12 Wedding Arch Ideas That Instantly Class Up Your Ceremony

Wedding ceremony with flower arch near palm, sea, yacht, mountains. Flower decoration is from cream, orange, white roses.

From simple yet elegant to over-the-top stunning, these wedding arch ideas add a whole new dimension of class to your ceremony.

A wedding arch is more than just somewhere for the lucky couple to stand – it’s a photo opportunity, a symbol, and decoration that ties your aesthetic together.

Take a look at our favorites!

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Wedding Arch Ideas That Instantly Class Up Your Ceremony

white wedding arch ideas outdoors

Wedding arches have various meanings for diverse cultures. For some, it symbolizes the protection of parents, for others, it’s an image of a new home. Isn’t that beautiful?

While not everybody has them, they are a beautiful idea – and we love them.

If you want an arch, but aren’t sure what design or vibe to go for – these ideas could inspire or motivate you.

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1. The extravagant arch

If your wedding is leaning towards that classic “big white wedding” look, then you need a large than life arch. The aim is to take people’s breath away IRL and on Instagram.

Imagine walking down the aisle, towards something as avant-garde as this? What a beautiful image.

Actually, despite how insane this looks, they’re relatively easy to make – even as a DIY. With silk or real flowers, fabrics, and a build. You can have your own, uniquely amazing wedding arch.

2. The garden-inspired arch

Actually, your wedding arch doesn’t necessarily have to stand out. It can very much blend into its surroundings, making for a seamless, natural flow.

As you can see, you can achieve this look my copying it’s surroundings. Simple greens, white flowers – and a natural-looking hoop. If you’re having a garden/outdoor ceremony, these are a timeless look.

Of course, these are especially popular for those embracing the minimal/natural look.

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3. The forest arch

On that same note, you can try out the forest-esque type of arch. Still extremely natural and minimal, like the garden arch, but with a forest-like twist.

Now, we’re calling this a forest arch but this would still look wonderful in virtually any setting.

These types of natural aesthetic weddings are huge at the moment, and we don’t expect them to die out any time soon.

4. Feathered paradise

You may not consider feathers in your wedding arch, but the forest arch and this one may change your mind.

Our favourite part: how it’s split down the middle in such a dramatic but classy way. Make note of how the greenery around the seats matches perfectly, too. It’s the little touches.

5. The rose wedding arch

Roses will always be a popular symbol of love. Likewise, red and pink will always be associated with romance. What’s better for your wedding arch, really?

How gorgeous is this ultra-pretty wedding arch, complete with those stunning pink roses? Remember, pastel colours go superb with any kind of aesthetic.

P.S: take note of the wooden build of this arch. That’s a great way to keep your wedding arch looking natural, especially if you know there will be gaps throughout the floral accents.

6. Pretty in pink

You don’t need to opt for roses, though. Pink flowers are absolutely adorable, especially for a wedding arch. Pair them with your classic greens and whites, and you’ll have an arch made for fairy tails.

Obviously, this is breathtakingly beautiful. However, you can add pink in the form of fabric, too.

7. Glamourous all-white

There’s no reason why you should stray away from tradition if that’s not what you want to do. White weddings are a childhood dream for so many, and your wedding arch can make your dreams come true.

This all-white arch keeps the colours very minimal, but look how climactic the finished look is? Don’t worry, you can always add your own switch on the classic white arch look.

8. Crochet dreams

If you’re looking for a more boho look, take this amazing crochet, dream-catcher vibe arch as inspo.

Here us out; imagine this for a desert/summer wedding. Wouldn’t that look absolutely incredible?

9. Less is more

There’s really no need to go all out if you’re not feeling it. As you saw with the garden arch, sometimes less really is more.

A few flower bouquets, perfectly embellishing a simple wooden arch, it’s all it really needs. Just pick the right colours and aesthetic, and it’ll be the best arch for your wedding.

10. The beach wedding arch

Of course, we can’t do this list without mentioning the beach arch. Nautical vibes are necessary for a classic beach wedding, using them in your arch is genius.

Look at the tropical flowers on this arch – you could steal a few ideas from this.

Sidenote: how ingenious is that beachy look rope, holding everything together?

11. Pyramid wedding arch

The classic square arch is a firm fave for many. However, your arch can be whatever (with some exceptions) shape you want.

We’re obsessed with this triangle wedding arch, to be honest.

12. Winter wonderland

Are you having a winter wedding? You’re so lucky that you can sprinkle your day with that frosty magic, just like this arch does.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Arch

When it comes to wedding arches, there are many tips and tricks that can help make your big day even more special. Here are some of the best tips for a wedding arch that you should consider before making any decisions:

  1. Choose an arch style that fits your wedding theme – You want an arch that complements the overall theme and style. 
  2. Select a location – Consider the surrounding landscape when choosing an arch site, as this will influence the type of arch that is best suited for it. You may consider using a venue’s existing arches or installing one in an outdoor area that can be decorated with flowers, foliage, and other decorations.
  3. Determine the size of your arch – Measure the height and width of the space where you plan to install the arch to ensure it fits.
  4. Decorate your arch – Drape fabric over a plain wood or metal arch or add colourful flowers, foliage, ribbons, and other decorations to make it unique.
  5. Add lights – String lights around the arch or embed them into the structure for a beautiful and romantic effect. 
  6. Consider customization – Have an arch custom-made that reflects your individual style, culture, or religion for a truly unique wedding arch experience.


What does a wedding arch symbolize?

The arch symbolizes new beginnings, a union of two lives becoming one. It represents the power of love and signifies the inception of a marriage that will last for eternity. The arch also serves to express joy and celebration on such an occasion. It marks the start of a journey into happily ever after! The bride and groom exchange vows under the arch, sealing their love and commitment to each other in front of family and friends. After the ceremony, newlyweds can enjoy a symbolic walk through it together as a newlywed couple.
The wedding arch is also a great addition to photos! A beautiful backdrop for recordings of special memories on this momentous day. As the bride and groom pose for pictures, they can look back at the arch that marked the start of their journey into wedded bliss. An arch is an iconic symbol of a wedding day, making it a great way to commemorate this special occasion!

What material works on a wedding arch?

The materials used for a wedding arch can vary depending on your style and preference. Many couples choose to decorate their arch with fabric such as tulle, silk, lace or muslin. You can also opt for natural materials such as flowers, branches, and foliage. Floral garlands are especially popular and add an elegant touch to any wedding space! Balloons are another option if you want a more whimsical look. Regardless of what material you use, the main thing is that it complements your overall theme or colour palette.

What can I use instead of a wedding arch?

Instead of a wedding arch, couples could opt for other decorations or structures such as panels of fabric draped in an arch-like shape, a chuppah (a canopy held up by four posts), hanging lanterns and flowers, a show-stopping balloon feature, metal arches with greenery and florals, or even just the altar itself. The possibilities are endless! Whatever structure you choose should reflect your style and enhance the vibe you aim to create.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re going for a classic look or something more unique, we hope these twelve wedding arch ideas have given you the inspiration and confidence to create an unforgettable ceremony backdrop. With just a few simple additions, your dream wedding can come alive in ways that will wow your guests. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures to remember this special day! Now it’s time to get creative – happy planning!

We hope this inspired you, even just a tiny bit, to find a wedding arch that’s perfect for you and your loved one to stand underneath, at the beginning of your new lives.

From simple yet elegant to over-the-top stunning, these wedding arch ideas add a whole new dimension of class to your ceremony.
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Did you use one of these wedding arch ideas? Do you have any other ideas for a truly epic arch? Share below!

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