Top 5 Elvis Presley Father-Daughter Wedding Songs

Looking for some of the most beautiful Elvis Presley father-daughter wedding songs to dance to at your reception? While there aren’t many to choose from that are really appropriate (you can’t really slow dance with dad to “Jailhouse Rock, after all), we did find a few that are absolutely beautiful. Let’s check them out!

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5 Best Elvis Father Daughter Dance Songs 

Elvis has given us some amazing tracks that can be the perfect father-daughter dance songs that capture the beauty and bond of this special relationship.

While many of his romantic songs are better suited to a couple’s first dance, a few stand out as perfect for dads to dance to with their daughters. Here are our favorites.

father and bride dancing

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1. Hawaiian Wedding Song (From the movie Blue Hawaii)

This beautiful song is about a father thinking of the chiming of wedding bells, as his sweet child gets ready to start a new life. The song is a promise of a father to always love his daughter and has a melancholy touch as he asks her to stay.  

I can hear my heart singing

Soon bells will be ringing

This is the moment

Of sweet Aloha

2. Memories

For every father, the memories of bringing up his daughter are the most precious. This track about cherishing sweet memories is a favorite song at wedding ceremonies for the special dance between the father and the daughter.   

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind

Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine

Quiet thought come floating down

And settle softly to the ground

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3. Take Good Care of Her

For every father, his daughter’s wedding brings mixed feelings, as he blessed her and gives her away with a heavy heart. This song captures the pain of a father who’s giving away his daughter to her husband and requests her partner to take care of her.  

I suppose I ought to say congratulations
For you won the only girl I ever loved
But I hurt too much to face the situation
Just take good care of her, take good care of her

4. The Wonder of You

This heart-warming song reflects how a daughter brings happiness, strength, and hope to her father and helps him carry on. It can be a beautiful dedication from a father to his daughter as they dance together on her wedding day and move everyone to tears. 

You give me hope and consolation

You give me strength to carry on

And you’re always there to lend a hand

In everything I do

5. Crying in the Chapel

This song is not exactly about the father-daughter relationship but about the special moment of peace and joy that a person finds in a chapel. It can be a spiritually touching track for the moment when the father and daughter share the dance floor at the wedding. 

Just a plain and simple chapel

Where humble people go to pray

I pray the Lord that I’ll grow stronger

As I live from day to day

What Elvis Presley Songs are Inappropriate for Weddings?

We get it, you are a certified Elvis Presley fan. And there is no denying it – the King’s catalog features some of the most romantic songs ever written in pop music history. But the legend also released songs that might not be appropriate on your special day, or anyone else’s for that matter.

One example is “Suspicious Minds” which came out in 1969. Although the song hit the top of the charts that year, the song is actually about a relationship gone sour because of mistrust.

Another Elvis Presley track you should avoid for your wedding is the 1972 single “Always on My Mind.” Sure, the title is sweet, but the song is sort of apologetic. Its lyrics suggest shortcomings (“Maybe I didn’t treat you quite as good as I should have / Maybe I didn’t love you quite as often as I could have”). Oops, not the type of words you want at your wedding.

What Romantic-Sounding Songs Should I Avoid on My Wedding?

Here’s a quick list:

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2

This 1980s hit from the legendary Irish rock band is actually about searching for spiritual fulfillment. And yes, its melody is one of the most uplifting and inspiring from U2’s discography. But singing its title might feel a little weird when celebrating the union of two people who found exactly the one they’re looking for.

Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

This is a gentle ballad from guitarist extraordinaire Eric Clapton. You might think it’s about shedding tears of joy because you feel like you’re in heaven because you’re in love. But it’s actually about Clapton mourning the death of his 4-year-old son.

Every Breath You Take by The Police

It’s a classic, no doubt. But Sting wrote the lyrics from the point of view of a man stalking a girl. Suddenly, the words “I’ll be watching you” gives a whole new, creepy meaning.

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

In the lyrics, it says:

So goodbye

Please, don’t cry

We both know I’m not what you need.

Proof that it’s a break-up song, not a wedding song.

The Scientist by Coldplay

The giveaway? The part in the song where it says: “

It’s such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would be this hard

Take me back to the start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The iconic Elvis Presley has sung several beautiful songs that can be added to your father-daughter dance playlist. He has also given the world some wonderful romantic tracks that people choose as their first dance, processional dance, etc.

If you have questions about the father-daughter dance, here are the answers to some common questions! Take a look:

How do you choose a father-daughter dance song?

The father-daughter dance at the wedding ceremony is a wonderful moment that deserves a beautiful song. There are many beautiful tracks to choose from, like Memories, Take Good Care of Her, and The Wonder of You, all sung by Elvis Presley.  

What is a good father and daughter song?

There are many beautiful father-daughter songs to play at your wedding. One of the most popular songs is Take Good Care of Her by Elvis Presley. This track captures the dichotomy in the heart of a father at the moment he gives his daughter away to her husband. father and bride smiling at each other

What can I do instead of a father-daughter dance at a wedding?

Instead of a father-daughter dance, you can plan the father-daughter and mother-son dance together. The bride may dance with her brother, uncle, father-in-law, mother, or sister. You can plan a singing performance, family dance or a photo slideshow.

Who gets the first dance with the bride?

The first dance with the bride is obviously with the groom. After that, it is the turn of her father as they have the father-daughter dance. Eventually, the bride may share the dance floor with her father-in-law, brother, uncle, and others. 

What is a good song to dedicate to your daughter?

A beautiful song that a father can dedicate to his daughter at her wedding is The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley. The words of this song can perfectly reflect the love that a father nurses for his daughter, and how her presence makes his life better. 

What is the best Elvis song for mother-son dance?

Elvis patrons believe that the singer dedicated That’s Someone You Never Forget to his mother, though many feel like it’s for his wife. The words capture pure love, and a groom can dedicate it to his mother for the mother-son dance.

What are the best Elvis wedding songs?

Some of the amazing Elvis weddings songs are Can’t Help Falling in Love and Unchained Melody for the first or last dance, Take Good Care of Her and Hawaiian Wedding Song for the father-daughter dance, Memories and The Wonder of You for the mother-son dance, etc.

Final Words

For the memorable moment when the bride shares the dance floor with her father, the right song is quite important. If you’re looking for classic father-daughter dance songs, Elvis’ tracks are the ideal addition to the wedding playlist.

Elvis’ tracks are meaningful and melodious, and they are just the perfect choice for this occasion. If you’re looking for artist-based playlists, don’t miss our Beatles first dance song list.  

father and daughter dancing while elvis father daughter wedding songs are playing

What are your favorite Elvis father-daughter wedding songs? Please share your picks with us in the comments below!

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