Where to Find the Perfect Feminine Wedding Suits for a Masculine Guy

feminine wedding suits for masculine men

Finding the perfect feminine wedding suits when you’re a larger “masculine” guy can feel like such a hard task. Especially when you’re searching for a piece of clothing, which just doesn’t seem to exist. One of the bigger challenges is when you fall in love with a certain style, suit, or dress, but you cannot find the size for you. It’s so frustrating, but there are designers, stores, and alternatives out there that will provide you with your dream item.

So, let’s focus on the men who want a more feminine suit, but have the traditional “masculine” body, or plus-sized frame. Do not worry, there are plenty of solutions for you.

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Where to find feminine suits for a masculine guy

Before we dive into some fabulous examples, we first need to check out all the options that you have. First, though, we have to give a little credit where credit is due! This post is inspired by a question we saw over on Reddit (see below).  

There are really unique struggles that come with the menswear, especially when it comes to finding a suit that matches your style. First of all, get a specific style, color, or print in your mind when searching for your suit. This will make it all a lot easier. Typically, feminine suits are more fitted at the waist, a little more delicate, and can come with floral or pink prints. However, these aren’t exclusive ideas. 

Below are some places that you can look at and some other general ideas on how to create a more feminine suit with what you have to work with. 

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Okay, so Chubstr doesn’t particularly specialize in feminine suits, or even plus-sized women’s suits. However, they do boast a large range of plus-sized suits that can give you a great “base” to work with. Then, you can take it to a tailor or other specialist to add some more feminine touches to it. They also have some great shirts that would go beautifully with other more feminine suits. 


Yes, this mainstream brand has loads of funky patterns and cuts. There sizes vary and may not run high enough, but it’s definitely worth a look. They might even be more affordable, too. 

Local tailors

A custom-made suit is always an option, too. After all, if you’re gonna splurge on a tailored suit, it might as well be for your wedding. You may even be able to pick the design, cut, and print. Of course, this option isn’t in everyone’s budget.  Don’t worry, there are other options.


Honestly, the men’s fashion department is really lacking. So, one way you can spruce up your suit is with the right accessories. For instance, a lovely tie, headpiece, or even a unique patterned shirt could totally lift the mood.


While kilts aren’t necessarily “feminine,” they are an option if you want something a little different. Many plus-sized Scottish men rock kilts and look great while they do it. These are actually a favorite for many men, and it gives you a much larger window to get creative with prints and accessories.

However, remember, kilts are an important part of the Scottish tradition. Cultural appropriation for fashion purposes is never a good thing, so before you choose this option, take the time to learn about the meaning behind them. 

Women’s plus-sized range

The women’s plus-size fashion market is worth billions right now. Men’s have unfortunately is lagging behind dramatically. So, why not try to find a suit which has your measurements, in the women’s line. It’s a possibility.

Also, with the help of a tailor, anything is possible, really.

Now, with some suggestions out the way, let’s take a look at some of the most stunning feminine suits for masculine guys that I’ve seen.

Stunning Feminine Suits for Masculine Guys

We headed over to Instagram to find some amazing examples to inspire you. Take a look at our favorites!

Feminine colors


Of course, you can just opt for a traditionally “feminine” color.. Who doesn’t love pink, anyway? 

This look will be sure to turn heads on your big day – which is exactly what you should be aiming for. This pink blazer is truly gorgeous and totally lifts the outfit.

Funky prints


How amazing does this blazer look? Imagine this on your wedding day. Kelvin Davis tagged this blazer as being from Oppo Suits, they could be a strong contender for your wedding day outfit.

Go bold


Akeen looks absolutely wonderful in this striking red blazer. To be honest, if you need style inspiration for any occasion – check out his profile. He really knows the best places to shop, as a plus-sized man.

Animal print


This is a really daring choice, but if it screams “you” then why not. This zebra print blazer could be the choice for you.

Printed trousers


Why not mix it up, and make the statement piece be the trousers? As perfectly demonstrated here by Michael Anthony. This honestly looks gorgeous.

Women’s suits


We all know clothes don’t have a gender, anyway. If you fall in love with a women’s design, find it in plus-sized. A lot of women’s clothes run to larger sizes, even in mainstream shops.

Of course, you can also make adjustments afterwards. Jazzmyne looks stunning in this suit from Asos – and we can definitely imagine it at a wedding.

I hope this helped your find a few potential dream feminine wedding suits, even if the market isn’t perfect just yet!

Finding the perfect feminine wedding suits when you're a larger "masculine" guy can feel like such a hard task, but we can help! Take a look!

Do you have any tips for finding beautiful feminine wedding suits for masculine guys? Share below!

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