200+ Lovely Bridal Shower Captions

Looking for the perfect words to attach to a card or gift for a bridal shower? Or looking for the perfect words to describe a picture so you can capture the sentiments and the memories forever?

No matter what you’re looking for in the perfect Bridal Shower Captions, we’ve got plenty of options to offer you, whether your aim is sentimental or humorous. There are sayings for well-wishes, sayings for congratulations, sayings from family and from friends…we have some of everything here!

Keep reading to find the ideal Bridal Shower captions for you.

Bridal Shower Captions

There are a number of different types of captions, card inscriptions and gift labels you can use, depending on the message you want to convey. Some of the main categories for bridal shower captions include:

  1. Best Wishes
  2. Congratulations
  3. Humorous
  4. Captions for the Bride-To-Be
  5. Specifically From Friends
  6. Specifically From Family
  7. Poetry in Prose
  8. Traditional
  9. Modern Twist
  10. Quotes and Conventional Wisdom to Share

We’ve got a bit of everything here, so you can decide on the perfect style for you!

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Best Wishes

If Best Wishes for the Future is what you want to convey, then the sentiments and captions listed below are the perfect options for you.


    One of the most popular sentiments to share with a bride-to-be is ‘Congratulations’. If that’s what you want to convey, then the sayings and statements below will be perfect for demonstrating your feelings.

    ‘Showering you with nothing but Best Wishes and Congratulations for your special day!’

    ‘Congratulations on finding your perfect match!’

    ‘Congratulations on finding the person you want to laugh with for the rest of your life!’

    Congratulations! May your love story be an inspiration for the ages’

    ‘Congratulations on a wonderful shower – and a beautiful wedding day to come!’

    ‘Congratulations on finding your happily ever after!’

    ‘A bride should be fabulous and classy – congratulations on being both!’


    Bridal showers and weddings can be solemn matters – but that’s no reason not to add a bit of humor and laughter into the celebrations! If you want to convey a sentiment that leaves the bride-to-be in smiles and laughter, then the sayings below may be exactly what you want.

    ‘Our forecast today calls for bridal showers and flurries of laughter’

    ‘There’s something about a wedding shower that just has such a nice ring about it.’

    ‘Sparks might fly at the wedding, but the magic begins with a bridal shower.’

    ‘Grab your umbrellas – it’s time for a bridal shower!’

    ‘A lovely day for a shower – the weather was almost as glorious as our bride-to-be!’

    ‘We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. Congrats on finding the person whose weirdness resonates so perfectly and lovingly with yours!’

    ‘Here to celebrate looking on the ‘bride’ side!’

    Captions For The Bride To Use

    When it comes to a bridal shower, it’s natural for a bride-to-be to want to put her own stamp on it, and write out her own impressions of the day. For brides-to-be, these are some of the perfect quotes to commemorate the celebration of your upcoming special day.

    ‘I’m lucky to be surrounded by so much love from friends and family.’

    ‘Best Day Ever – Until the Wedding Day!’

    ‘I’m feeling so showered with love.’

    ‘I would never want to get married without these people by my side.’

    ‘This was a perfect day with family and friends! Thank you for the wonderful bridal shower!’

    ‘Feeling blessed to be surrounded by the best friends and family during this beautiful bridal shower!’

    ‘Thank you to everyone – your presence makes me feel like the luckiest bride-to-be alive!’

    Specifically From Family

    Family of the bride-to-be, or family of the groom, it’s not uncommon for family members of both parties to attend a bridal shower, and to want to offer their own personal touch to wishes for the bride. If you’re looking for a sentiment that carries the family touch, then the sayings below are a good fit for you.

    ‘As your family, bride-to-be, we’re your ‘I do’ crew.’

    ‘It’s my daughter’s bridal shower – so someone hand me the tissues.’

    ‘Proof of how much love we can fit into one room for our bride-to-be.’

    ‘You grew up so fast – from child to bride-to-be!’

    ‘This family has the best reason to throw a party – your bridal shower!’

    ‘Welcome to the family sister-to-be (or daughter).’

    ‘Buckle up – and welcome to the family darling!’

    ‘Having fun at the bridal shower – showering our beautiful girl with love and joy today!’

    “Congratulations to my sister/cousin/daughter on your wedding day!’

    Specifically From Friends

    Friends of the bride-to-be often want to express their own personal sentiments, with a personal touch. For friends of the bride who want a little more than a generic congratulations, the captions below could be exactly what you’re looking for to make your statement.

    ‘Bridal shower crew: Bridesmaids for a wedding day, best friends for life!’

    ‘Others may call this chaos – we call ourselves the Bridal Party!’

    ‘We’ll always find reasons to party – but your bridal shower is one of the best!’

    ‘As your friends, we’ll make sure that nothing outshines the bridal shower – except the bride.’

    ‘Offering you cheers of happiness – and tears of joy!’

    ‘Feeling so blessed to be your friend and celebrate this wonderful day with you!’

    ‘All these years of friendship – congrats to my best friend for her newest chapter in life!’

    Poetry In Prose

    Adding a little bit of lyrical rhyme to a message is a popular theme for well wishes and congratulations of all kinds – including bridal showers. For those who feel a little bit lyrical, the captions below are excellent options for inscribing memories for any bride-to-be.

    ‘After the yes, but before ‘I Do’, hoping for a perfect bridal shower for you!’

    ‘Time for Champagne – She’s changing her name!’

    ‘Love is old and love is new, love holds everything, and love is you.’ (paraphrased from the Beatles)

    ‘We’re celebrating love today – and looking forward to your big day!’

    ‘Something old, something new – something borrowed, something blue – today we celebrate your coming I Do!’

    ‘We offer cheers, and wishes for many happy years!’

    Traditional Classics

    Some sentiments have been around since the beginning of weddings and bridal showers – and these classics are still just as perfect for the situation as when they were first introduced. For a classical or timeless sentiment, these quotes are perfect to express the feelings of bridal shower attendees who like a traditional touch.

    ‘I couldn’t be happier for you, and the exciting journey that lies ahead of you.’

    ‘Showering our beautiful bride-to-be with love!’

    ‘We’re gathered here today to shower this beauty with love and support before her big day.’

    ‘The poets were right – the best is yet to come.’

    ‘Love makes the world a little bit better – and we’re so happy the two of you found each other.’

    ‘Here’s to a beautiful bridal shower for a beautiful bride-to-be!’

    ‘Beloved bride-to-be: May you cherish and enjoy every step of the journey to come.’

    ‘Here to shower you with happiness and wishes for a joyful wedding!’

    ‘All our love and blessings to you in anticipation of your joyous day!’

    ‘Offering up smiles and love for a beautiful bride-to-be’

    Modern Twist

    The modern day brings with it modern expressions of age-old concepts – including well-wishes for brides-to-be. If it’s your goal to express yourself with a modern sentiment, then these are some of the best options you can find.

    ‘First comes love, then comes marriage…and today we celebrate both the love that is and the marriage to come.’

    ‘We’re Team Bride all the way!’

    ‘At your Bridal Shower, hoping you’re hashtag blessed.’

    ‘Bridal Shower – the happiest reason there is to buy a blender.’

    ‘Hashtag Best Bridal Shower Ever’

    ‘Hashtag Most Beautiful Bride-to-Be’

    ‘Here to celebrate an upcoming special day, it’s hashtag bridetribe!’

    ‘And with this shower – your adventure begins!’

    Quotes and Conventional Wisdom

    Sometimes, a bridal shower – or a bride – may invite offerings of conventional wisdom, or quotes to carry into a marriage, as well as loving sentiments. Or, you may want to offer a little bit of loving wisdom or observation for reasons of your own. If that’s the case, these paraphrased quotes might be perfect for you:

    ‘In this life, the best things for us to hold onto are each other.’ (Audrey Hepburn)

    ‘Love is a single soul in two bodies – finding each other again.’ (Aristotle)

    ‘Happy marriages are years-long conversations that feel like they’re still too short.’ (Andre Maurios)

    ‘Marriage, like family and friendship, is made of hundreds of tiny threads that link people together through the passing years.’ (Simone Signoret)

    ‘Once in a while, in the middle of ordinary life, we experience a fairy tale – and that is falling in love.’ (Unknown)

    ‘Happiness and Confidence are the most beautiful things to see on a bride on her wedding day.’ (Taylor Swift)

    ‘Real love stories never have an ending – may yours be one of these.’ (Richard Bach)

    ‘It’s not what you have in life that counts, but who you love.’ (J.M. Lawrence)

    ‘You don’t love someone for their looks or possessions, but because they sing a song only you can hear. Congratulations for finding your song.’ (Oscar Wilde)

    Final Thoughts

    From best wishes and congratulations to time honored wisdom, there’s no wrong way to help a bride-to-be celebrate her bridal shower, and the preparations for her upcoming wedding day! For that matter, there’s no wrong way for a bride to commemorate her bridal shower, and the close support of friends and family.

    However you want to honor the bride-to-be and her upcoming wedding, the quotes above provide a wide range of options to help you find the perfect words, so you can leave the best expression of yourself and your feelings for the bride for all time.

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