How to Pick Earrings to Compliment Your Wedding Dress – The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bridal Jewelry

You are planning your big day and need to know every last detail. You ‘ll need to pick out earrings to compliment your wedding dress. Then you must find the cutest shoes and decide how to wear your hair.

Your wedding apparel and accessories will convey your happiness, your personality and the love you share with your partner. 

All decisions should be made around your dress, including your earrings. And if you have multiple dresses for different moments throughout the day, like Priyanka Chopra when she married Nick Jonas, you may need to decide on numerous wedding day earrings. 

So let’s discover what bridal earrings are best with what dresses and your face shape to help make you shine. 


You typically want to purchase your dress a year before your wedding day. This will allow you to have it altered as needed. It gives you time for fittings when you obtain the accessories.

Once you obtain your dress, you will understand the style and neckline you will be working with on your big day. Then you can start thinking about how you want your hair and your jewelry. The neckline, hair and other jewelry will be vital in choosing your earrings. It is also crucial to know if you will be wearing a veil. You will begin by thinking about shoes and purses at this stage too, but they’re not crucial in picking your earrings. 

You want to aim to nail your choice down, but you can always swap out your earrings at the last minute if you change your mind, so don’t worry and have fun!

How to Choose Your Bridal Earrings?

Everything starts with knowing the styles available. First, you will need to research to get an idea of what kinds of earrings you like. You will want to know what metal works with the style you want to go with and put together a wishlist. 

If you are unfamiliar with bridal earrings, check out the list below. 

1. Stud Earrings 

You can wear studs in many ways: dainty and discreet or more significant and bold. If you go this route, you will be choosing an ultimate classic. They are always elegant, sophisticated and timeless by design. 

2. Teardrop Earrings

If you want to feature a pear-shaped design, do it with teardrop earrings. These, too, are a classic style. Wear a classic bun hairstyle and you will pull off an elegant look. 

3. Vine Earrings

If you are at an outdoor boho wedding, you should wear something to pull in the elements. You can find some jewelry depicting branches or foliage with tiny jewels. 

4. Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are ornate, glamorous and intricate. The highly decorative jewelry is perfect for the bride trying to make a statement.  

5. Dangle Earrings

Dangles feature a structure that moves gently as you move. They come in many styles and shapes, from traditional to modern. 

6. Drop Earrings

Drop styles contain an elongated design that is weightier on the bottom. Usually, these feature a gem connected to a chain or metallic post. 

7. Hoop Earrings

You probably already know these, but we need to include them. Hoops are typically large circular earrings. However, there are some non-circular hoops available, though they are less popular. Bridal hoops can also have flowers, gems or other designs for a more elaborate look. 

8. Huggie Earrings

Huggies are small circular earrings that clutch the ear rather than ride down low. They pair nicely with a broad range of dresses and hairstyles.  

9. Shoulder Duster Earrings

These adornments are extra-long and will brush your shoulders. A little extra caution is needed for this type of earring, since they can harm delicate wedding dress fabrics or get easily tangled in the hair.

Dress Necklines and Style

The style of the dress is a statement of your personality. It also provides you an opportunity to wow your partner and guests! You may want to order custom jewelry to provide a glowing look. You can contact jewelers to find an example of what you want. Browsing through jewelry and having pieces custom made can take time, though, so be sure to make sure they’ll be ready in time for the big day! 

If you desire wedding earrings to match the specific style and neckline of your dress, you will need to check out these items with similar characteristics. So if you have a vintage dress, wear vintage earrings from the same period. If you have a modern dress, you can select earrings with a contemporary but elegant style.

V-Neck Dress

A V-neck wedding dress will frame your neck. The focus of your jewelry is on your necklace. Pendants and chokers look fabulous with V-necks. 

Your earrings should be more understated. The perfect wedding earrings for a V-neck gown are simple studs or dangling. Test a few shapes and styles to observe which works best. 

Strapless Dress or Sweetheart Neckline

If you have beautiful shoulders you want to highlight, you will want to wear a smaller necklace. The strapless or off-the-shoulder gown helps you provide a gorgeous statement with the right earrings. Consider putting your hair up. Doing so will help balance the dress and complement larger earrings. 

Halter Dress

You want to wear minimalist jewelry when wearing an elegant halter-style wedding dress. Wear your hair up and off your neck and go with studs or small dangling earrings. If your halter is contemporary, you can also go with long but thin diamonds or delicate and long hoops.

You want more delicate items so there is no competition with the fabric at your neck. 

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Fabric Color

Specific colors of gown fabrics look better with different types of precious metals. If your gown is a creamy off-white, then classic gold is your best bet for your bridal earrings and other jewelry. If you have a pure white wedding dress, silver and platinum are the metals to go with it. 

The sky’s the limit if you have a unique dress with color. 

You can virtually wear any variety of metals depending on the dress. Something fun to think about if you’re a traditional girl is going for something blue. You can try a pair of sapphire earrings with your gown and tick that one off your list.

Your Style

It is essential to remember to provide your own style. Wedding day earrings allow you that opportunity. You must love these earrings and feel fabulous in them. We provided you with some guidelines to start with, but there are many styles you can choose from. Start by perusing earrings that are a fit for your dress. Try on the ones that pop out at you and get you excited about wearing them.

You will know best if the earrings you choose make you feel fabulous. If they do, bring them to your fitting. Try your options with your dress at the fitting and if the whole look makes you feel amazing, then go for it.

Make sure to bring a trusted friend along to the fitting. Someone that will be honest while at the same time listening to what you love. It is essential to feel great on your wedding day. 

Developing your wedding look from head to toe is a challenging task. Your dress calls for a particular hairstyle and your hairstyle calls for a specific type of bling.

Your Veil

Choosing a veil to match your dress can be a daunting task and it’s only fair to let it shine on your big day. When choosing earrings to wear, remember these two items are in close proximity. When combined with your makeup and hair accessories, you risk the chance of having the area above your neck look a little busy.  Settle on simpler earrings if you chose a statement veil and go for bolder earrings if your veil features a simple classic design.

Wedding Location

Try to consider the location you’ll be having your wedding at. If you plan for an outdoor experience such as a garden or beach wedding, remember it can get windy and earrings that feature a dangling design can easily get caught in your hair. To be on the safe side, reserve the dangling designs for indoor weddings and smaller earing like studs and teardrop earrings for outdoor events.

Your Comfort Level

Regardless of how much you like a pair of earrings, your wedding is not the place to start wearing heavy earrings. Ultimately, your comfort should come first when picking earrings as you’ll be wearing them for at least 7 hours. That’s a long time to haul around earrings you’re uncomfortable in.


When picking your earrings, try to envision how they look together with your earrings. If your wedding gown already has pearls and beading, you can settle for simple earrings that simply complete the look instead of competing for attention with the dress. If you chose a dress with a simpler design, you can opt for statement earrings to draw the eyes toward your face.

Now you might wonder what earrings go with what hairstyles. Check out the list below!

Classic Updos (Buns, Chignon and Ponytails)

Classic updos can encompass anything from the most elegant top bun to mid or lower updos and chignons to lustrous ponytails, both high and low. These definitive wedding hairdos pair well with what you’d expect: the classics. Think diamonds or pearls. 

Both genteel gems and earring creations are a favorite here. Choose timeless styles like classic studs, teardrop earrings or dainty dangle earrings to complement your classic updo. Classic studs like pearl studs complete a bun. They are infinitely more elegant than modern fashions. 

Boho Updos (Messy Buns, Braided Updos and Ponytails)

If you are determined to take on strong bohemian vibes, you will want extra tendrils and braids. With these looks, modern earrings are your best bet. A bohemian updo calls for more oversized jewelry. Unique gemstones beyond diamonds help with the boho vibe so you can present a more effortless appeal. 

For boho earrings, go long and make a statement, but ensure your oversized earrings don’t interfere with and potentially damage your delicate wedding dress. This is especially important if you wear a high neck, illusion neckline or boat neck dress with lace. 

Hair Down

For a timeless, cultivated look with your hair down, go for the statement stud, a classic drop or a dangle. These will work to your advantage and obtain a sleek, put-together, uncluttered look. The bonus is these styles are very relaxed and confident. 

However, if you opt for more delicate earring styles, you’ll want to ensure your earrings shimmer and sparkle from every angle. You don’t want your ear bling lost under your hair, so opt for the highest luster and sparkle. 

For a boho aesthetic, choose more ornate pieces. Ensure the earrings will stay intact. The more relentless your curls are, the more opportunities there are to get your hair tangled, so always test different pairs before making a decision. 

Half-Up Hairstyles

Half-up hairdos provide the best of both worlds. You’ve got cascading locks unraveling on your shoulders, yet the style allows you to bypass the hassle of a ‘can-get-messy-fast’ down hairstyle. You’ve got structure, but also freedom. If you make this choice, you’re lucky, as almost any earring styles work well with this hairstyle.

Side-Swept Hairstyles

A side hairstyle is all about highlighting a statement earring. Whether you opt for a side-swept braid, side bun or a side pony, you will focus on that particular ear and earring. So make it big, make it chic and make it count. Go out there and get all the attention with something elaborate. Ornate earrings are perfect for this hairstyle.

Fun Fact: According to Indian custom, the bride must wear at least 16 jewelry pieces on her wedding day, including a band, earrings, necklaces, toe rings, anklets, rings and bangles. The bangles must be worn unevenly to protect the wearer from bad luck.

The Right Bridal Earrings for your Face Shape

Your wedding day requires extra attention to detail. If you’re having trouble deciding on the right bridal earrings for the much-anticipated occasion, consider your face shape before making a final decision. While the tips and recommendations below are certainly not an exact science but rather general guidelines, certain styles look more flattering than others on different face shapes. 

Quick disclaimer: if you fancy those oversize pearl hoops or dream of glimmering in mesmerizing shoulder dusters, go with whatever calls your name rather than sticking to the rules. After all, your instincts and your tastes come first. 

Round Face Shape

Characteristics: Widest around the cheekbones, with minimal tapering towards the chin.

What Earrings to Wear: Opt for long drop earrings that elongate your face. Dangle styles are also a great option, with the most flattering type being linear or geometric ones that feature edges rather than disks. Shoulder dusters (extra-long earrings) and threaders also make great options. 

What to Avoid: Hoops and circular styles. If you’re going for studs (a flattering style for all face shapes), avoid extra-large pearls and opt for daintier types.

Oval Face Shape

Characteristics: Elongated, with narrow cheekbones. 

What Earrings to Wear: Luckily, most styles pair well with oval face shapes. Opt for cluster earrings. If you are set on dangle styles, make sure they are a manageable length. Statement earrings that feature multiple gemstones are a winner, but you can pick from the full range of wedding earring types, from classic studs to chandelier and geometric designs.  

What to Avoid: Extra-long linear styles. 

Square Face Shape

Characteristics: Forehead and jaw are of similar or identical width; angular jaw.

What Earrings to Wear: Go all out on curves and round or oval-shaped earrings and elongated drop and dangle styles. A square face shape with a defined jawline works best with earring styles that ditch the sharp edges and embrace curvature. Hoops (both round and oval), circular earrings, dangle styles with disks, round gems and a wide variety of linear drop earrings are great choices. 

What to Avoid: Geometric earrings (triangular, square, rectangular, diamond). 

Heart Face Shape

Characteristics: A forehead wider than the cheekbones with a tapered chin.

What Earrings to Wear: Teardrop earrings of all sizes and classic chandelier styles work best with a heart-shaped face. These earrings provide visual harmony when paired with a tapered chin, as they come in a reversed shape: thin and narrow on top, widening at the bottom. 

What to Avoid: Designs that are wider on the earlobe and thinner at the bottom. 

Pairing earrings and face shapes is a game of juxtaposition. To achieve a flawlessly balanced look, the general rule of thumb is this:

  • Soften angles and definition with round and softly curved styles
  • Define softer features with geometric and harder angled styles
  • Add styles with curves, length and edges to elongate and define softer features.

The Best Wedding Earrings to Compliment Your Wedding Dress

Now you understand some of the secrets of choosing the wedding earrings to compliment your dress best, you’re ready to find the earrings and style for you!

To begin, you can take a look at different earrings. There are a variety of collections, styles and price points. Use this article to guide you through to the best earrings for your special day.


Can earrings be your “something borrowed?”

Earrings are some of the most popular heirlooms as they can be passed down without worrying about sizes like you would a ring. With the price tags on some of the wedding jewelry, it doesn’t hurt to save on the extra expense and use something that has been passed to you.
If you decide to go this route, please try to ensure your earrings and gown are working together. You can even bring them along when fitting dresses to see how they look together. Lastly, if none of the gowns you like seem to look good with the earrings, it’s okay to forego the earrings and keep the dress you like.

Should my earrings match my rings?

Not really, being able to find jewelry pieces that match your entire look alongside all the wedding planning can be a huge hassle. It’s hard to find perfect matches and we think it’s okay to pick something that works with the outfit instead.

Can I have more than one pair of earrings at my wedding?

If our budget allows for this extra step, by all means! Statement veils can prevent you from having a set you really loved. Fortunately, the veil comes off after the ceremony and you can bring out your statement earrings to wear for the rest of the day. Similarly, you can switch up your statement earrings for a simpler set so you can really get into the party mood.

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