14 Lesbian Winter Wedding Ideas To Warm Your Heart

Get ready for the best lesbian winter wedding ideas that will warm the hearts of all your guests!

Want to have your big day in Winter, but don’t want it to give your guests’ comfort the cold shoulder?

Or maybe you’re trying to plan out how to tread that fine line between looking romantically elegant and not turning blue?

Either way, we’re here to help!

From amazing lesbian wedding decorations to stunning winter wedding dresses, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our list of lesbian winter wedding ideas that celebrate not only your relationship, but all the wonder and beauty of the winter months.

Crack out your mugs of cocoa people, it’s about to get chilly!

Get ready for the best lesbian winter wedding ideas that will warm the hearts of all your guests! From amazing lesbian wedding decorations to stunning winter wedding dresses, we've got you covered!

Beautiful Lesbian Winter Wedding Ideas

We love a winter wedding!

How the snow makes everything so much more magical and makes you cozy up & feel the love!

How you can go with a winter wonderland theme or explore a rich, hearty decor…

And lesbian winter weddings always seem to be that much more stunning and heartwarming.

We wanted to inspire any of you winter wedding dreamers and show you just how amazing they can be for getting everyone to forget feeling the cold and start feeling the love.

So to help guide you towards your own version of personal winter perfection, we’ve trekked the snowy peaks of Pinterest, Instagram, and beyond to bring you the best lesbian winter wedding ideas.

They’re guaranteed to make your day a hot topic without letting in the chill! 

Get ready for the best lesbian winter wedding ideas that will warm the hearts of all your guests! From amazing lesbian wedding decorations to stunning winter wedding dresses, we've got you covered!

1. A little bit of bling.

Source: Pinterest

The matching fur and gorgeous snowy backdrop here is obviously fantastic (and having a white background with the white dresses just makes the looks of these lovebirds sing!),

But what we adore is the snowflake headpieces. Adding a little bit of wintery sparkle takes everything to the next level.

2. Reading between the lines.


There’s no shortage of spectacular lesbian wedding decorations out there to show off the season, but we also love a wedding that knows how to work the setting it’s in.

Going for a location that already speaks volumes about you can be a major help if you’re unsure of where to start with winter decor,

This couple took advantage of heading indoors and chose an incredible library to say “I do” in.

We just want to grab a book, snuggle down, and bask in that wintry sense of hush and magic.

3. Sweet and simple.

Sometimes something so simple can be so right!

We think this cake topper could be all you need to beautifully capture the love for your winter wedding cake, with its soft ivories and the icing that looks like fallen snow.

Match the rich chocolate colors with a rich chocolate cake and you’d take this sweet treat to the next level.

4. It’s all in the detail.

Source: Pinterest

We love how this classy pair seem so in sync even with the difference in attire, and that comes down to the details.

Notice how the low V cut of the suit ties in perfectly with the low V cut of the dress?

Which the fur doesn’t totally hide, but hides enough to add that touch of class. Love love LOVE.

5. A hidden rainbow.

Closed toe shows might need to be the case depending on how game you are to risk frozen footsies, but it can be a great opportunity for a sneaky splash of color and pride among all the white.

We are so down for this sole-stirring addition to an otherwise plain shoe, which your wedding party will only notice when you kick up your heels!

6. These brides who took to the hills.


Not being scared of the outdoors in winter can sometimes be a winner, and nature speaks for itself in this pic.

We don’t think the sky has ever looked so blue with all that white!

We are clearly all about going with the season for a fun shoe choice, and just look how cute the winter booties are.

The brides are ready to scale the heights of their relationship, and the neighboring mountains to boot!

7. This cake with a whole lot of heart.

Keen to include another dose of rainbow pride, but not wanting it to overpower your winter theme?

We think a cake like this strikes the balance beautifully. The sophisticated swirling white icing roses on the outside gives a decadent wintry feel.

You could emphasize it with some in-season flowers or a dusting of glitter,

The rainbow inside is an artful nod to the day’s celebration of two hearts becoming one.

8. Winter is the new black.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a black wedding cake but worried it would be too gloomy looking, this beauty will prove otherwise!

What we love in this winter wedding cake is the total wow factor of the glitz of gems against the black.

Goes to show you can still glam up a winter celebration, and black is an unexpected yet somehow perfect contrast to all that sparkle.

9. This down to earth wedding.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to go white – the earthy tones, the burnt oranges, the vibrant greens…

It’s still so warming and wintry, and yet a super inviting, unique pop of color.

Exactly what you’re after if you’re wanting to suit an equally unique couple.

10. Whether the weather whatever the leather


Going to the beach for a winter wedding might sound risky since it’s normally less than pleasant in the colder months, but just look at those blue and grey tones and stones!

If you’re stuck for dress ideas but know the perfect spot, taking inspiration from your winter surroundings can be a great place to start.

And rocking leathers certainly heats things up, and is a super cool change from the usual winter furs.

11. Sleigh gurl, sleigh!

You didn’t think we’d talk about our inspiring lesbian winter wedding ideas without having at least one Christmas wedding, did you?

We love how the burgundy winter theme is tied in simply through fun pieces like the sleigh.

The red bow wreaths also manage to be cheery while still staying subtle.

12. These bohemian beauties.


For a touch of boho, we couldn’t go past this couple. We love the fresh peachy theme, the luscious coat, and the lace detailing on the collar and sleeves.

Not to mention the hanging flower terrariums at the alter in the second pic.

The glass among the white captures even more light, adding to the winter sparkle.

The only thing shining brighter than the glass and the bronze is the newlyweds!

13. Naturally Beautiful

We can’t forget beautiful lesbian wedding decorations for winter, can we?

How much do you love the simple elegance of this tablescape that takes advantage of winter’s soft lighting and beautiful greenery?

It’s such a simple yet elegant look, and so easy to pull off on your own! Just pop some votive candles in tall glasses & tea lights in hanging glass baubles.

Keep the dinnerware simple with white or silver for a full-on winter wonderland effect.

14. That’s a wrap!

Staying warm without looking like you’re wearing a blanket is a winter wedding must!

Short of going with this couple’s idea for another chance to show off a bit of rainbow, we fully recommend going as far as making sure any chosen shawls match your color palette.

Deep blue bridesmaids dresses? Go for a shawl that has a hint of the same colour.

It’ll leave your guests wanting to grab their own shawl and cuddle in with a piping hot cup of mulled wine – which you could also match to the shawl with some rich reds.

It’s all thought out people!

These are just a few tips and tricks, there are so many lesbian winter weddings out there to get inspired by.

After looking at all these we’re definitely in the mood for a cheerful sit by a fire and a swapping of stories!

Do you have any lesbian winter wedding ideas of your own? Share below!

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