Bridal Flats That Will Make Your Wedding Day Comfortable

Stay comfy but cute on your wedding day with these 10 pairs of bridal flats that are easy on your feet yet totally beautiful! Check them out!

Lets face it, flats are much more comfortable than heels. On a day when you’re going to be on your feet for hours, flats are definitely the more optimal footwear choice. While heels are definitely the more commonly worn bridal shoe, we have seen a growing number of adorable bridal flats. From everyday flats to Chucks, these shoes can easily fit into your wedding wardrobe. If you’re looking to be comfortable but still cute on your wedding day, flats may be the best choice for you! Here are 10 pairs of bridal flats that are comfortable but still beautiful.

10 Perfect Bridal Flats for a Comfy Wedding Day

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1. White and full of sparkle. These flats just scream bridal! these very similar flatsGet the look on a budget with !

2. The jeweled brooch on these shoes is lovely. You could easily DIY them with a plain pair of white flats and a stick-on brooch!
3. What bride wouldn’t want to wear glitter on your wedding day?! Find similar shoes in all different colors to really customize your wedding look.

4. These sandals would be beautiful for a beach wedding.

5. The lace applique turns these flats into show-stoppers! This is another one you can totally DIY if you wanted to!

6. These flats not only look pretty but can be your “something blue.”

7. The little hint of gold jeweled details on these flats is too pretty.

8. Aren’t these lace-up flats just gorgeous?

9. These blue flats are sure to catch some eyes.

10. If you want a bridal shoe you can wear long after your wedding, these brogues are perfect!

On your wedding day, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. There are tons of flats that can be worn perfectly with your wedding dress. Flats look cute with long and short dresses! By wearing flats, you can assure that you can walk down the aisle and dance the night away without having to worry about sore feet!

What kind of shoes did you wear on your wedding day? If you wore heels, do you think bridal flats may have been a better option? Tell us about your wedding day footwear!

7 thoughts on “Bridal Flats That Will Make Your Wedding Day Comfortable”

  1. This is proof that you don’t need to wear heels to look special on your big day. I love the look of the bella belle shoes and your right they do tick off the ‘something blue’ section too!

  2. I’m a Converse girl through and through! Couldn’t help but smile at the pink. So unexpected and girly!

  3. These are gorgeous flats for the times when you don’t want to wear heels. They look comfy as well.

  4. I’m usually a shoe girl, but I am in love with number 7. That is gorgeous! You don’t need heel to look beautiful, great message.

  5. Wow, this is a really nice collection of flat shoes and sandals for brides. On my wedding, I wore high heels and they weren’t uncomfortable because I didn’t have to walk around.

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