The Best Bridesmaid Captions to Celebrate the Big Day (200+ Captions for all social media)

There’s nothing like a wedding day to put some sparkle and glitter in your bride squad’s eyes. Find the perfect way to say how much it means to you that you’re all together to celebrate dreams come true.

From heartfelt and funny to sassy and sweet, these ultimate bridesmaid captions will inject a little magic into all your social media posts. 

Check out these best bridesmaid captions to give a shout-out to your girls or the bride on her wedding day.

How to Pick the Perfect Bridesmaid Caption

When it comes time to pop the champagne and take some photos together, you’ll want to choose an awesome caption for your Instagram or other social media snaps that encapsulates the special day. 

One of the best ways to do this is to pick a tone that sums up your feelings, reflects the bride squad’s mood, and captures a bit of the magical memories that you make today. 

If your crowd is funny, sassy, and just a little extra, aim for a classy and sassy tone. Other captions can reflect how much your friend(s) mean to you and how excited you are to have them in your life. 

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Top Bridesmaid Captions

Living our best bridesmaid life

Together forever is the best place to be

We can be ready in five minutes. Just give us an hour

No more ruffles or puffy sleeves, if you’re my bridesmaid I aim to please! 

It’s your wedding day. But first – coffee

A sister shares childhood giggles and grown-up dream 

The bride squad’s got your back

Friendship isn’t about being your oldest friend. It’s the person who said I’m here for you and proved it

We’re serious about our bridesmaid duties 

You’re the Monica to my Rachel every day of the week – but especially today

We’ve had a million memories, ten thousand jokes that only you get, and at least a hundred secrets shared

The best bridesmaid knows your craziness and still wants to be seen with you in public

The bride and her bridesmaids: partners in crime

They got married, but we got to party!

The maid of honor is the girl you can make a face at and she knows just what you’re thinking

I got her through all the frogs, now it’s time to lock down her prince

Soak in the moments you can’t put into words

Cute Bridesmaid Captions

Bridesmaids for a day, but best friends for life

We’re classy and sassy

Your best companions for your special day

When you say I Do, you want her standing next to you

We’re the real girl squad

The girl who stays with you when you walk down the aisle and beyond

Bridesmaids see everything and report it on time

If anything happens, the bride knows who she can turn to

It’s the friendship that lasts for a lifetime

If she’s next to you at your wedding, she’s likely going to be around forever

There are few things more exciting in life than when your best friend gets married

There’s probably going to be a competition for who’s going to be the best bridesmaid

When your father walks you down the aisle, your bridesmaid is waiting there already

You know who to call if the bride needs pampering

She’s with you through thick and thin, through menu planning and wedding dress shopping

The crew that helps you say I Do

Bridesmaid is code for best friends forever

The groom might win the bride over, but he has to get the bridesmaids’ approval first

Here to bring the party to the bride #bridesmaids forever

The bridesmaids just want to make sure that the bride has some fun

Every day is an adventure with these bridesmaids

Every family member gets invited to the wedding if the bridesmaids have a say

The second center of attention is called a bridesmaid

These girls know how to have fun

Bridesmaids just showing their love from the background

Here’s one for the crazy and awesome wedding album

Bridesmaids come in second to none

Nobody sets the theme like a bridesmaid

If you see the bridesmaids watching you, they already know your whole history

The bridesmaids and the bride are a package deal

It’s easier to choose the man than to choose the right bridesmaid

A sister by heart instead of blood

Surround yourself with bridesmaids who are a positive force

A bridesmaid is someone who supports you when everything changes, right down to your last name

Choose your man wisely but pick your bridesmaid carefully

They’re almost more excited than you that it’s your wedding

I can’t marry my person without my girls by my side

Bridesmaids: The ones who always have a ton of tissues 

Bridesmaids bring out the best in the bride on her special day

There’s nothing more glamorous than a bride and her bridesmaids

Sassy Bridesmaid Captions

It’s time for the bachelorette party!

Get ready to say I Do with the bridal crew

She’s getting married, I’m getting bubbly

A bride and her bride squad are built on a solid foundation of laughs, champagne, and shenanigans

Keep your heels and your standards high

Bridesmaids are like champagne: Bubbly, sparkling, and extra fancy

These girls are born with glitter in their veins

I’m only here to hold the bride’s dress when she pees

We’re the crew that’s dressed to the nines

She’s getting married! Let your inner sparkle out 

Getting ready with my girls. Is this my wedding, or are we at a Miss Universe contest? If your best friends are as weird as you, ask them to be your bridesmaids. We’ll be friends until we’re old and senile. But we’ll never lose our sparkle

You don’t have to be crazy to be my bridesmaid, but it’s going to help

We’ve been friends for so long, I don’t remember which of us is the girl our parents always warned us about

Life is better with your partners in crime by your side

We’re more than good friends. We’re like a small gang

You make me laugh till my face hurts

You out the “she” in my “nanigans”

Bad decisions make the best stories

We’re not the bridesmaids . . . we’re the BridesBabes

We’re the kind of girls who are going to be the old ladies making trouble in the nursing home 

Funny Bridesmaid Captions

The bridesmaids are so beautiful, the groom’s going to get sidetracked

I’m excited and ready to par-tay!

They’re with you shopping, clubbing, and even at your wedding

Girls who slay together stay together

First a gown and then a girl squad

This is just my resting bridesmaid face

First something old, something new, something borrowed – and I need you! #bridesmaids

I have my mister, but I can’t do this without my sister

We’re not your typical bridesmaids, we’re the awesome squad

A good bridesmaid is hard to find

Everybody’s #twinning today

We came, we saw, we contoured!

I couldn’t say I Do without you

When you find your tribe, love them hard

Maid of Honor for a Day and Best Friends for Life

Pop the bubbly, she’s getting a hubby

When she said yes, I did, too

We’re better together

Some friends become family

When our tans fade, our memories will last forever

We aren’t just having fun. We’re making memories

Ultimate #squadgoals today

You said you’d catch me if I fall. Will you hold onto my wedding dress train?

Sister Bridesmaid Captions

Get a crew that wears matching robes with no questions asked

A bride’s glow is a happy glow

You’ve stayed by me through thick and thin and I want you at my side when I marry him

A bridesmaid has superpowers

Sister squad goals

White dress, lace, and pearls, but I can’t get married without my girls

I got my rock + my flock

Sisters forever

Ultimate Bridesmaid Captions

Pop the champagne, she’ll be changing her name! Snapped a picture before the happy crying started

Love is the best makeup

It’s who we have in our life that matters Sisterhood is stronger than magic

The wedding crew

We don’t have it all together, but together we sure have it all

Today we wear pink 

Feeling cute. Might go out to be a bridesmaid later

Girl, you glow

It’s the bride tribe

Some people make you smile a little bigger, laugh a little louder, and your life a whole lot better

You’re the sister I would always choose

The day we became bridesmaids

When she said yes, I did, too

We’re too glam to give a damn

He thought he was marrying her, but he’s stuck with us

I wouldn’t miss being at your side today

Laughing with your best friend gives you butterflies 

There’s no such thing as too much happiness

The Best Bridesmaid Captions for the Bride

Nothing like #squadgoals right here 

Hand me my robe and put on my crown 

Wearing our robes like the queens we are 

No other #bridesquad can cross us

A bride can’t do it without these ladies by her side

I can’t imagine my wedding (but especially my bachelorette party) without you there

Let’s be honest: I’m probably going to become a bridezilla. Will you help me stay sane?

Life was meant for great friends and greater adventures 

Bridesmaid Caption Hashtags

If the girl squad is happy, the bride is happy #bridesmaids4Life

If the bridesmaids aren’t happy, keep the refund handy #weddingsquad

Rachel had Monica, and I have more #bestfriends

You’re the Elsa to my Anna #friends4Life

I’m honored to have you as my maid of honor #bestfriendsforever

Some call it bridesmaids, but I call it my crazy, awesome gang #girlfriends

Bridesmaids are the life of the wedding #weddingplanners

We’re your unofficial hair and makeup artists #bridesquad

The best for the bride #bestbridesmaids

If the bride runs out of ideas, she knows where to look #bridesquad

A friend makes sure your makeup doesn’t smudge when you cry #bridesmaid

If the bride is spotless, her bridesmaids are spot on #bestbridesmaidsever

So many beautiful girls in a single place #friendsforever

Make sure you choose the right bridesmaid since she’s going to pick the wedding dress #brideandhergirls

More bridesmaids make a merrier bride #bestbridesmaidsforthewedding


Finding the best bridesmaid caption can be a memorable way to celebrate the day with your bridesmaids or for bridesmaids to toast their friendship with the bride. 

 From funny to heartfelt, and from friends to sister bridesmaids, there are many cute ways to share your special bond on social media that celebrates the big wedding day. 

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