LGBTQ Couple’s Shoe Shower Game Printable

If you’re looking for the perfect game for a couple’s shower for two brides, you have to try our Her and Her Couple Shoe Shower Game!

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What Do You Need to play Her and Her Couple Shoe Shower Game

  1. A copy of the printable for each person at your party (don’t forget the brides).
  2. Pens/pencils/markers.
  3. A fun prize for the winner!

How to Play

  1. Before playing, give a printout to each guest, plus one copy for you to read out the questions.
  2. Assign a shoe color to each bride. For example, bride 1 is pink and 2 is blue.
  3. Give players about ten minutes to decide which bride will raise her shoe for which questions. Their goal is to match the answers.
  4. Next, grab two pairs of shoes and give the brides one shoe from each pair. Then have them sit back to back.
  5. Again, assign one pair to represent bride 1, and the other to represent bride B.
  6. As you read each question out loud, the brides will raise the shoe that matches the answer. For example, if Bride A thinks that she has more ex-lovers, she’ll raise her shoe. If she thinks her partner does, she’ll raise the other shoe.
  7. At the end of the game, the player with the most correct guesses about which bride will say what wins.

That’s it, really! Super simple, yet oh-so-fun! If it’s a little too simple, though, try these tips:

Him and Him Couple’s Shoe Shower Game

Planning a wedding for two grooms instead of two brides? Check out our Him and Him Shoe Shower Game Printable. All of the same rules apply, except swap out “bride” with “groom” in the directions.

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