6 Best & Trending Wedding Bun Hairstyles For Every Bride

Generally, brides wear buns for their hair. The seven to eight hours of the wedding experience might include conditions like rain, wind, humidity, sweating and dozens of greetings from the guests. It is possible to maintain a hairstyle, but this is only sometimes the case. We recommend bridal hairstyles with hair buns.

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding bun hairstyle, it’s important to consider the weather conditions and the longevity of the style. Opting for a bun is a practical choice, as it keeps the hair off the face and withstands various elements. From a messy bun with loose strands for a boho look to classic low-bun hairstyles for a timeless appeal, there are plenty of options to suit every bride’s taste and ensure the style stays intact throughout the entire wedding day. Don’t forget to secure the bun with plenty of bobby pins for a secure and long-lasting hold.

There are numerous wedding bun hairstyles out there. You can go with a messy bun with loose strands. There are classic low-bun hairstyles. When doing the bride’s hair, don’t forget you’ll need plenty of bobby pins so the style stays in place all day! 

Why do Brides Wear Buns?

Buns are sexier. A perfect bridal dress will make you stand out for a while. The emphasis is on the jewelry, particularly when you wear bridal jewelry. A bun hairstyle with a veil provides a romantic look for your big day. The hair being out of your face allows easy access to put on makeup. Here are some other reasons why you should consider a bun hairdo:

  • Buns give a more ‘bridal’ look. A lot of the guests are going to be coming with relaxed hair, so a well-styled bridal bun makes you stand out.
  • The focus goes on your jewelry, especially if you’re wearing a lot of bridal ornaments.
  • If you are placing a bridal dupatta or veil on your head, the support it gets from a tied hairstyle is much more, especially for a dupatta.
  • If you have short hair, this is a better option since extensions can be put in and covered with flowers, which will look more natural.

There are numerous ways brides can wear their hair in a bun. The bride’s low bun is a classic wedding hairstyle. The bride can have loose bangs and her hair loosely pulled back into a bun. 

How to Make a Bridal Bun?

The first way to get the proper bridal bun hairstyle is to consult the styles of buns out there. You will want the style to match the gorgeous bride’s accessories. Below we will provide you with many options for your hair at the wedding. 

Wedding hairstyles can vary from season to season what is popular. The same is true for a bridal bun hairstyle. Veils can also come into play as what will look right. A low bun is typically the choice of most brides as it allows you to connect a veil and show off your earrings.

The hairstyle could be kept neat and straight.

How to Make a Simple Wedding Bun?

An always popular look is the low to mid-bun. It’s a simple, classic and sleek style that reflects a modern bridal look. Brides are also doing a hard part; it doesn’t matter if it’s on the side or in the middle. As long as it’s slicked back, it creates a tasteful look.

The essential idea of a wedding bun is to create a hairstyle that softly presents the face. If the woman is wearing accessories, you want to add visibility to these items. Ultimately you want the hairstyle to let the individual feel relaxed.

When you finish the style, you must have hairspray to complete the timeless look. You want the waves and twists to look perfect throughout the evening. The right amount of hairspray will help hold the wedding bun hairstyles in place. If you go with a messy bun or a low bun hairstyle, you will need to use the product differently to add volume. 

Best Wedding Bun Hairstyles

A bun is ideal for natural and healthy hair of any length. You may want hair extensions to enhance a braid look if you have short hair. Remember to add embellishments with jeweled hats and florals. 

There are many ways you can wear a bun to a wedding. A messy bun is a great way to go if you have a sassy personality. Bridesmaids can wear a braided crown to present a royal atmosphere to your wedding party. The low bun is a classic bridal hairstyle for the bride. 

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1. Top Knot with Straight Bangs

Creating a messy top knot begins with you pulling the hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head. You can fasten it with a scrunchy, like Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies. Separate the ponytail into two pieces, like you are tying shoelaces. Roll the hair around the top of the ponytail and attach the bun with hair pins until you believe it is secure.

Proceed to loosen the thicker parts of the bun gently. This will help accomplish the messy-undone look. To get rid of unwanted frizz, use a large makeup brush and a flexible hold hair spray on the brush tip. Use your makeup brush to brush the flyaway hairs around the bun.

How to create a low knot with this style:

  1. Use a middle or side part halfway back to where your ear meets the top of your head.
  2. Place the hair on the nape of the neck. Use the same steps as the top knot and fasten it with pins.
  3. If you use accessories with the messy bun, you can attach it around the base to provide a chic, cute finish. 
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2. Wide Bun on Long Hair

To create this look, you will want to use a texture spray. Begin at the roots and work out to the ends. If you want a middle part, begin on the very top of the head. Here you can secure two ponytails on each side of your parting. 

When the hair is secured, use a brush to backcomb it to add volume lightly. Texture spray the lengths of each ponytail.

Now you can snake the ponytails around each other. You will want them to look like a figure eight. Secure the hair to the base of each ponytail and add some extra texture by gently pulling the buns apart. Finish the style by spraying with a light-hold hair spray.

3. Original Side Buns

Asymmetrical, loose hairstyles are not an everyday look. This option is the perfect choice for an original bride. This beautiful hairstyle works well with medium-long curly hair.  Oversized earrings and a flower bouquet complete the appearance.

The side bun is a quick, cute hairstyle for hair of any kind. With several variations, you can adjust it for anything from a casual beach visit to a special occasion. Most side buns come in the “messy” variety, with loosely pinned hair and free-hanging wisps. Wear a simple side bun for a casual day or evening out. Polish up your side bun for the wedding or other formal events.

4. Messy Wedding Bun Hairstyles

This look can be created with second-day hair. First, you want to comb through all the tangles with a detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb. Add a tiny amount of oil to the ends. Then provide the hair with some dry shampoo at the roots. The hair will gain volume and appear refreshed.

Pull the hair into a high ponytail and secure it. Hooked elastic is an excellent option, as there is no need to brush your hair into a tight ponytail. Leave the hair up and it can go in any haphazard way as long as it looks bumpy in all the right places.

Another alternative is to pull loose hair around your face and add polished waves with a curling iron. Set the midshaft of the hair onto the heating element and twist it while pulling the iron down. This will provide a haphazard wave that is perfect.

Pomade or wax can help tap down unwanted frizz. Split the ponytail into two sections and twist the two sections around each other. The twisted lengths can wrap around the base of the ponytail and be secured with hairpins. 

Depending upon the wedding bun hairstyle, you can pull at the bun to make it big or keep it on the tighter side. When the wedding bun is finished, use a little extra texture spray. 

5. Bun With Curtain Bangs

There are so many great styles you can do with curtain bangs. Use the middle part, sweep the hair back or even cover the ears to bring it into a ponytail to the back of the nape. Take the pony, twist the hair and fasten the bun utilizing a bungee or hair elastic.

Take the ponytail and twist it clockwise. Then you can take your other hand and push it upwards. The proper pressure will help create some flyaways. This trick is like magic and will help achieve that perfectly messy look once you have it fastened.

Wrap the hair into a loose bun and fasten it with bobby pins. Lock the bobby pins more effectively by turning the rigid portion of the pin towards the head. You will only want to open it some of the way. Leave enough room for the hair to be scooped back. 

The short strands you left in the front can be styled. The bangs or strands can be sprayed with hair spray or product. That way, you will be able to gently frame your face shape.

6. Sock Bun Hairstyles

The “perfect bun” may seem elusive, but with this simple solution they are easily attainable. Using a clean sock to act as your guide, you can design a fashionable yet functional, classic bun.

Put your hair up into a high ponytail. This will serve as the base structure for your bun. Cut the toe off your sock and roll it up to help get it onto your ponytail over the elastic. 

Fan your hair around the sock so it’s evenly distributed and the sock is covered.. Then gently rotate the excess hair to twist it around the forming bun. This sock bun style is excellent if you’ve got shorter hair and will give an illusion of more volume in the bun. For super long hair, there is a bit too much extra hair to wrap — so just cut off more sock.

Utilize bobby pins to secure the bun in place around the perimeter. If any of the sock is showing through, adjust the hair to cover it and pin in place. Spray your style with hairspray and enjoy!

We hope this list has inspired you to have the perfect bridal bun for your wedding day. Congratulations and good luck!


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