150+ Bridal Jeopardy Questions for an Unforgettable Bridal Shower

Need a game that can encompass all your friends as they celebrate an upcoming wedding? Look no further than Bridal Jeopardy! Setting up this game can be overwhelming, so we’ve prepared this guide: Bridal Jeopardy Questions Game: {150+ Bridal Shower Questions}!

The Bridal Jeopardy Questions Game involves categories related to the wedding. Players answer questions from each category based on points to win. The setup includes a jeopardy board, scorekeeping, and a buzzer.

In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know for your own Bridal Jeopardy Questions game along with ideas for categories to include!

How to Make a Bridal Jeopardy Game

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to make a Bridal Jeopardy game is set up the Jeopardy Board. This consists of a type of categorical table with five main categories. Each category should have 5 questions, with the first being worth 100 points if answered correctly and the last being 500 points.

Another thing you’re sure to need is a type of buzzer or anything that makes noise, which players can activate in order to beat the other team to an answer.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to accomplish when setting up your own Bridal Jeopardy game is just coming up with appropriate categories! You’ll need categories that have something to do with your party topic, but also leave enough room for 5 related questions that escalate in difficulty.

However, do not let the category question throw you off! We’ll go over some excellent category choices below!

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Fun Categories To Include:

As previously mentioned, categories are often the toughest part to come up with for a game of Bridal Jeopardy. Luckily, though, we have plenty of category ideas to offer! Check out the list below:

  1. Dating
  2. About the Bride
  3. Wedding Event
  4. About the Groom
  5. Planning a Future
  6. Love Songs
  7. Rom Coms
  8. Romantic Movies
  9. Romantic Dinners

Each of these categories can offer you more than a hundred possible trivia questions. This is great, because for traditional jeopardy, only 5 trivia questions are needed for each category! 

How To Play Bridal Jeopardy

Before you decide on categories and their corresponding questions, it may be a good idea to be sure you know how to play Bridal Jeopardy. 

Jeopardy is, essentially, a trivia question game. You play by following the instructions below:

  1. Set Up – As previously mentioned, make sure you have a Jeopardy board (Either digital or home made) and a type of buzzer.
  2. Split into Teams – This step is optional, but if you have a large group, sometimes the best way to play is to split into two large teams. Each team will discuss amongst themselves the possible answers to a trivia question before agreeing on their final answer. 
  3. Take Turns – Each team will be given a turn to select a category and question based on points. The Host (ideally the person who set up the game and knows the correct answers) will ask the question that was selected. Then the teams will race to buzz in. Whoever hits the buzzer first is given an opportunity to answer the question!
  4. Getting the Answer Wrong – If the first team to hit the buzzer gets their answer incorrect, then the second team, who did not hit the buzzer first, has an opportunity to answer correctly. If both teams answer incorrectly, no points are awarded and the correct answer is revealed.
  5. Getting the Answer Right – If a team gets a trivia question’s answer correct, they are allowed to pick the next category of questions. This gives that team a greater chance of continuing to get answers correct, because they’ll choose categories they are confident in. If they get an answer wrong, they lose their opportunity to pick the next category.
  6. Winning – The winner of Jeopardy is the team that has the most points at the end of the game!

Bridal Jeopardy Questions

Now let’s move on to some of the main event: Bridal Jeopardy Questions! These questions are based around your bride, or the bride’s relationship with their fiancée, or their potential future together. Basically, anything that can be related to the upcoming wedding is fair game as a bridal jeopardy question!

The main thing to note here is, your questions should be organized accurately under the corresponding category, and listed according to difficulty. For example, if a question relating to the bride has an answer that only one or two players may be able to guess, it should award them with 300 points or more.

Let’s take a look at some of the best questions under each of these categories!

About The Bride:

First and foremost, let’s go over some of the questions you might use as trivia specifically related to how well the players know the bride!

  1. What is the Bride’s complete birth name?
  2. What instruments can the bride play?
  3. What is the hometown the Bride was born in?
  4. What is the favorite city of the Bride?
  5. What is the Bride’s favorite food?
  6. When did the Bride have a first kiss?
  7. What is the Bride’s favorite color?
  8. What is the Bride’s favorite flower?
  9. Which song would the Bride refuse to play at the wedding?
  10. When did the Bride know they were in love?
  11. How old is the Bride?

Romantic Movies

Next, you might select a category specifically based on the Romantic films that might have inspired your Bride and Groom, or their friends, over the years! These could be questions about the films themselves, or questions about the happy couple’s taste in films. Either way, the keyword is “romance!”

  1. What is the Bride’s favorite movie?
  2. What is the groom’s favorite movie?
  3. What was the first movie the happy couple saw together?
  4. Which member of the happy couple has seen more movies?
  5. This film features a Prince who is cursed and must be saved by the Princess! (Answer: Beauty ; the Beast, the Princess ; the Frog, Beastly, etc.)
  6. This romantic movie is based on a popular novel by Jane Austen and features one of the most well-known love triangles in fiction. (Answer: Pride ; Prejudice)
  7. This film is about a woman who personifies the phrase “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” (Answer: 27 Dresses!)
  8. This film features actor Matthew Mconaughey and actress Kate Hudson, playing a couple who unknowingly compete to sabotage their own relationship! (Answer: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)
  9. This movie contains one of the most famous romantic exchanges in movie history, where the woman admits, “I love you,” only for the man to respond, “I know!” (Answer: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)
  10. Which romantic movie does the Bride hate?
  11. Which romantic movie does the groom hate?
  12. What is the Bride’s favorite line of dialogue from a romantic film?

About the Groom

Below are a list of questions about the Groom:

  1. What is the Groom’s favorite food?
  2. When did the Groom know it was love?
  3. What is the Groom’s favorite food?
  4. What does the Groom do for a living?
  5. Who is the Groom’s Best Man?
  6. What car does the Groom drive?
  7. What is the Groom’s hometown?
  8. Where was the Groom’s first vacation?
  9. Which sport did the Groom play growing up?
  10. What is the Groom’s middle name?
  11. What is the Groom’s father’s name?
  12. What is the Groom’s favorite city?
  13. If the Groom could live anywhere, where would it be?
  14. What is the Groom’s dream job?
  15. What is the name of the Groom’s pet?

About the Couple

Having a category that is all about the couple when they’re together is a fun way to see who’s been watching their friends’ relationship progress. Check out the list of suggested questions for this category below:

  1. How did the happy couple first meet?
  2. When did the happy couple share their first kiss?
  3. How was the proposal done?
  4. Where was the proposal done?
  5. Where was the first date of the happy couple?
  6. What do the happy couple love to do together the most?
  7. Which member of the happy couple prefers driving more than the other?

About the Wedding: Wedding Jeopardy Questions

These Jeopardy Questions have more to do with the actual day of the wedding than anything else! Check out the list of suggestions below:

  1. What are the colors for the wedding?
  2. Which song is a must-play for the Bride and Groom on the wedding day?
  3. What song will the Bride walk down the aisle to?
  4. Where will the wedding be?
  5. What date is the wedding?
  6. What will be the first dancing song?
  7. What will be eaten at the reception?
  8. How many groomsmen are there?
  9. How many bridesmaids are there?

Love Songs

This is a fun category even for guests who may not know the Bride and Groom’s taste in music; after all, who doesn’t like love songs? Check out the list of recommended questions for this category below:

  1. What is the happy couple’s favorite song?
  2. Who is the Bride’s favorite singer?
  3. Who is the Groom’s favorite singer?
  4. Which song does the Groom hate?
  5. Which song does the Bride hate?
  6. Who wrote the popularly played wedding song, “I Wanna Dance?” (Answer: Whitney Houston.)
  7. What was the first concert the happy couple went to together?

The Couples Future

This next section of questions deals with the happy future you and your friends hope the couple will share after the big day.

  1. Where will the couple decide to honeymoon?
  2. What will the couple’s last name be?
  3. Where will the couple live?
  4. What is the first large purchase the couple may make after getting married?
  5. What color is the couple’s couch?
  6. What color will the couple’s kitchen be?
  7. How many pets will the couple have together?

Final Jeopardy Questions

These are the questions you’ll offer for the last round of Jeopardy!

  1. What will be the Bride’s item that fills the “something borrowed” category on the wedding day?
  2. List the names of the bridal party members.
  3. How does the couple know the officiant of the wedding?
  4. In a perfect world, how many children do the couple want, currently?
  5. What is a name that the couple agrees on for their first child?
  6. Name the parents of the happy couple.

Where to Get a Jeopardy Board?

A Jeopardy board can be obtained online, using a digital template such as the one at Jeopardy Labs.com. You can also download a number of jeopardy-game apps that allow you to create your own jeopardy game board.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, Bridal Jeopardy is a fun game that everyone who loves the happy couple can play together! Whether you decide to split them into teams or just play this version with a small group, you’ll really learn how much you know about your friend and their big day!

Not only is this fun, but it’s easy to set up. With an easily-downloadable jeopardy board template and the suggested bridal questions we’ve offered, you’re in for a great time. We hope you enjoyed the Bridal Jeopardy Questions Game!

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