9 Wedding Arch Flower Ideas That Really Bring on the Pzazz

a wooden wedding arch with simple yet elegant flowers

If you’re on the hunt for some truly beautiful wedding arch flower ideas, stick around! We’re going to explore some amazing (and affordable) ways to give a plain rented arch a whole lot of pzazz. 

For those that don’t know, arches are essentially an alternative to an altar. While they’re usually used for outdoor weddings, many couples use them indoors as well. These arches can look amazing, be the centerpiece, and basically the key piece of decor when you say “yes.”

Wedding Arch Flower Ideas That Really Bring on the Pzazz

Obviously, arches don’t have to be flowery at all. Many people opt for a bare arch, a balloon arch, or the use of fabric. That being said, flowers have and always will be a big part of weddings. So, adding them to your arch makes perfect sense. If you’re opting for a flower arch, here are some of my favorite ideas.

From sweet and simple to totally wow, these wedding arch flower ideas offer up a little something for every personality. 

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1. Mini flowers

Photo: happycraftinguk/Etsy

If you have a thinner style of an arch, you can still add tons of flowers. Just opt for these mini flowers. These are the perfect alternative to large statement flowers, too – perhaps a more subtle kind of arrangement.

 Also, you can pair these with bigger artificial flowers, foliage, or fabric. .When you choose adaptable smaller flowers like this, you can let your creativity take control. 

2. Petals 

Gazebo and chairs set up for a romantic beach wedding, with red rose petals and a beautiful flower arch.

While you can definitely glue rose petals to your arch for a classy look, I immediately imagined them strewn on the aisle runner, on the tables, and everywhere else. I love how they pull together the fabric-covered arch above and play into the subtle bouquets.

Rose petals, especially the red-toned ones like these, are associated with romance. What’s more romantic than a wedding?

This is a really unique idea. Again, this can be incorporated with other designs, colors, and textures.  For example, if you’re having a rainbow-themed same-sex wedding, use petals of different colors to pull the whole look together.

3. Silk roses 

Photo: happycraftinguk/Etsy

On the topic of romance, roses are basically synonymous with the concept. 

Roses can really add that touch of love to any atmosphere, and seeing them on a wedding arch is bold, beautiful, and perfect all around. 

These silk roses come in multiple colors – red, pink, white, and even green. This means you can decorate your arch to fit your theme, regardless of what it is. 

This is one of the best reasons to use faux flowers – they can come in crazy colors, that would otherwise be unavailable. 

4. Lavender 

Photo: AlisCraftEmporium/Etsy

I can picture these at one of those gorgeous forest weddings, one that has a natural, neutral tone all around. 

Lavender making it’s way up a simple wooden arch? How gorgeous would that look? 

You can even add these into bouquets and on the tables. 

If you’ve fallen in love with these, but still want a statement arch. No problem. Just pair them with bold flowers and bright fabrics. Experiment around a little bit. 

5. Foam roses

Photo: Blossomandbloomsfs/Etsy

Honestly, I just had to include these. I couldn’t picture more perfect fake flowers for a wedding, even if I tried. 

Romantic colors – check. Romantic roses – check. Diamond center – check!

Yes, that’s right. These foam roses have diamantes in the center. If you’re looking for a flashy wedding, these will be perfect. 

6. Sunflowers 

Photo: DecorFlowerShopUA/Etsy

Sunflowers are a little bit of a unique choice – but they make an impact. Summer weddings, bright weddings, and themes which are on the happy side will make these look amazing. 

If you love the idea of sunflowers (for obvious reasons) you can also choose white, blue, or beige colors. Again, the beauty of picking fake flowers – the choice of colors expands. 

7. Foliage 

Photo: Myfleurshop/Etsy

If you’re opting for a more neutral, green wedding – you can also get wonderful faux foliage

These can be anything from leaves, to ivy and even eucalyptus garlands. The one chosen can really make your arch feel like a serene, sacred place. 

Alternatively, you can just place this with some brighter or more neutral flowers. This will make everything look a little more natural – like your arch has genuinely grown new life onto it. 

8. Feather flowers 

Photo: Shakeyourtailfeathrs/Etsy

A little more on the alternative style, but nonetheless absolutely gorgeous. 

These feather flowers will look gorgeous on your wedding arch. They’re extremely unique – for those who don’t want their wedding to follow traditions. 

Of course, these can also be paired with greenery to neutralize them. The choice is all yours. 

9. White flowers 

Photo: FoxFauxFlowersShop/Etsy

Of course, I had to add white flower option. This will be the perfect option for those going for the big white wedding, the toned-down traditional wedding, and everything in between. 

A safe but beautiful choice. 

Why you should use fake flowers 

Fake flowers are truly the best option for your wedding. They look completely realistic, to such a degree that nobody will even believe they are faux. 

They don’t have to be in season, they can save for however long you would like, they don’t trigger allergies, and don’t fall to pieces at the end of the day. 

I’ve also already mentioned that faux flowers give you tonnes more options when it comes to color. 

I hope this is a helpful little guide. Remember, get creative. 

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These beautiful wedding arch flower ideas give a plain rented arch a whole lot of pzazz. Check them out and get ready to be inspired!

What are some of your favorite wedding arch flower ideas? Share below!

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