23 Amazing Couples Shower Host Gift Ideas

Looking for a beautiful yet affordable way to thank the person who worked so hard to give you a beautiful shower? I’ve got your back! Below, I’m sharing 23 amazing gift ideas for a couples shower host or hostess that they’ll absolutely love! Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

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Gift Ideas for Couples Shower Host Top Favorites at a Glance

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23 Gift Ideas for Couples Shower Host (Buying Guide)

From inexpensive yet gorgeous scented candles to unique personalized coasters, you’ll find the perfect gift for your couples shower host below. Let’s dive right in!

1.    Scented Candles

soy scented candles

The sweet, celebratory blend in this candle is the ideal gift to give your wedding shower host. An orange, pineapple, and grape fragrance create the perfect atmosphere for your friends to have a healthy conversation in a healthy environment.

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2.    Unique Coasters

Personalized Round Bamboo coasters set of 4 w/holder Custom image 0

These darling coasters are a great addition to rustic home décor. These decorative dandelion coasters will also appeal to those who are not much into fun right after starting their day.

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3.    Wine Pairing Dishcloths

wine towel

Can tea towels serve as a handy guide for wine pairings? Yes, of course. Nearly 4,000 possible pairings are included in each cloth. What a great idea for the wine connoisseur as a bridal shower hostess gift!

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4.    Nostalgic Bookmark

wooden bookmark

An original wooden bookmark expressing your gratitude for hosting your bridal shower will definitely make a lasting impression, and you know that the shower hostess will appreciate it. So, go for nostalgic bookmarks that leave a long-lasting impact on your bridal shower host.

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5.    Potted Plants

Succulent Pots with Succulents Succulent Set with Pots image 1

These little beauties are one of the most thoughtful ideas for shower hostess gifts! A low-maintenance houseplant will add beauty to their home without taking too much space.

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6.    Serving Board

A serving board is an amazing idea for a bridal shower gift. This wooden board with its monogram and a rustic wildflower pattern is the perfect way to serve snacks to guests.

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7.    Personalized Wine bottles

wine bottle

As bridal shower hostess gifts, champagne and wine have always been popular, but they’re particularly appreciated at dinner or cocktail parties. It’s the perfect combo to pair a bottle of their favorite wine with a personalized label.

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8.    Bath Bombs

organic bath bomb

Think about getting your shower host a few gifts that will help them to relax after the party. The soothing essential oils and Epsom salt in the lavender and chamomile bath bomb are everything you need for ultimate relaxation.

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9.    Fun Party Games

30th Birthday Party Games  Born In 1991 Games Bundle  image 0

If your hostess throws a lot of parties and struggles to come up with ways to keep guests engaged, this could be the perfect gift. They can even use it during YOUR party! The seller, Top Party Games, has bundles for pretty much every year and occasion, so don’t worry if your host wasn’t actually born in 1991!

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10.   Stellar Necklace

Celestial Necklace Sun Moon and Stars Necklace Astrology image 0

You can never go wrong with a little stellar necklace. If you like to follow the stars, these beautiful astrology-inspired necklaces will make the ideal hostess gift. The price may be a little high, but it’s understandable.

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11.  Crowd-Pleasing Sauces

Organic Mustard Gift Pack Double Deal  Mustardellos image 0

Want to buy your foodie bridal shower host a gift? Take a look at the rave reviews and see for yourself! Mayonnaise duo infused with truffle is a kitchen staple we never knew we needed.

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12.  Printed Wine Glasses

Custom Wine Glass Personalized Wine Glasses Monogram Wine image 0

With an appreciation quote, wine glasses will feel like a big encouragement to the hostesses if they’re always planning great parties or even if this is their first big event. So, show your maid of honor you appreciate her efforts with a printed wine glass.

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13.   Unique Gift Box

Generally, one gift is adequate, but it is acceptable to go the extra mile for your host if they are leaving no stone unturned to make your bridal shower memorable. A box set of self care items like this one is perfect!

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14.   Bracelets

Personalized Beaded Name Bracelet  Custom Word Bracelet  image 0

Couples shopping for a sister or childhood BFF can present a gift of retro jewelry like this beaded bracelet as a bridal shower hostess gift. Personalize the gift with fun and colorful initials.

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15.   Event Planner Guide

One Day At A Time: Daily Planner image 0

Why not get your bridal shower host their own planner so they can stay organized with all their special appointments and other details of their day-to-day life. Since this pretty journal does not have a date, they can begin at any time.

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16.   Revitalizing Soap

zero waste soap

If you aren’t completely certain what the hostess will like, unique revitalizing soap makes a great hostess gift. They smell great, look pretty, and are useful. If your party planner hosts out of their own home, they will definitely appreciate this gift.

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17.   Cozy Slippers

An elegant pair of cozy slippers are difficult to find. Your host will appreciate receiving these as a thank-you gift after the shower. It’s one of the most beautiful and useful gifts!

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18.   Delicious Cookies

Gift ideas for a couples shower hostess don’t have to be too extravagant. It is hard to imagine anyone would not enjoy Milk Bar’s delicious cookies! I know I’d be thrilled to receive them. YUMMMMM!

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19.   Heart-shaped Spoons

Set of 4 Stainless Steel Heart Shaped Dessert Spoons Heart image 0

Make your host feel special by giving them a heart-shaped spoon. At the dinner table every day as well as at parties, this cute utensil set will come in very handy.

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20.   Marble Mugs

Marble Mug Personalise Mug Custom Name Mug Personalized Mugs image 1

A functional personalized mug is a perfect gift for the hostess who cannot live without her coffee. Featuring a trendy marble design and hand-lettered metallic calligraphy, this one will exceed your host’s expectations.

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21.   Cocktail Ice Cubes

Custom Monogram whiskey ice cube tray Personalized silicone image 0

Introducing these genius cocktail-infused ice cubes to your host will ensure that they will never have to endure any watered-down cocktails again. As a way to relax after a hard day or to add to the host toolkit, they’re perfect.

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22.   Cupcakes


These chocolate stuffed cupcakes are amazing for your shower hostess. They’re like little jars of happiness!

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23.   Cookbooks

Food from the Heart Cookbook image 0

Are you looking for a cookbook for a baking enthusiast? Banana bread is only the beginning. The great thing about this cookbook is that it is full of delicious recipes to make your host feel appreciated. Those who are fans of The Great British Baking Show will love this bridal shower hostess gift.

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What kind of gift do you take to a bridal shower?

There’s nothing better than a classic water set, starter dinner sets, and a cool coffee maker. These items are the mainstays of wedding registries. You can also check out our 23 favorite unique bridal shower gifts if you want to give something a bit more exciting.

How much should I spend on shower hostess gifts?

There’s no set price as far as etiquette goes. If you’re attending as a guest and want to bring something, a $10 bottle of wine, some flowers, or a small token is fine. For the actual guest of honor, however, aim for a $50 gift.Violet present or gift box with a flowers and a lilac ribbon

What is the etiquette for hostess gifts?

Guests do not need to bring hostess gifts, but it’s always appreciated. For the guest of honor, however, etiquette dictates thanking your host with a nice gift.

When should you not bring a hostess gift?

It is customary to present hostess gifts at brunches, dinners, or cocktail parties. A weekend or overnight stay is one exception to this rule, where you can get away with not giving the hostess any gifts.


So, if you are planning to go on your friend’s bridal shower, do remember to take a shower gift for the host as well. Your appreciation will definitely encourage them to host more amazing parties.

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a hand giving a brown gift box

Which are your favorite gift ideas for couples shower host from the above list? Please share with us in the comments section!

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