34 Most Fun And Exciting Games For Your Bridal Shower

Have you been tasked with organizing a bridal shower and are looking for some ideas for the bride and her guests to play?

There are many traditional bridal shower games but there are just as many that you’ve probably never thought of.

Whether you are looking for something traditional or something new and unique, we have an idea for you.

Many of the games require little to no preparation and can be run without breaking the bank or spending hours to prepare.

We’ve included games that work for a group of guests that know each other well but also games when many of the guests are strangers to each other.

Whatever your situation is, there are sure to be several games on this list for you. Here are the 34 most fun and exciting games for your bridal shower.

Not only are these games a great way to break the ice and bring everyone together, but they also provide the perfect opportunity for the bride-to-be and her guests to create lasting memories and bond over laughter and fun.

1. Bridal Shower Gift Bingo

Everybody knows how to play bingo but this bridal shower twist on the game is a little different.

What To Prepare

You will need some blank bingo cards. You can find templates online, create your own, or you may be able to find them at a Dollar Store.

How To Play

Give each guest a blank bingo card and a pen. They should complete each square with the name of a gift that they think the bride might receive.

When the bride opens her bridal shower gifts, guests can mark their bingo cards. Guests win by marking a full line, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

2. Bridal Shower Scattergories

Here is another popular game that everyone knows how to play but with a bridal theme.

What To Prepare

Think of some wedding-related categories that are still pretty broad. For example, “ideal honeymoon locations” or “something in the mother of the bride’s purse.”

Create a game card with the categories printed on them and make sure you have enough pens for every guest.

How To Play

Give every guest a game card and ask the bride to pick a letter. Guests need to write an answer for every category but it has to begin with the letter the bride picks.

Every unique answer gets a point. If different guests have the same answer they get no points.

3. Celebrity Name Game

Test your guest’s celebrity knowledge with this quick game of words.

What To Prepare

You’ll need several slips of paper, pens, and a bowl.

How To Play

Give every guest a pen and slip of paper and ask them to write the name of a famous celebrity. Collect the papers in the bowl and give them a good shake.

Each guest then takes it in turn to pull a name out of the bowl and describe the celebrity to the other guests without saying the celebrity’s name.

You can make this a little harder by banning movie/song titles or only allowing guests to say one word to describe the celebrity.

4. Charades

Make all of the clues wedding related for a bridal party spin on this traditional game.

What To Prepare

You don’t need to prepare anything, but it may be wise to preselect some ideas and write them on cards in case the guests can’t think of their own.

How To Play

Divide the guests into two teams. Each team takes it in turn to select one of their players to act out the title of a romantic movie.

The team members need to guess as many movies as quickly as they can to win. Whichever team guesses the most movies correctly is the winner.

5. Cold Feet

This is the one occasion related to weddings where cold feet are a good thing!

What To Prepare

You will need several buckets of cold water (ice water if your guests are brave enough) and some toy rings. Put several rings in each bucket.

How To Play

Ask guests to put their feet into the buckets and try to collect as many rings as possible by only using their toes.

You should set a time limit, such as two minutes, and you can have several people play at once if you have enough buckets!

6. Couple’s Crossword

Make a personalized version of this popular word game.

What To Prepare

Think of several questions about the engaged couple that can be answered in only one word. If you’re struggling with the questions, you can also include some general wedding questions.

Create a custom crossword puzzle with your clues by looking for crossword generators online.

How To Play

Give each guest a copy of the crossword puzzle that you’ve created. The first guest to complete it correctly is the winner.

7. Date Night Ideas

This is not only a fun game but can come in useful for both the bride and the rest of the guests!

What To Prepare

You’ll need to provide paper and pens for every guest as well as a nice box or tin for the bride to take the replies home in.

How To Play

Distribute the pens and paper and ask each guest to write down an idea for a date night.

Encourage them to be inventive with their ideas so that you don’t just get dozens of papers suggesting a romantic meal in a restaurant!

Ask each guest to read their suggestion out loud and collect them in the box. The bride can then take all of the ideas home and use them for ideas throughout her marriage.

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8. Emoji Game

8. Emoji Game

Have fun creating and deciphering some puzzles using emojis.

What To Prepare

You’ll need to create a game card with several emoji puzzles. These should be common wedding-related words or traditions that are spelled out with emojis.

For example, an emoji knife and cake would be “cutting the cake.” You can create the puzzles yourself or find some online.

How To Play

Give each guest a card with the puzzles and set a time limit to try and solve them. Whoever gets the most correct is the winner.

9. Fantasy Dates

Enjoy trying to figure out which celebrity crush each guest has.

What To Prepare

All you need is to provide paper and pens for every guest as well as a basket to collect all of the written papers in.

How To Play

Ask each guest to write down their fantasy date. You can tailor this a little by making it a dream dinner guest instead of a romantic date if you prefer.

To make things funnier, you could instead ask your guests to write the celebrity they’d least like to date.

When everyone has written their celebrity names, put the papers in a basket and get the bride to read them out so the guests can guess.

10. Find The Guest

This is an ideal game for parties where the guests don’t know each other well as it is all about finding out facts.

What To Prepare

Before the bridal shower, ask every guest to give you a unique fact or two about themselves. Create a checklist or form that has one fact for each guest but without their names.

How To Play

Give each guest a checklist and ask them to circulate around the room and ask each other questions so they can match a name to each fact.

You can set a time limit for this game or keep it running until the first person matches every fact.

11. Group Stories And Poems

This simple premise can be used for poems or a variety of stories so you can tailor it to your group.

What To Prepare

All you’ll need is a single piece of paper and a few pens.

How To Play

Whether you choose to do a poem or a story, the method is the same. The first person writes the first line of a poem or story and folds over the page so that they’re writing is obscured.

This is then passed to a second person who adds a line and also folds the paper to hide their writing, too.

By the end, you will hopefully have a funny poem or story! If you choose to write a story, you can give each writer a prompt to ensure the story makes at least a little sense.

If you have a large group of guests you may want to divide them into smaller parties to make this more manageable. If so, each group will need its own piece of paper.

12. Guess The Cake

A fun and delicious game for everyone to play!

What To Prepare

You will need several different cakes that should be cut into bite-sized pieces. Make a label for each cake but keep these hidden during the game.

How To Play

Each guest is blindfolded as they try the different types of cakes and have to guess what the flavors are.

In between each cake make sure the guest clears their palate by taking a sip of tea or champagne. The winner is the person who guesses the most cakes correctly!

13. He Said, She Said

See how well your guests know the engaged couple with this game.

What To Prepare

Before the party, ask the engaged couple some questions about who in their relationship does what.

For example, questions such as “who is messier?” or “who is always late?” Create a game card with the questions.

How To Play

Give each guest the game card and ask them to answer which of the engaged couple is more likely to be the answer.

They can also answer “both” if they think it’s equal! Check the answers with the bride and the guest with the most correct answers is the winner.

14. Musical Bouquet

Pick a song and play this simple game that is similar to musical chairs.

What To Prepare

You’ll need a pretty bouquet of flowers and a song that is a favorite of the bride’s.

How To Play

Arrange all of the guests so that they’re sitting in a circle and are in easy reach of the people next to them.

Ask the guests to pass the bouquet of flowers while a song is playing, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to pass it.

Randomly stop the music and whoever is holding the bouquet is eliminated from the game. The last person remaining is the winner!

15. Name That Tune

15. Name That Tune

Test the music knowledge of your guests with this lively game.

What To Prepare

Create a playlist of different love songs. You’ll need to provide a pen and paper to every guest as well.

How To Play

Play a short portion of each song on your playlist. The easiest way is to play just the intros, but you can play a few seconds from the chorus or middle of the songs if you wish.

Each guest needs to write down the song title and artist and will get points for getting them right. Whoever has the most points wins.

16. Over Or Under?

A fun game of numbers for your guests about the bride.

What To Prepare

You’ll need to get some answers from the bride so that you can prepare the questions before the event.

Ask questions that require numerical answers, such as how many wedding locations they looked at and how many guests will be at the wedding.

Create a worksheet with the questions and an answer that is not correct.

How To Play

Give each guest the worksheet and ask them whether the answer on the sheet is over or under the correct answer. For extra points, you can also ask the guests to guess the exact number.

17. Pictionary

Put a wedding twist on this classic game that all of your guests are sure to know.

What To Prepare

You can use either paper and pen or wipe-clean whiteboards and pens, depending on your budget. You will need to brainstorm some words and phrases related to weddings for the guests to draw.

How To Play

Divide the guests into at least two teams. One member of the team will draw a picture of something wedding related and their team members need to guess what it is.

No words are allowed, only pictures! The team that guesses the most correctly in the shortest time wins.

18. Price Is Right

Play one of the most popular TV game shows at your bridal shower!

What To Prepare

Choose some common items that can be bought at Target or Walmart. Find out their prices as these will be the answers. Make a game card that lists all of the items.

How To Play

Give every guest a game card and ask them to guess the prices of the items without going over the price.

The guest who is the closest (without going over!) wins the point and the most points win the game.

19. Put A Ring On It

This traditional bridal shower game can begin as soon as the guests arrive and run until they’re ready to leave.

What To Prepare

You’ll need at least one plastic ring for every guest.

How To Play

Choose a wedding-related word that is likely to be said several times throughout the night. Words such as “wedding” or “bride” are great choices.

If a guest says one of these words and another guest catches it, then the hearer can take the speaker’s ring.

Keep this game throughout the night while other games and conversations are happening and at the end of the night, whoever has the most rings is the winner.

20. Telephone Wedding Toast

Mistakes are encouraged to make this game as funny as possible.

What To Prepare

All you need is a few sentences from a wedding toast. You can write these yourself or find them online.

How To Play

Arrange the guests in a line or circle so that every guest can easily get involved. Whisper a sentence from your wedding toast to the first guest and ask them to whisper it to the second.

Guests aren’t allowed to repeat the sentence, they just have to go with what they think they heard.

The final guest whispers the sentence to the bride and the bride can then speak it out loud. Hopefully, there will be several funny mistakes!

21. Toilet Paper Bride

A messy but fun game your guests are sure to love.

What To Prepare

You’ll need several rolls of toilet paper. You can also get some stickers, marker pens, glitter, or anything else to make things even crazier.

How To Play

Divide your guests into groups. Each group nominates a member to be their model and the other team members then make a wedding dress out of the supplies available.

Give them a limited amount of time and the bride can judge the winner.

22. Two Truths And A Lie

This is another great idea for an icebreaker game with guests that don’t know each other that well.

What To Prepare


How To Play

Each guest should tell the party three sentences about themselves. Two of the sentences should be truths and one of them a lie.

The rest of the guests then need to guess which is the lie. Give points to anyone who guesses the lie and once every guest has told their lies, the guest with the most points wins.

23. Vow Mad Libs

Have some fun with traditional wedding vows and see what craziness the party can create!

What To Prepare

You’ll need to find a copy of some wedding vows. You can opt for the most traditional vows or something a little more unique. Blank out random words.

How To Play

The bride should ask each guest for a random word, either a noun, verb, or adjective.

Write the suggested words into the blanks in the vows and when they’re all completed, the bride can read out the group’s new version of the wedding vows.

24. What’s In Your Purse

Fun game for everyone to play and all you need is your purse!

What To Prepare

Create a list of common items that are found in purses. You should also include a couple of rarer items and more fun ones.

How To Play

Call out the name of the items on your list. The first guest to pull the item out of their purse gets a point or wins a prize.

If you decide to do it as a points-based game, you can give more points for certain items or give more points to the first person to pull out the item from their purse.

25. What’s On Your Phone

25. What’s On Your Phone

Make a game out of the cell phones of your guests with this fun game.

What To Prepare

Think of some things that can be found on phones, such as specific photos (a selfie, photo with the bride, photo of a dog) or certain apps or calendar dates.

How To Play

The game is basically a scavenger hunt only instead of searching outdoors for things, the players have to search through their phones.

Give points for different items and you can get guests to work in pairs or small groups if you wish.

26. Wedding Etiquette Quiz

See what your guests would do when disaster strikes!

What To Prepare

Think of some wedding scenarios where things go wrong.

The crazier the better with these scenarios so consider things such as bridesmaids fighting at the altar or a stampede of wild animals running through the reception. Write each scenario on a card.

How To Play

Give each guest a scenario and ask them to write down how they would deal with the situation. Encourage them to be creative with their answers!

When everyone has finished writing, go around the room and share the scenarios and answers.

27. Wedding Jeopardy

Play a wedding-themed version of the popular TV quiz.

What To Prepare

You will need to prepare a game board and a variety of questions. Begin by deciding on your categories and ensure they are all wedding related.

These can be related to the engaged couple, wedding traditions, or romantic movies, for example. Think of five different questions for each category that vary in difficulty.

How To Play

Arrange your guests into teams. Each guest should then get to pick a category and answer a question on behalf of their team. The team with the highest points total at the end of the quiz wins.

28. Wedding Word Scramble

A wedding version of scrabble for your guests to try and decipher.

What To Prepare

Think of some words that are associated with the engaged couple or with weddings in general. If you have a Scrabble set you can use the tiles from the game, otherwise, cut out letters to make your own.

How To Play

Place the scrambled words in front of the guests and ask them to rearrange the letters to make the correct words again.

This is best played in teams and made into a fun competition where the first team to unscramble all of the words wins.

29. Wedding Word Search

One of the easier word games but still fun!

What To Prepare

Think of several words related to weddings and the bride. You can either create a word search with these words manually or use an online generator.

How To Play

Give a word search and pen to each guest. Set a timer and see who can find the most words in the given time. 

30. Where Were We?

Guests compete to identify locations the couple has visited.

What To Prepare

At least 10 photos of the engaged couple in several different locations. It’s best to print these and enlarge them so they’re easy to see.

How To Play

Show your guests several different photos of the engaged couple in various locations. Vacation photos are ideal for this, but you can also choose popular sights in your local area.

Guests should look at each photo and try to identify where the couple is. Whoever gets the most locations correct wins a prize!

31. Who Makes the Best Cocktail?

Get your guests to make their own unique cocktails and see which one tastes the best.

What To Prepare

A random selection of spirits, mixers, fruit, and other common cocktail ingredients. Label everything so that the guests know what everything is.

How To Play

Split the guests into teams and ask them to work together to create their own unique cocktail. They can use any of the offered ingredients in whatever ratios they wish.

Encourage them to create new drinks instead of trying to recreate existing cocktails from memory. The bride should then sample them all and pick her favorite.

32. Whose Memory?

Explore each guest’s treasured memories with the bride.

What To Prepare

All you need is to provide paper and pens for every guest as well as a basket to collect all of the written papers in.

How To Play

Each guest should write down a special memory of their friendship with the bride. Ask them to fold the paper in half and place it into your basket.

The bride should then read out each memory one at a time and the guests can try and guess who wrote each memory.

33. Why Do We Do That?

Explore wedding traditions and exactly how they arose with this fun and interesting game.

What To Prepare

You will need to research common wedding traditions and why they happen. After discovering the real answers, create some false answers as well and prepare these questions for your guests.

How To Play

Divide the guests into teams and ask them about each tradition. Ask the teams about each tradition and give them the multiple-choice answers to see if they can pick the correct reason.

The team that guesses the most correctly is the winner.

34. Would She Rather?

Find out about what the bride likes with this game.

What To Prepare

A game card with several either/or scenarios. For example, “beach or mountains” or “Italian or Mexican food.”

How To Play

Give a game card to each guest and ask them to circle which of the two options the bride would prefer.

When everyone has their answers, you can ask the bride to give hers. For every answer that matches, the guests get a point.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed the 34 most fun and exciting games for your bridal shower.

We picked a wide variety of different games for you to choose from, including several games that are traditional and several that are more unique games.

There are games for close friends and games for people that don’t know each other so whoever the guests are, you will find some games to suit.

We hope you enjoyed this list and have a fun and exciting bridal shower!

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