75+ Best Pop Punk Wedding Songs You Need To Play

Getting married should be a unique and personal experience and you want every aspect of the day to be a reflection of who you are as a couple. When it comes to the music, trotting out the old classics might not be your style, so what are some great pop punk wedding songs that you could play?

From the first dance to the last hurrah, we’ve come up with a collection of incredible pop-punk tracks that are sure to put a fire in everyone’s hearts. We’ve included everything from late 90’s icons to cutting-edge pop-punk revivalists, so there’s something for everyone.

Read ahead to find out some of the best song choices for your wedding, as well as some tips on how to put together the perfect playlist.

Is Pop Punk Suitable For A Wedding?

You might feel like there’s a strange pressure at a wedding to dust off a gramophone and throw on some old crooners or tired love songs, but that’s far from the truth.

A wedding should be fun and enjoyable for the happy couple, and the music is a huge part of that. Music is an area of our lives that we all know is pretty personal, and there’s no such thing as an inappropriate choice when it comes to your big day.

With that being said, there are a few questions to think about when you’re putting together the playlist itself.

  • What do we want to listen to? This is the first (and most important) thing to ask yourselves. You and your partner should sit down and decide what matches both of your tastes, and what would make you happy on the happiest day of your lives.
  • When do we want the music to play? This question is a little trickier. Throughout the day, you will probably want the soundtrack to change a little to match the moment. You might want a different song as you enter the reception than when you’re singing along at the end of the night.
  • What do we want the atmosphere to be? While enjoying the music itself is obviously the most important thing, it is also worth considering the vibe that you want you and your guests to feel. You might want different songs for slow dancing with the grandparents than for moshing with your friends from college.

The Best Pop Punk Wedding Songs

We’ve put together an extensive list of some of the best pop-punk music that could make your special day even more special to you, and we’ve broken them down into some key categories.

We’ve got songs for the first dance, romantic songs, iconic and classic songs, modern-day options, and even some slightly more conservative options if you’re trying to appease the older crowd.

Just as a quick note, we haven’t been overly strict about what qualifies for our list. The lines between pop punk, punk rock, emo, skate punk, and power pop have always been pretty blurred, so don’t be surprised if you see a few things that you wouldn’t necessarily consider “true pop-punk”.

The First Dance

For some people, the first dance is the most intimidating and nerve-wracking part of the entire wedding experience – but it doesn’t have to be!

If spending months learning ballroom choreography to an Ed Sheeran song sounds like your idea of hell, why not open up the dance floor in your own way? Picking a pop-punk song for the first dance will make sure the tone is fun and far from formal – and it can really represent you as a couple.

This song is usually something very personal, and many couples like to pick a record that means something to their relationship, but we’ve come up with a few incredibly romantic options that you might like.

Our top picks you don’t want to miss:

1. Sum 41 – With Me

For many people, this track perfectly defines what it feels like to be desperately in love, and that feeling doesn’t go away – even when you aren’t a teenager anymore. It’s got all the raw emotion and power of the era, but with a beautiful message to go with it.

2. The Get Up Kids – Valentine

A great option for a slow dance. Perhaps verging on the side of indie rock, the vocals and guitar in this track still have a decidedly pop-punk feel to them, and the words are all about making a dedication of love to someone who matters.

3. The Wonder Years – You In January

In the world of modern pop-punk, this song stands out for its heartfelt and poetic message of true love. It has a few strong words in there, but it perfectly combines loving lyrics with powerful, pop-punk guitar.

20 Romantic Pop-Punk Wedding Songs

Choosing pop-punk songs about love can be a little tricky. It’s not that you’re limited in choice, but there are a lot of painful songs about being a lovesick teenager that might not quite have the vibe you’re after.

Ultimately, though, any song about love can be romantic, and there are some incredible records from all across the genre that speak about matters of the heart.

20 Iconic Pop-Punk Wedding Songs

If you’re a pop-punk fan, then you will want to have some of the most iconic and classic tracks at your wedding, no matter what they might be singing about. There are some songs that practically define the genre – particularly from pop-punk’s heyday in the late 1990s and early 2000s – that everyone will recognize and want to sing along to.

They might not all be that romantic, but they’ve got a whole lot of spirit. Not every song at your wedding has to be all hearts, cupid, and rainbows. Be warned, though, some of these might raise an eyebrow or two among the more traditional members of the crowd!

10 Modern Pop-Punk Wedding Songs

Choosing a genre from your youth doesn’t mean that you can’t stay current too. Over the last few years, pop-punk has had somewhat of a revival, and there are some really popular artists putting out incredible music that has really reinvigorated what it means to be pop-punk in the modern age.

Again, not all of these are romantic heartwarmers, but they are some amazing examples of a new take on the genre.

15 Conservative Pop-Punk Wedding Songs

Of course, not every aspect of the wedding can just be about you. For many people, there will be guests that you love who just might not have the same feelings about music as you, and you might not want them to feel uncomfortable or left out.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up on the genre entirely, though. There are plenty of pop-punk songs that you can enjoy around the more conservative members of your family without causing any offense (and you can always switch to the more punk options later!).

Live Music vs DJ vs DIY

Once you know what music you want, down to the last record, you still have another important decision to make. Do you want a live band or a DJ, or do you want to do it all yourself?


Nowadays, it’s actually pretty easy to create your own playlist, set it up ahead of time, and just press play when you want people to start dancing. This way, you have complete control over what gets played when, and you save yourself a bit of money too.

With that being said, you don’t want to be hovering around the aux all night, so it is probably worth assigning a trusted guest to change the track or skip a record as and when it’s needed.


On the other hand, turning the stress and pressure over to a DJ can make a huge difference, particularly because they will bring some pretty useful skills to the table. A good wedding DJ can guide the tone and atmosphere of the dance floor throughout the night, getting people up from their seats and slowing things down so that the atmosphere is always positive.

You can give them as strict or loose instructions as you like about exactly what to play and when to play it, and then you can just focus on dancing with the people that you love.

Live Band

There’s nothing quite like live music for setting the mood. A band might be a relatively expensive option, but you really do get what you pay for. Wedding bands are also very happy to play exactly the music that you like, particularly if you seek out a group that specializes in your preferred genre.

No matter where you are in the country, there will be hundreds of talented pop-punk bands that love to play covers of your favorite songs. At the end of the day, what could be more punk rock than having the drums, electric guitar, bass, and vocals blaring live from a stage at the venue?

Best Pop Punk Wedding Songs – Top 10 List

Check out these other top wedding songs post for the ultimate play list on your special day:

1. The Ramones “She’s the One”

Best Lyrics: “Know I’ll never find a girl like you / But in my heart I’ll always be true,”

No pop punk song list would ever be official without first mentioning the grandfathers of the genre. Indeed, The Ramones have several potential tunes that could make this list. But, “She’s the One” is a classic and it’s perfect for almost any wedding reception. It has a nice tempo, it’s easy to groove to and you simply can’t resist it.

2. Rancid “Who Would’ve Thought”

Best Lyrics: “Who would’ve thought that the dreams come true [. . .] would’ve thought I ended up with you . . .” 

Rancid is a classic 90’s punk band that contributed to revivifying a love for the genre originating in the 1970s. While most of their songs are hard hitting and full of energy, “Who Would’ve Thought” is the closest they’ll ever get to a ballad.

This could be a great first dance song or one for the bride and her father. They nail it right in the first verse: However, please take into consideration that there are a few curse words. So, place this wisely in your playlist.

3. Green Day “Time of Your Life”

Best Lyrics: “So take the photographs and still frames in your mind.”

Green Day is one of those main 90s bands that put punk’s popularity back on the map. “Time of Your Life” is a great song for the first dance, bridal entrance, bride’s dance with her father or just for anyone to dance with that special someone. Not only is the chorus a perfect encapsulation for the special day, but so are the lyrics.

4. The Damned “Love Song”

Best Lyrics: “Just for you here’s a love song [. . .] It’s been a lovely day”

The Damned is quintessential British punk from the mid 1970s. They too are forebears of the pop punk genre and worth listening to. But “Love Song” makes for a primo selection at a wedding reception, especially for the bridal couple entrance into the reception hall.

“Love Song” ends abruptly though, so use caution where you play it. Still, it’s fabulous for characterizing the wedding as they lay it out in the chorus: 

5. Goldfinger “I Love You More Today than Yesterday”

Best Lyrics: Every day’s a new day in love with you / With each day comes a new way of loving you,”

Goldfinger is another band from the 90s wave of punk. But, what makes them special is their tactful application of ska. This reggae-like funk mixed with punk provides a sound everyone can dance to. “I Love You More Today than Yesterday” is a song anyone is sure to love, even your cranky uncle Dave. 

It reinforces real love, the memories people make together by the time they arrive at the altar and it drives home the vows exchanged during the ceremony. With lyrics like, how could you not include it?

6. Good Charlotte “California (The Way I Say I Love You)”

Best Lyrics: “And when it gets bad, bad, bad, when life just gets so heavy / Remember that you’re happy, don’t forget to take it easy”

Even though Good Charlotte came about in the mid 1990s, they pushed the pop punk genre well into the 2000s. “California (The Way I Say I Love You)” has a chill beat and cool rhythm that’s lovely to dance to at any time.

It portends love in its purest and truest form. The lyrics drives home the truth about marriage, in all it’s challenging beauty without being a downer or a wet blanket on the festivities.

7. Paramore “Still Into You”

Best Lyrics:  “I should be over all the butterflies [. . .] And baby, even on our worst nights / I’m into you (I’m into you)”

Paramore is a new kid on the pop punk block. They have an impressive backlog of music with most themes surrounding love. It’s this component that sets them apart from others in their genre. Any one of them will be great for a wedding.

What makes this one particularly ideal is that it’s not just for the bridal couple, but also for their parents, grandparents and any other still-married couples in attendance. This positive and happy song conveys it in the first few lines. However, the chorus drives it home and straight into the heart:

8. Avril Lavigne “I Love You”

Best Lyrics: “Yeah the reason I love you is all that we’ve been through / And that’s why I love you”

While Avril Lavigne falls into the category of pop punk, she incorporates a variety of genres and musical styles. “I Love You” is on the more pop side of things, complete with being upbeat and having an adorable delivery of love.

If you’re an Avril Lavigne fan, this may not be your most favorite song. But, the last couple of lines in the chorus are truly captivating: 

Summary: Pop Punk Wedding Songs

A pop-punk wedding should be all about fun, energy, and good times. You might want to pick only songs that talk about true love and happiness, but you also might want to go with iconic, definitive tracks that make the genre what it is.

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, so make it your own! 

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