50+ Most Romantic Frank Sinatra Songs for Wedding

If you’re looking for the most romantic Frank Sinatra wedding songs, you’re in good company! Ask anyone about America’s greatest musical icons, and the name that will surely come up is that of Ol’ Blue Eyes. His songs are so powerful that even today, people love his tracks and want to use them on their wedding day. If you are such a fan, we have a wedding playlist that you will absolutely love!

25 Frank Sinatra Wedding Songs List

Sinatra’s songs may have been aired many decades ago, but the tracks are still among the most favorites of people across the world.

They are classics that can set the mood at your wedding and make everyone feel emotional and romantic.

bride and groom having a romantic wedding dance

His songs can be the ideal addition to your wedding day, as well, and you can make the perfect choice of romantic wedding love songs from my list of favorite songs by this artist, as given below!

  1. The Way You Look Tonight.
  2. It Had To Be You
  3. Love And Marriage
  4. Luck Be A Lady
  5. I Get A Kick Out Of You
  6. I Only Have Eyes For You
  7. Nothing But The Best
  8. My Way
  9. Summer Wind
  10. The Good Life
  11. Chicago
  12. Young At Heart
  13. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  14. Always
  15. Moonlight Serenade
  16.  The Girl Ipanema
  17. Night And Day
  18. That’s Life
  19. Come Fly With Me
  20. Your Love For Me
  21. High Hopes
  22. I’ve Got The World On A String
  23. Somethin’ Stupid
  24. My Kind Of Town
  25. Theme From New York, New York

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22 Frank Sinatra First Dance Songs 

The first time a newlywed couple shares the dance floor during the wedding ceremony is a special moment, not only for the couple but also for everyone present there.

happy married couple

This dance can become special when there are perfect songs playing as the couple looks into each other’s eyes and falls in love with each other all over again. Check out my list of romantic songs by Sinatra to make the first dance memorable.

  1. As Time Goes By
  2. Some Enchanted Evening
  3. All the Way.
  4. Fly Me to the Moon 
  7. My Funny Valentine
  8. Falling in Love With Love
  9. Too Romantic
  10. My One and Only Love
  11. Yours Is My Heart Alone
  12. How Do You Do Without Me?
  13. From the Bottom of My Heart
  14. My Love is For You
  15. I Dream of You – More Than You Dream of Me
  16. That’s How Much I Love You
  17. It’s Only A Paper Moon
  18. At Long Last Love
  19. You Brought A New Kind of Love to Me
  20. Two Hearts Are Better Than One
  21. Love and Marriage
  22. Almost Like Beeing in Love

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10 Most Romantic Frank Sinatra Songs

When we think of a wedding, we think of romance and love. So, every wedding needs songs that are romantic and will give butterflies flutter in the stomachs of every person present at the wedding.

groom dancing with his bride

To set the mood for the special day, here’s a list of love songs by Sinatra, which you can choose for your wedding day!

  1. All Of Me
  2. Yes Sir, That’s My Baby
  3. Strangers In The Night
  4. Isn’t She Lovely
  5. You Make Me Feel So Young
  6. I’ve Got A Crush On You
  7. My Romance
  8. Love Is Here to Stay
  9. Love is the Tender Tap
  10. Three Coins in the Fountain

Bonus List: Top 10 Frank Sinatra Anniversary Songs

Wedding anniversaries are a special time for couples to remember their wedding day and renew their vows.  People choose to celebrate their anniversary in different ways. If you plan a romantic anniversary date, a Frank Sinatra song will be perfect to set the mood for the date. Here is a list of Sinatra’s songs I feel will be perfect for an anniversary date.

  1. Love is here to stay
  2. You make me feel so young
  3. All of me
  4. As time goes by
  5. The best is yet to come
  6. You brought a new kind of love to me
  7. I only have eyes for you
  8. Falling in love with love
  9. My one and only love
  10. Love is the tender tap


Now you have a list of Frank Sinatra songs that you can use at your wedding ceremony. But I understand if you have questions about this great icon of America and about his beautiful songs.

So, I put together the answers to some of the most common ones! Take a look at the FAQs below and find all the answers and the information that you might be looking for.

What’s Frank Sinatra’s story in summary?

Frank Sinatra is one of the greatest singers of the mid-19th century. He was also a producer and an actor. He was popularly known as “Chairman of the board” and “Ol’ Blue Eyes.” Frank Sinatra has about 150 million records in sales.
During his early days of fame, Sinatra was called “The Voice.” Frank Sinatra was a huge sensation in the early 1940s. In 1947, he witnessed a decline in his popularity and a lot of bad press. This lasted for about 5 years. In 1950 he lost his voice due to the stress he was putting on his vocal chord. In 1953, he regained popularity. He is said to be one of the world’s best-selling music artists. He died on the 14th of May 1998 at the age of 82.

What is the #1 wedding song by Frank Sinatra?

There are many songs in the wonderful voice of Frank Sinatra which are common choices for wedding playlists. Songs like The Way You Look Tonight, It Had To Be You, Love And Marriage, Luck Be A Lady, etc., are beautiful tracks to capture all the love in the air at the ceremony.

What are the best Frank Sinatra songs for wedding ceremonies?

Francis Sinatra songs have always been great favorites on any wedding playlist, be it a 20th century ceremony or a 21st century union. Some of his most popular wedding songs are The Best Is Yet To Come, It Had To Be You, As Time Goes By, etc.bride and groom dancing with the best 80's wedding songs

What is a father-daughter dance song by Frank Sinatra?

On the Sunny Side of the Street by Francis Sinatra, is often found to feature on a wedding playlist as a father-daughter dance song. This song from his studio album Come Swing with Me is a beautiful track that can move all guests to tears during this special dance.

What are the best Frank Sinatra wedding songs for the first dance?

If you want the wedding band to play a classic love song by Francis Sinatra for the glorious moment of the first dance at your wedding, there are many options for you. Slow songs like  As Time Goes By, Some Enchanted Evening, All the Way, Fly Me to the Moon, etc., can be perfect for the occasion.

What was the biggest selling song of Frank Sinatra?

One of the biggest musicians of all time in America is Francis Sinatra who has delivered many great hits during his career. Some of his top-selling songs are Strangers In The Night, Somethin’ Stupid, Three Coins In The Fountain, (Love Is) The Tender Trap, and more.

What are the highest-charting Frank Sinatra songs?

Francis Sinatra’s songs are still the top favorites of the patrons of retro music. Some of his top-charting songs are Strangers in the Night, Somethin’ Stupid, Three Coins in the Fountain, Learnin’ the Blues, Love and Marriage, Love is The Tender Trap, All the Way/Chicago, etc.

What are the top 5 Frank Sinatra songs?

If you ask Francis Sinatra fans about their favorite songs, they will probably name different tracks, all of which are classic songs that everyone loves. Some of the most popular songs by this musical genius are That’s Life, New York New York, Fly Me To The Moon, Strangers In The Night, and My Way.

What are the most popular Frank Sinatra songs?

Some of the most popular Frank Sinatra songs are The Way, Strangers In The Night, Luck Be A Lady, Come Fly With Me, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, etc. These are enjoyed by Western music patrons even today and may be perfect for wedding receptions and parties even now.

What was Frank Sinatra’s first hit song?

The song Polka Dots and Moonbeams, which was released in late April 1940, is the first-ever vocal hit delivered by America’s favorite singer, Francis Sinatra. This song became a favorite almost instantly, and the songs that followed its popularity are Say It and Imagination.

What was the last song that Frank Sinatra sang?

The Best Is Yet To Come was a song by Francis Sinatra that was released in the year 1964. It was the last song that he performed in public – in 1995. The title of the song is the words written on the tombstone of the great American singer.

Why are Frank Sinatra’s songs perfect for wedding dance?

Frank Sinatra’s songs portray the right emotions at a wedding. With more than a hundred romantic songs, you have a vast list to pick from. The right Sinatra song will set the tone for the first dance, the father-daughter dance, walking down the aisle

Do people still use Frank Sinatra’s songs at weddings?

Yes. Many people still choose to play Frank Sinatra’s songs at their weddings. His songs have been played since the 90s  and will likely be played for many more years. People still relate to the lyrics of his songs making the songs relevant even in today’s world.

Why are Frank SInatra’s songs considered timeless?

For about half a century, Sinatra sang classics that people can still relate to today. Some of the songs are not initially his. He, however, retouched the songs giving them his flavour.

Final Words

From your first dance to the cake-cutting from the father-daughter dance to the mother-son moment on the dance floor – every event in your wedding can become special with the classic songs by Frank Sinatra. I hope that you will be able to pick the right tracks from our list of songs by this American idol – and the songs will make your wedding day special!

groom dancing with his pretty bride

What are your favorite Frank Sinatra wedding songs? Let us know in the comments below!

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