7 Amazing FALL Ideas for a Couple’s Wedding Shower + Essentials

Hosting traditional showers is no fun! Instead, you can borrow a few of our fall ideas for a couples wedding shower and throw your favorite couple an event they’ll never forget. Wedding-related events should never be boring; that’s why each co-ed shower host should do their best to think of something innovative.

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Fall-Inspired Jack and Jill Wedding Shower Ideas

Each year since 2000, there have been more than 2 million marriages in the USA. You can only imagine how many of these people want a fun couples shower that will be different from anything they’ve attended before.

Below you’ll find some cool, innovative ways to celebrate with friends and family before the big day. They will definitely be a breath of fresh air. 

PS- all of these ideas work for a Jill and Jill or a Jack and Jack LGBTQ couple’s shower too.

#1 Wine-Themed Couples Shower

Is there any other word that screams fall more than wine? This is the time of the year when you can organize a coed wedding shower in a winery nearby and spend a few hours tasting their most delicious wine. Add a few cheese platters, and that’s what we call a satisfied guest list!

group of friends toasting wine

No matter where you live, you can find a winery close to you that organizes tours through their facilities, and you can start the evening with that. They’ll be able to tell you more about the history of the place, the history of this magical drink, and then you can proceed to wine tasting. Make sure it’s a magical setup, with fall-inspired décor, dry leaves, pumpkins, candles.

Do you know what even a better idea is? Going through the fields outside of the winery, the guests will see where they grow the grapes, and you can even opt for an outdoor tasting. Even people who prefer draft beer over wine will enjoy this event. Treat the almost-married couple with a specialty bottle of wine and wine glasses as a gift.

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#2 Cooking Class

Yes, this isn’t essentially a fall-themed co-ed wedding shower, but it’s a fantastic idea. You’ll have lots of fun, interact with the shower guests, and maybe even burn a pot roast or two. You can find cooking classes everywhere, and you can choose a cuisine you know the future newlyweds love.

couple happily cooking together

Since this class will happen before the wedding day, it will give the couple new skills they can try out after getting married in their new kitchen. This is a very versatile idea you can also steal for a bridal shower for brides that enjoy cooking and want to upgrade their skills.

#3 Fireside Coed Shower

Imagine spending a perfect evening by the fireside with your closest relatives and friends, celebrating the happy couple. This camp-inspired idea will be a favorite of many, especially everyone who likes to spend time in nature. Nothing can ruin the peace and serenity of an outdoor space that’s reserved only for your group and no one else.

friends drinking beer and playing music in front of a bonfire

We’re talking about starting with a dinner on a unique setup with a rustic vibe. Add cozy, oversized knit blankets for the guests and mulled wine on the list of drinks. Next, light up the fire, and start roasting marshmallows. There is no need to go for a traditional shower theme when you can be unique.

#4 Sports Shower

A Jack and Jill wedding shower is such a fun idea because it’s meant to make both the bride and groom happy. There are so many interesting sports you can do during fall so that everyone will find a team they’ll be a part of. You can mix various sports or opt for a long tournament playing the same game.

group of friends playing volleyball

There are great ways to pull off this shower. For example, you can decide to create teams bride vs. groom or men vs. women. Everyone will do their best to win, and they’ll have the time of their lives.

Organizing a sporting event is something everyone will love, not only because of the competitiveness but also because you’ll personalize it. And by personalizing, we mean tennis rackets with the date and names for the bride and groom, balls, hats, socks, and more.

#5 Fall Cocktail Party

Who doesn’t enjoy cocktails? You can make a menu of specialty fall cocktails decorated with the coolest fall-inspired decorations. Add apples, cinnamon, pears, pumpkins, and no one will want to leave. You can make one of the signature cocktails mulled wine to keep everyone warm if the event is set outdoors.

cocktail party for a couple's wedding shower

To make this party even better, hire a DJ that will play songs for all ages to make every guest happy. Once the cocktail buzz gets to them, it will be an evening to remember. The best thing about cocktail parties is that you can host them at any time of the day.

#6 Holiday Party

Is there anything better than a short getaway? If you’re several hosts, you can create a budget for a beach party somewhere near you. This is perfect for people that live near a lake, sea, or the ocean. The fact that it’s fall will make the event even more magical.

three couples having a pool party

Choose a sunny day, prepare charcuterie boards, grab many blankets to sit on, puffy pillows, and think of fun games you can play. Hearing the waves splash while you have your getaway will feel like therapy for everyone. It can be a two or three-day event, and you can think of different cocktails for each day or different couples wedding shower games.

Another way to host a holiday party is to find a fantastic villa with an indoor pool. Pool parties are a massive hit during any time of the year, and guests will have a blast. To make it more fall-inspired, create signature drinks, bring decorations, and have mulled wine at night.

#7 Dinner Party

This won’t be a regular dinner party; it will be a unique one! Host a dinner that will be all about fall, including fall food, desserts, drinks, and decorations. It will be the coziest, most relaxed thing ever. No-fuss family dinners sound like a dream, but with the party, you’ll prepare, everyone will be joyful and satisfied.

dinner party for a couple's wedding shower with a mountain view

Opt for a private setting, such as someone’s yard. Garden parties are always a delight because of all the trees and plants around. Plus, you can enjoy the wonderful fall colors and the falling leaves. Don’t forget about candles and wine!

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4 Essentials for a Successful Fall Wedding Shower

What are the essentials you need to pull off these fall couples wedding shower ideas? We’ll include a list of all the things you need to do to put together an unforgettable event for modern couples.

1- Printable Checklist

Before you start planning anything, you’ll need a checklist. Even the best of the best forget things, so don’t forget to get a planner and print out a list. Once you’re done with a task, don’t forget to check it. This is the only way you’ll make sure that everything is ready.

2- Invitations

Next thing, print out invitations! Make them fall-themed and on-brand with the party you’re hosting. It’s the best way to let people know they have to attend this special event, and it will remind them of how much fun they had.

Try this one:

3- Table Décor

No one likes an empty table. Most co-ed parties include dinner or lunch, so the table should look presentable and unique. Thankfully, fall is the best season for decorations because it offers some of the most stunning colors.

4- Guest Favors

You can imagine the guests’ surprise when you see that you’re sending them home with the cutest guest favors. Since this is happening during fall, it can be anything from a gorgeous candle with a scent that reminds of fall, cute little carved pumpkins filled with treats, small drink bottles, hand-made soap, and more. Of course, the party favors will depend on the theme of the party.

Try one of these DIYs:

When Should You Have a Couple’s Wedding Shower?

1- The Couple’s Schedule

If someone is planning your couple’s shower, they need to coordinate with you on when your available time is. This way, the event can be accommodated on your calendar. 

As a matter of fact, your preference and availability need to be a priority. This is why you should inform the person planning the wedding shower of your available dates.

2- The Wedding Party’s Schedule

In addition to your schedule, you should also check the schedule of the rest of the attendees of your event. It will be unfortunate to have the wedding shower all planned out and only a handful of your wedding entourage showing up to it. 

Try to check everyone’s schedule and plan around it. After all, your wedding party are people you’d want to share the momentous occasion with.

3- The Best Time for a Couple’s Shower

The general rule of thumb when planning a wedding shower is to time it from a few weeks or a few months prior to your big day. You wouldn’t want to have the party too close to your wedding day, especially if you plan to involve a lot of alcohol.

4- Book the Venue

Once you’ve already checked in with everyone’s schedules, the next thing you need to get out of the way is the venue of the party. This is because there are some venues that have long waitlists. If you’re really keen on having the shower party at a particular venue, you’ll have to book it ahead.


Who should be invited to a couples wedding shower?

Both relatives and friends of the bride and the groom are invited to a Jack and Jill party. This is a coed event, where, unlike a traditional bridal shower, there are male and female guests from both sides.

Do you bring gifts to a couples shower?

Yes, guests usually bring gifts to a wedding shower unless they’re told otherwise. In general, it should be a gift for the bride and groom, such as household appliances, linen, home décor, and more.

Does the groom come to a wedding shower?

Yes, the groom is present at a co-ed shower. A bridal party and bachelorette parties are only for the bride, but co-ed showers are events where the bride and groom attend.

Who pays for a couples shower?

According to wedding etiquette, whoever hosts the shower has to finance it. The bride and groom can have more than one host, and they will all split the cost.

Who should host a couple’s wedding shower?

The traditional practice is that the maid of honor is the one who hosts the shower. But as time passes, this no longer becomes a strict practice. Anyone can host a shower, especially if the couple doesn’t have anyone stepping up to the task.

What do you do at a couple’s wedding shower?

One of the things that make a couple’s shower different than a bridal shower is that it is simple a cocktail or a dinner party with members of your wedding entourage. 
Apart from having some games at the party, gift-giving is a part of the shower too.


If you’re not a fan of bridal parties, coed parties are the way to go! The FALL ideas for a COUPLES wedding shower that we listed are just ideas, but you can use your imagination and add your own tweaks. Whoever will host this party knows the bride and groom well, so we don’t doubt that you’ll make the right choice. 

Do you have other ideas for a couples wedding shower? Please share with us below!

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