8 Bridal Shower Gifts for Your Future Daughter in Law

A bridal shower is a perfect opportunity for the mother-in-law to get close to the bride. And what better way to do it, than choosing a perfect gift for her? From personalized frames to customized mugs and wine glasses, there are plenty of gifts that a mother-in-law could choose from.

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks of bridal shower gift ideas for bride, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Our 5 Favorite Bridal Shower Gifts from Mother of the Groom at a Glance

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Here is a list of some appropriate bridal shower gifts for future daughter-in-law.

Mother of the Groom Bridal Shower Etiquette

Wedding etiquette experts explain that it’s best to buy a considerate and tasteful gift for the bride. The best bridal shower gift etiquette is to choose a gift that will be useful for her after the wedding. However, if you want to get a little creative, there’s a lot of room for giving her something special that she will adore for the rest of her life.

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What should the groom’s mom bring to a bridal shower?

It could be anything personalized or monogrammed. Both are good choices, especially one which follows the theme of the event or, again, comes from their wish list.

Here is a list of some appropriate bridal shower gifts for future daughter-in-law.

8 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas from Mother of the Groom

1.      Personalized Frame

A frame makes a useful and practical present for couples, and it also accentuates their home. The couple can get their wedding picture framed to be placed on the mantel.

Moreover, to further personalize the gift, you can add your favorite picture of the marrying couple.

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2.      Customized Mugs

Customized mugs are one of the wonderful gifts one can give. They make multi-purpose and practical gift choices.

These cute gestures mean a lot to the receiver. These quotes on mugs can either be funny, cheeky, or even prayer or blessings. At the same time, the couple can always use those as coffee mugs or as decorative items.

3.      Wine Glasses

While wine glasses are just a cliché but they sure make a good gift for the couple. They can either be customized with the couple’s name or, even better, labeled Bride and Groom.

If you are planning to buy a wine glass set for the couple, you could alternate them with buying only a couple of wine glasses. You can opt to buy two glasses in the budget of a wine glass set.

4.      Champagne Flute

It is traditional for the bride and groom to raise their glasses after the toast by the maid of honor or best man. Moreover, they are a trendy prop used in wedding pictures by photographers, as seen on Instagram and Pinterest.

These customized champagne flutes make the right gift for the couple and can also stay with them as a decorative item to remember the day.

5.      Luggage Tags & Passport Holders

Luggage tags and passport holders make very practical, customized, and Best Bridal Shower Gifts From the Mother of the Groom. Both tags and holders are easy to identify by colors.

Moreover, these will come in handy for the couple as they travel soon for their honeymoon. The gift is not only customized but also thoughtful in many ways.

These leather tags and holders are made of leather; hence, they keep the passport safe from spill and damage.

6.      Fill-In-The-Blank Gift Journal

Personalized notes and letters are clichés yet still adored the most. Hence anything written with love and care will make a wonderful Bridal Shower Gift for Future Daughter In Law. The journal has various pages of blanks and lines that, once filled, can become a beautiful gift from mother law.

With various lines from “how I love you,” “you have great taste in,” and “you deserve the ____ award.” These various pages, once filled, can make a beautiful journal for her to read later.

7.      Caraknots Bridal Shower Gifts for Bride Bag

It is a very versatile gift for her. It is stylish and could be used as multipurpose, and be customized with a quote like, “And so the adventure begins.”

Caraknots Bridal Bag is made out of canvas which is not only sturdy but also eco-friendly, durable, reusable, and easy to clean.

A perfect fit for the go-to choice bag for travel and picnics.

8.      Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit is a DIY molding kit for plaster statues. Most couples love to get their plaster models and keep them as decorative items.

It also marks the beginning for the newly married; some even opt to make a new model after every ten years with the additions in family.

The kit is very basic, comes with all the instructions, and is incredibly easy DIY bridal shower gifts. The couples prefer to place it with their wedding bands; henceforth, the plaster wiggles off effortlessly.

Final Words

These are some wonderful ideas for bridal shower gifts from the mother of the groom. These gifts make their event memorable.

You may choose something sentimental as a gift for the new couple.

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If you were to pick, what are your favorite bridal shower gifts from the mother of the groom? Please share in the comments below!

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