Fun What Did The Groom Say? Game: Templates With Up To 50 Questions

Why should all the fun be left for the big day?

With a fun game like “What did the groom say?” you can create a bridal shower, pr pre-wedding event that everyone will remember.

It’s not only a great way to keep guests entertained, but it’s also an excellent way for guests to break the ice with one another.

“What did the groom say?” is a super simple game to play that requires minimum preparation, and you’re free to customize the game however you wish by choosing which questions to include, and adding or replacing some questions if you so wish.

In this article, we’ll kick things off by running through the basics of the game, before providing you with lots of sample questions you can choose. Then we’ll be providing the links for some excellent “What did the groom say?” templates.

Playing games like “What did the groom say?” is a great way to make the pre-wedding events as memorable as the big day itself. Moreover, with the templates available, you don’t have to worry about creating the game from scratch, saving you time and energy.

Following on from that, we also have a section on tips for facilitating the game, and adapting the game for different types of parties.

By the end of the article, you’ll be fully equipped to have an excellent “What did the groom say?” game.

And without further ado, let’s get down to it.

“What Did The Groom Say?” Game Basics

The good news is that the “What Did The Groom Say?” game is as simple as it sounds…

Basically, it begins when the groom is asked for his responses to a list of questions about the bride and about their relationship with one another.

The bride is also asked the same questions. After this point, there are two different ways the game can be played.

2 Ways To Play

One way is to have the party guests guess the groom’s responses, or try to answer the questions themselves.

The other way to play is to have the guests predict whether or not the bride and groom have matching answers to each of the questions. This is a kind of twist on the “He said, She said” game. And it’s sometimes referred to as ““How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride?”.

Aim Of The Game

The aim of the game for the guests is to have the most correct answers, whether the guests are guessing the bride or groom’s answers, or simply predicting whether or not they match.

But, it’s not so much who has the most correct answers that’s important, so much as everyone having fun as you play.

Some guests are unlikely to know all of the answers, and in these instances they are free to shout out any answer that will bring a laugh.

Guests tend to have the most fun with the game when the guests can call out silly, random answers, or when the questions get personal or when the answers get romantic.

It’s also a great way of finding out how well each of the guests know the bride and groom.

“What Did The Groom Say?” Game Sample Questions

Here are some sample questions you may wish to use. Please feel free to ditch some that won’t suit, and of course, feel free to add any personal ones that you can come up with.

(These questions aren’t listed in any particular order.)

  1. Who is her celebrity crush?
  2. Where did you have your first kiss?
  3. What was her childhood nickname?
  4. What’s her different dish to cook?
  5. What’s her favorite book called?
  6. What is the one thing she cannot live without?
  7. What is her guilty pleasure?
  8. What is her best quality?
  9. What household chore will she make you do?
  10. What’s her favorite clothes store?
  11. What’s her biggest fear?
  12. What was the name of her first pet?
  13. What’s her favorite Netflix series?
  14. What’s her favorite alcoholic cocktail?
  15. Who’s her favorite musician / band?
  16. What is her ultimate motto?
  17. What’s her favorite candy?
  18. What’s her biggest pet peeve?
  19. What’s her favorite movie?
  20. How does she take her coffee?
  21. What’s her favorite song?
  22. Which of your habits most annoys her?
  23. How would you describe her in just one word?
  24. How did you know you wanted to marry her?
  25. What’s her best quality?
  26. What was her first job?
  27. What was her dream job as a kid?
  28. Which country does she want to visit next?
  29. What are her favorite song lyrics?
  30. When did you realize you wanted to marry her?
  31. What song does she usually sing at karaoke?
  32. What is her most prized possession?
  33. What is her ideal date night?
  34. What is your favorite thing about her?
  35. Who said “I love you” first?
  36. What is her most prized possession?
  37. What is her dream car?
  38. How many kids does she want?
  39. What’s the one thing she can’t live without?
  40. What’s her best feature?
  41. What does she spend the most money on?
  42. What’s one thing she does that really annoys you?
  43. What’s her favorite color?
  44. What color are her eyes?
  45. When’s her birthday?
  46. What’s her favorite late night snack?
  47. Where was your second date?
  48. Where is her dream vacation spot?
  49. What year did she graduate high school?
  50. What would she say is the best present you gave her?
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Best PDF Templates For The “What Did The Groom Say?” Game

Having a smart looking template prepared (and ideally laminated) will have a more polished look than merely a handwritten scribble on thin paper.

We’ve scoured the net looking for the best “What Did The Groom Say?” game PDF templates, and here are the links:

Tips For Playing The  “What Did The Groom Say?” Game

Here follows some great tips for setting up and playing the game, making sure things run smoothly, and also tips on how to adapt the game to different occasions.

Have Plenty Of Supplies At The Ready

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that means it’s much better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Be sure to have more supplies than you expect to need, including game cards (in case of a last minute added guest or two), and several good, working pens to write with.

You may also want to provide spare game cards in case of drink spillages, and pencils, in case you have really bad luck with the ink in the pens.

This will help things to run as smoothly as possible and avoid too much disruption.

Plan Some Nice Prizes

Few things make games more interesting than a much coveted prize to win if you’re successful!

This will help people to remain focused on the game throughout its duration, and prevent them from getting needlessly distracted.

You can either have one main prize at the end for the ultimate winner, or you can provide several small prizes for all the guests simply for participating.

If there is no clear winner at the end, you can always organize a tie-breaker question or tie-breaker round with extra questions that have been put to the groom that aren’t already on the main game cards.

Here are some nice ideas for prizes you can consider:

  • Gift cards
  • Small bottles of nice wine
  • Luxury chocolates (e.g. Belgian or Swiss chocolates)
  • Complimentary spa treatments
  • Home brewing kit

Really Involve The Groom

As the organizer or facilitator, you will need to obtain the groom’s answers to the questions ahead of time.

Having a written record of all of the groom’s answers is one idea. But if you prefer, you could instead have a video recording of the groom being interviewed, being asked all the questions presented, so he can explain and justify his answers. You will need his consent for this.

Guests will enjoy watching to see if the groom struggles to answer some of the questions, and which questions he can answer straight away without any hesitation.

And it may help the experience feel more romantic or cheeky. He could also add a short message at the end of the video for his newlywed and/or for his guests.

Have A Referee

Try to find someone who will remain neutral whenever there’s a need for a judgment call.

There are likely to be answers from the groom that don’t necessarily match what the bride has said, or what the guests have suggested. For example, if the answer is not given verbatim, or a favorite color is described as pink rather than magenta and so on. In such instances, it is good to have just one person to decide whether or not a point can be given for the answer.

Adapting The Game For A Wedding Shower

A wedding shower is basically an event prior to the wedding, where the friends and family of both the bride and the groom can get together. Somewhat like a bachelor and bachelorette party, but with both sides together.

You can play the “What Did The Groom Say?” game just as described, or instead you may want to turn things around and play “What Did The Bride Say?”, and have guests guess at what the bride says to the questions on their partner and relationship.

But you don’t have to choose between the two games – you can do both!

Adapting The Game For A Bachelorette Party

Adapting the game for a bachelorette party is super fun!

You can have the bride take a shot for every question she gets wrong. Or when she gets a question wrong, she has to do a dare.

And you can get away with asking the groom riskier questions, such as “What is her favorite body part of yours?”, and so on.

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Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through, and that you’re sufficiently equipped and inspired to plan the perfect “What Did The Groom Say?” game. Enjoy!

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