7 Beautiful Wedding Arch Garland Ideas We Just Can’t Stop Staring At

wedding arch garland ideas

Ah, the wedding arch garland – the tiny little accessory that makes such a big difference. It’s quite literally the difference between a plain wedding arch and one that you are proud to stand in front of while reciting your vows.

Now, a beautiful arch doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fork out loads. You can experiment yourself, with a little help from online shopping. Below, I’ve listed my favorite wedding garlands, and how you can use them on your big day.

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Beautiful Wedding Arch Garland Ideas We Can’t Stop Staring At

The first one on our list is definitely our top pick, but only by a small margin. After all, each option is perfectly stunning in it’s own way! Take a look and I bet you’ll agree!

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Check out the table for a quick peek, then read on for more details. Prices are accurate as of today and rounded to nearest dollar. Final price depends on the size you choose.

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1. The Eucalyptus Garland

wedding arch garland ideas
Picture: BloomersTradingCo / Etsy

The reason this is number one on my list is because of how versatile it is. The colours, design, and shape make it perfect for all themes. I mean, all themes.

Beach? Perfect. Forest? Perfect. Traditional? Perfect.

Plus, with the length and width being average, you can still add more if you desire. That could be bright flowers, fabric, or more greenery. It opens you up to a world of possibility, and we love it.

Starting at $89, this is a much cheaper alternative to many wedding arches. It’s also super easy to do it yourself.

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2. The hanging roses

wedding arch garland with roses
Picture: LoomisCollection / Etsy

Next up, we have the hanging vine roses. These can be hung directly from your arch, to create an almost scenic backdrop. However, you can also wrap them around your arch, and make a gorgeous natural vine look.

Roses have always been associated with romance and love. So, if you’re struggling to find the perfect flower for your big day – stick to the classic.

These gorgeous rose garlands come in at around $15 for one strand. Each strand is 2.3 m. You also get to choose between purple, red, white, Tiffany blue, pink, and champagne.

Quick side note: You could also use these as a backdrop for a photo booth.

3. The balloon garland 

wedding arch garland ideas balloons
Picture: InspiredbyAlma / Etsy

This is a pretty modern trend – perfect for all those modern weddings. Balloons are always fun, and they certainly know how to catch the eye.

Don’t worry, I know balloons on your wedding arch can seem super daring, but it can be super tasteful (if that’s what you’re going for).

This Balloon Garland kit gives you an option between colors like white, rose gold, and blush. Which, I promise, would look amazing at a wedding.

To cover your arch, you’re looking at spending just around $60. Again, proving to be a lot cheaper than your average wedding arch.

You could also use any remaining balloons to decorate tables.

4. The traditional Hydrangea garland 

The traditional Hydrangea garland
Picture: FloralDate / Etsy

I don’t have to tell you why this would be an amazing choice. One look and you can see how classic and gorgeous they look.

These are perfect for that big white wedding that you may have always dreamed of. Don’t worry, it doesn’t come with the big white wedding cost. At $85, it’s a cost-effective choice, without making any compromises.

Like with all the products I suggest, customer service is also just as important. Every single seller will take the time to ensure that your big day is made all the more perfect with their products.

5. The colorful garland 

12PCS Wisteria Artificial Flowers Garland artificial vine image 0
Picture: LoomiseCollection / Etsy

If you want to add a big splash of color, but still want to achieve a relatively natural look – I’ve found the perfect option for you.

How gorgeous do these Wisteria Artificial flowers look? Now, imagine them on your wedding arch. While they might be a little more difficult to attach to the arch, they’re definitely worth it.

I’d recommend using them to add a splash of color here and there, alongside another garland (perhaps number one on the list).

This garland offers you the largest options for colors – which could be an important selling point for you. Remember, one order comes with 12 pieces. However, they will all be the same color.

Still, at $27-ish, they’re cheap enough to play around with and experiment.

6. Floral delight 

Flower garland Wedding arch Flower arch Floral arch image 0
Photo: IvyCruzFlowerDesign/Etsy

Now, I thought I would mention a couple that doesn’t require you to do any work, apart from drape it across your arch.

This flower garland is basically an arch in its own right, and look how gorgeous it looks. You can opt for a 6ft or 7ft arch, depending on your desires/ heights. This will cost you around $297-$346

Alternatively, you can get a 5ft garland for $246, and leave the bottom of your arch bare. That’ll still look amazing.

If you have big dreams for a big arch, they also offer a 20ft option. That’ll put you back £720.

7. The pastel dream 

wedding arch garland ideas pastel

Lastly, I thought I would bring your attention to this showstopper of a wedding arch garland. How incredible does that look?

At 7ft, you’ll be paying about $329. Which, considering the look and quality, is still a good investment.

I hope I helped you pick out your extra special wedding arch garland. I’d love to see your creations and designs, too. 

What are some of your favorite wedding arch garland ideas? Share below!

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