26 Long Hair Bridesmaid Hairstyles Perfect for Your Wedding Style

You probably saved several bridesmaid hairstyles to your Pinterest board, maybe a few months ago when you started your wedding planning. But did you miss a style for a bridesmaid with long hair? 

The wedding theme is important to consider when picking hairstyles for your bridesmaids. Wedding hairstyles can have a modern twist no matter the environment of your wedding. If you decide on a bohemian wedding, for example, consider a boho crown braid for a bridesmaid with long hair. 

When it comes to choosing bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair, it’s essential to consider the wedding theme and environment. A beach wedding, for example, may call for practical updos or braids to keep the long hair in place amidst the ocean breeze.

The theme can also help you figure out practical aspects of the hairstyles. For instance, women at a beach wedding might be fighting their long hair in the wind. You might be tempted to highlight their luscious locks while at the beach, but you might consider a braided updo to help keep the long hair out of her face. 

We know the checklist for your wedding is long. But don’t worry; we’ve done the hard work for you! In this article, you’ll find the perfect bridesmaid hairstyles for all ages and styles.

Stunning Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Also, don’t miss out on our other favorite picks about hairstyles to rock on your big day:

1. Loose Barrel Curls

Modern bridesmaids want side parts and big, glossy barrel curls, which work well as a consistent hairstyle but are still adaptable for different hair lengths, styles and textures. 

2. A Sleek Chignon Is Always Elegant

A sleek chignon without embellishments feels so elegant and perfectly poised — especially with that sweeping bang. There’s beauty in this timeless simplicity.

3. Weave Braids into a Gentle Updo

This long hair updo is just too pretty. The look will provide a classic throwback and show off your bridesmaids’ soft and delicate features. There is an inherent romance of a pale-pink gown with lace cap sleeves with these bridesmaid hairstyles. 

4. Relaxed Long Hair Can Be Elegant

Don’t discount a low and loose long hairstyle! This loose-wave bridesmaid hairstyle rocks. The matching relaxed ‘dos are a style we love as they are not too tightly pinned or rigid. Your bridesmaid will look timeless yet young and fresh.

5. Cool Classic Curly Updo

Whoever said updos are stuffy never saw this fabulous styling. The French twist updo is versatile and pairs beautifully with body-skimming column gowns. These are great for a classic hairstyle for long hair.

6. Ultra-Flattering Updo 

Complement the effortless half-down waves with deep center parts and voluminous crowns. A creamy cold-shoulder dress will help complete the wedding look but flatter each bridesmaid individually.

7. Say Yes to Bombshell Curls

It is difficult to avoid bombshell curls with any dress style. So why should you? The long hairstyle goes excellent with backless gowns. We love how the curls on long hair maintain uniformity among the group of subtle variations of bridesmaid hairstyles. The gowns can also have a color variation to complement each lady’s skin tone.

8. Shiny Waves Work for Different Lengths

Loose shiny waves don’t just look great on long hair. The touchable waves look stunning on varying hair lengths and colors if you want a matching look for your bridesmaids’ hairstyles. While cohesive, they still feel natural in a low and loose style.

9. One Hue and One Hair Theme

While unique hairstyles are great, they complicate the big day’s details. Keeping things simple where every hairstyle perfectly match is a better option for some. If you let your bridesmaids choose their bridesmaid dresses, consider making things simple with one hairstyle.

What would be better than spending time with your best gal pals at the same salon? Wearing similar hues will provide cohesion between the bridesmaids without being too matchy.

10. Go for Subtle Mismatched Styling

Since we discussed creating a similar style, what better way than to go in the opposite direction? We love the idea of the mismatched look, but you need to figure out how far you want to take it. 

A floor-length black cocktail gown is an excellent option with a couple of different hairstyles divided equally among your bridal party. If a couple of bridesmaids opt for a longer dress, consider long loose curls for their hairstyles. You can go for two ponytails, two half-down ‘dos and two down hairstyles, although our favorite for long hair is that cool-girl bun.

11. Coordinate ‘Dos with Hues

If the bride has red hair, then bridesmaids will want to avoid matching her hair color. However, like mismatched dresses, the bridal party can have mismatched hairstyles if they all have a similar shade. The little details are what tie a mismatched bridal party together.

12. Florals in a Fishtail Braid 

A braid crown provides long hair with a level of bohemian whimsy vibes. A fishtail braid dotted with a baby’s breath is a great idea. It is an alternative to bridesmaids walking down the aisle wearing full floral crowns.

Mini daisies, jasmine and some orchid varieties can be beautiful options as well.

13. Add Some Boho Magic

You should consider loose waves, sweet buds and ribbon for an ultimate boho bridesmaid hairstyle. Make sure you discuss the practicalities of long hair and hair type before your wedding day. Straight hairstyles for long hair can be simple with tousled curls, or some bridesmaids could go for a Dutch braid with ribbons. 

14. Tuck In a Few Peekaboo Florals

A perfect bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair is to use peekaboo florals. You could save this style for the maid of honor if she has long hair. Her hair with a full head of beautiful natural curls is a great option. She will have fun on the wedding day with these flowers.

15. Buns Are Anything but Basic

The versatility of a low bun with long hair may surprise you with its simplicity. The long hairstyle in tight or loose configurations can be in high, mid or down positions. A voluminous bun can show off your style to your wedding guests. The bun for long hair is a style that will last all day and night. 

16. Side Buns and Florals Are Picture-Perfect

Long locks look stunning with a side bun. They get even prettier if you decide to include pink blooms. It is a match made in heaven for brides wanting a classic yet romantic wedding hairstyle. A side parting is easy and we love how this hairstyle photographs. It is an excellent candid look 

for pre-wedding shots, ceremony and reception photos. 

17. Make Accessories a Focal Point

The proper hair accessories can suffuse any wedding day look with a potent dose of glamour. Minimal, mismatched gold headbands are all kinds of romantic without being too overstated. 

Flower crowns are also great options for your bridesmaid hairstyles. 

18. Beachy Waves Are Always a Good Idea

Long hair isn’t necessarily required to embrace smooth, beachy waves — another classic style that works for many textures, lengths and haircuts. Even if your bridesmaid’s hair has layers or bangs, this look will be gorgeous!

19. Hair Extensions with Volume

Easy hair extensions provide tons of volume for bridesmaid hairstyles. Long hair at a seaside wedding adds a dose of glamour. Hair extensions are a great option for most women, can go from mid- to long-length hair and match many seasons, locations and bridal styles.

20. Less Is More

Eyeing custom artistic bridesmaid gowns? Wearing a half-up ponytail is a simple natural look that will ensure those beautiful dresses have their moment in the spotlight.

A twisted bun, a sleek low bun or a half-up half-down hairstyle might appear plain. However, these are great bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair.

21. Relax Things a Bit

If you want the long hair to look formal but not have your bridesmaid fussy, go with a messy updo. The look can be versatile and works for almost any wedding hairstyle or location — urban, desert and mountains included. The only concern would be on an open, tropical destination. The winds might make the bridesmaid’s hairstyle an actual mess.

22. Blowouts Make for an Easy, Breezy Style

Give your bridesmaid a Brazilian blowout. She will be instantly wedding ready and there will be less worry on the big day. Consider arranging a trial run before the wedding day, as different hair textures may hold more volume. Also, waves from a blowout may fit better on some than others. 

23. It’s All About Simple, Straight Locks

A full-volume hairstyle can detract from a curated bridesmaid ensemble. So instead, keep things sleek and simple. Start with straightened locks and finish with a mix of low-key, pulled-back hairstyles.

24. Add a Twist

As much as we love the variation, updos don’t have to be braided. One alternative for long hair is to go with a twisted updo. The look will be very regal but also chic.

25. Introduce a Front Braid

Braids add plenty of functionality to long hair. Notably, the front braid permits you to maintain the structure for a new down-or-up hairstyle. While looking so pretty, the braid will also frame your besties’ faces for photo ops.

26. Go for Drama with a Tousled Side Braid

A tousled side bride is a great long hair look to pride a wildly romantic hairstyle full of drama. A thick, tousled side braid makes a head-turning statement. We love this bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair precisely because it’s unexpected and looks wildly different. Depending on the perspective, your bridesmaids will have many Insta-worthy shots.

Consider Your Wedding Location

The wedding ceremony and reception location can help you decide on the best bridesmaid to rock all day and night! Each style may vary dramatically depending on the season and where you are getting married.

In the case of a rugged outdoor wilderness ceremony, consider twisted or messy updos. These hairstyles for long hair are both functional and so swoon-worthy.

Think About Their Wedding-Day Roles

Are you still deciding what direction to go regarding your bridesmaids’ hairstyles? It never hurts to consider the bridesmaids’ responsibilities on the big day, especially for your maid of honor. A half-up, half-down ‘do with gorgeous greenery tucked above her curls is perfectly picture-worthy — and practical. Whatever you choose, your bridesmaids are sure to look their best for your big day!


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