wedding dress! Seriously, there is no rule that says you absolutely must wear a white dress!

5. Baby blue Chucks. Talk about cute and comfortable. I love the idea of wearing bridal flats instead of heels!

6. A blue hair pin in whatever hue you prefer! This is one of my favorite something blues because you can keep it and pass it down to your future daughter (or daughter-in-law).

7. A sewn in patch for under your dress. I love this one because if anything ever happens to your dress (or you decide to repurpose it later), you can easily cut out the patch and still have a piece of it forever.

8. Custom cap sleeves with the faintest hint of blue. So elegant!

9. Jeweled clip-ons for your bridal shoes.

10. A simple headpiece that can be customized to use flowers too!

11. Beautiful wedding nails that are sure to stand out in photos.

12. A blue brooch bouquet that will last forever!


What was your something blue at your wedding? Do you have any favorite something blues from this list? Tell us about it!

Lusine Masuryan
Lusine Masuryan

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