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Colorful handmade paper flowers on pink background, perfect for a paper flower wedding arch

A paper flower wedding arch is a creative way to save money on your decor without sacrificing style. Paper flowers aren’t just cheaper by a long shot, they give you far more flexibility than real, or even silk flowers, do. Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about buying, making, or even renting one yourself. 

Why go with paper flowers for your wedding arch?

Flowers are pretty much an essential part of every wedding. They add an air of romance and just look beautiful. However, you don’t have to go down the real route. Real flowers are problematic to work with – they don’t last that long, they’re more expensive, and if you’re DIYing, they can be tricky to work with. That’s why florists study their craft for years!

There are alternative options though, don’t worry. Silk flowers, plastic flowers, and even paper flowers look just as lovely. We’ll be focusing on the latter – here’s how you can buy, rent, or create a paper flower wedding arch

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Buying a paper flower archway

A paper flower wedding arch is a creative way to save money on your decor without sacrificing style. Check out our complete guide to buying, DIYing or even renting your paper flower archway!

While it’s hard to find an already-assembled paper flower archway, you can easily buy both the flowers and the arch ready-made on their own. After that, it’s just a case of putting them together to fit your vision! Here are some of our favorite ideas for both the arch and the flowers. 

Wooden arch

Wooden hexagon wedding arhc

This wooden hexagon arch would be perfect for a more natural look. Obviously, these flowers are not included when you buy. This would make a wonderful centerpiece. 

Wedding hexagon arch

Comes with very easy pictures and instructions to assemble. It is 7ft high 8ft wide. If you need a different dimension or color just message the seller.

Copper wedding arch 

Copper wedding arch

As paper flowers don’t have that same natural look to them, you might want to go for a more industrial/modern look. This copper arch is the perfect option. 

Copper Wedding Arch

No tools are required for assembly. You will receive very simple instructions on how to connect the pieces. Available in 10 different sizes.

Now, it’s time to look into paper flowers. These incredible designs below have been hand-crafted by Etsy sellers, and look incredible. 

White mini paper flowers

These mini white flowers look like they’ve been crafted specifically for a wedding. How amazing do they look? 

Alternatively, you can choose from other colors like pink and blue – whatever fits your wedding best. 

White Mini Paper Flowers

Available in packs of 12, 24, and 48. These adorable little white paper flowers include attached stems. You can use them with or without, just cut the stems off if you do not need them.

Flowers with leaves

It’s not hard to imagine these beauties on your wedding arch.

Handcrafted Paper Roses

Set includes: flowers of 7" diameter and 1 flower of 6" diameter. *All flowers have wire loops for hanging. Flowers can be made in any color. All flowers have a small loop on the back for hanging with a small nail or command hook.

Printable paper flower template

While all of the options above are beautiful there is a downside- most only come in small bunches. So if you want a ton of flowers on your arch, it can get really pricey. In that case, you can always opt for a printable pattern and make your own. 

SVG/PNG Paper Flower With Leaves Template

Downloadable SVG/PNG Paper Flower Leave template, ready to use in a cutting machine. Instant download after purchase.

Renting a paper flower arch

Renting the arch itself has its own benefits, too. It often works out cheaper, you don’t have to do any labor, and you won’t have to think about it once the big day is over. Of course, if you choose to rent the arch, you have to be super careful about how you secure on the paper flowers – you don’t want to damage it.

Etsy rentals 

You can find local sellers on Etsy, which will deliver and even sometimes set up your arch for you. With communication, there is a possibility that design, even with paper flowers, can be completed. Etsy is amazing for that.

You can also find a rental on American Party or other wedding rental sites. Paper flowers, being an unusual request, will likely still have to be completed by you. We recommend securing them on with damage-free tape, or even using fabric to tie them on. Get creative.

DIYing a paper flower wedding arch

Lastly, you can DIY your paper flower arch. This is a cost-effective option, which is actually really fun to practice. Choosing your design is likely the hardest part.


This video showcases the easiest paper flowers to make. Of course, they have quite the cartoonish look to them – but that’s actually a really unique, beautiful alternative.


This video was created with a wedding feel in mind, which ultimately makes it even more helpful. We love that traditional look!

To create paper flowers, all you need is paper or card and a glue gun (and perhaps that template we mentioned above, if you’re not a “wing it” type). It’s arguably one of the easiest and cheapest DIYs for weddings. Being affordable doesn’t mean it looks “cheap”, though. Take a look at these stunning paper flower wedding decorations. 

Paper Wedding Archway Inspiration

If you’re drawing a blank on inspiration, check out these beautiful ideas!

A round moment


A lot of you may be worried that your wedding arch may look like a craft. Paper flowers, as seen above can look absolutely stunning, professional, and a little bit quirky.

Rose gold


How stunning do these colours look mixed together? These are giant paper flowers, which with a little pratice, you could definitely craft yourself.

Pink flowers


We actually really love the almost cartoon-like feel to these paper flowers. Again, those gold leaves are such a great idea


A paper flower wall

Now, this is very dramatic, but you can obviously incorporate a similar idea into your wedding. The colours and sizes work SO well. This would look fabulous as a backdrop for photos.

The grand paper flower arch


The grand finale – the most grand paper flower arch you’ll ever see. This is absolutely stunning. A real breath taker.

I hope this helps you buy, rent, or DIY your very own paper flower wedding arch. They have such a unique feel about them, and are definitely worth considering. 

Have you ever made a paper flower wedding arch? Share your tips below!



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