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45 Best Gift Ideas for Ring Bearers

45 Best Gift Ideas for Ring Bearers

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Ring bearer gifts can be a great addition to a beautiful wedding. After all, you have to make the little bearers of such great treasure (the prized rings) feel special too! If you’re struggling to find something cute, I’ve got you covered below!

And since good gifts play such a big part in making an event beautiful, be sure to check out our post on bridal shower gift ideas to make your upcoming bridal shower a huge success. 

Now, let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Wedding Gifts for Ring Bearer Top Picks at a Glance

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boy riding a trex art
balance beam
world map puzzle
swing chair for babies
trex shirt
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Editor's Choice
boy riding a trex art
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Incredible photo result
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balance beam
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world map puzzle
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Non-toxic and handcrafted
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swing chair for babies
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trex shirt
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Handmade and cotton
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45 Unique Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

1.    Name puzzle with pegs — Personalized

puzzle name

First things first, the little hero/heroine needs to be able to spell out their perfect name. Gifting them a personalized name puzzle is a great start!

Personalized Name Puzzle With Pegs New Baby Gift Wooden | Etsy

Explore the world we live in ( by different additional elements we have made)

What can be better than spending fun time together, learning the baby's name, and of course develop motor skills.

Thanks to the playful form, the child can easily learn his name.

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2.    Slingshot toy

wooden slingshot toy

Build the little ringbearer’s aim with a superb little wooden slingshot. To make sure they don’t take out an eye or two, this slingshot comes with wool felt ball ammo.

Wooden Slingshot toy with 10 wool felt balls ammo hand | Etsy

These simple wooden slingshots are perfect for any high energy kid (or adult!), plus the 10 wool felt balls that come with each toy makes for gentle play.

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3.    Pretty little personalized bracelet

personalized bracelet

This personalized bracelet is just going to make your ringbearer’s day. Over the course of the day, you will find them lovingly staring at their newly bracelet-adorned wrist.

Kids personalised bracelets. Sibling gift. Big sister present. | Etsy

Charming fashion bracelet with unicorn charm, star or heart (pink and cream pearls) personalised with names, big sister, little sister, best friend or any small note or sentiment. Its a perfect small gift between friends or just as a little love note

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4.    Custom mug

personalized kid mug

Kids love to have their own mugs. You will often find them insisting that the milk just does not taste right in any other mug. With this customized mug, your little bearer will find the taste improve significantly.

Mugs are so popular, they can also be used as gifts for a brother or bridesmaid. Read more on wedding gift ideas for brother and bridesmaid proposal ideas

Rainbow Kid Mug Personalized Gift for Kids Custom Enamel Mug | Etsy

Are you looking for a rainbow kid mug for a special kid? We have the perfect custom enamel mug for you. We keep the kids in mind when creating our personalized gift for kids. These make wonderful personalized gifts for any occasion.

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5.    Funny T-rex Flip shirt

trex shirt

T-rex is the most famous of all dinosaurs that have ever fascinated your ringbearer. Watch their face glow as you get them this handmade cotton t-shirt with the cheeky “ask me about my T-rex”. I promise, they won’t tire of flipping their shirt for laughs. This truly is an awesome ring bearer gift!

Trex Flip Shirt Funny Kids Shirt Cool Kids Shirt Gift for | Etsy

-Preshrunk blend consisting of 60% ringspun cotton, 40% polyester, and 100% awesome.

-Printed by hand with care using state of the art printing presses and ink.

-Fits like a glove. No really, we just got all new men's and women's tees that have a much more modern fit.

-High-quality, soft fabric. Feels like wearing a Saturday afternoon!

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6.    The ring-bearer riding the dinosaur! Custom child portrait

boy riding a trex art

Get your ringbearer a portrait of them riding a dinosaur and bring their dreams to life. You will need a picture of your bearer for this gift but they will love their dinosaur portrait.

Boy Riding T-Rex Dinosaur Custom Child Portrait From Photo | Etsy

Give an amazing gift with your kids in the spotlight. Make your kid's dream come true and you'll be the one that makes everyone cry happy tears on the next birthday party. So realistic that they will think it's real. We place your kid in his or her dream world.

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7.    Rolling pin with embossed name

rolling pin with name

Is your ringbearer an enthusiastic little baker? Then they will love this personalized little rolling pin. If you get them this unique ring bearer gift, they will be able to bake delicious cookies named after themselves. 

Personalized KIDS Rolling Pin with NAME. Embossing rolling | Etsy

Let your little Chef use this cute personalized rolling pin to complete his or her especial creation for you. This mini laser cut wooden rolling pin is such a useful tool in the pretend play kitchen- perfect for embossing baking dough, play dough, clay or salt dough.

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8.    Necklace with name

customized necklace

Necklaces make for great gifts. This little personalized necklace can be made to order for your bearer according to their name. If your ring bearer is fond of jewelry, do get them this beautiful, dainty little gift.

Personalized Necklace for HalloweenCustom Name Necklace | Etsy

Personalized Necklace for Halloween, Gothic Name Necklace For Kids, Gothic Drip Font Nameplate, Girl Name Necklace,Kid Jewelry,Birthday Gift

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9.    Sturdy book shelf


Got a little bookworm to carry your rings? You can be sure that they are always short on places to perch their books on. Help them create a beautiful world through book characters. You getting them this sturdy little bookshelf won’t go unappreciated, we promise.

Large Montessori Bookshelf Toddler Bookcase Montessori | Etsy

Very Solid & Strong design | Made from 1/2" USA Baltic Birch plywood

★ This product comes pre-sanded.

★ The wood is untreated and beautiful left as-is, but can also be stained, painted or sealed should you chose to do so!

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10. Archery for kids – Wooden

customized archery for kids

Do you want an aspiring little Robinhood to do your ring-bearing? If you do, then what better gift could there be for them than a small, wooden, child-friendly archery set complete with bow and arrows? The good thing is, they are personalized so you can have your little archer’s name engraved on the bow.

Custom Archery for Kids Christmas Gift | Etsy

Setting goals and knowing how to set goals is very important for personal growth. It allows you to realize what needs to improve and then set goals to hit those new targets. Archery helps our kids to learn how to set these goals, a skill they can adapt into their day to day life.

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11. Night light construction digger

construction digger night light

Construction machinery looks imposing but kids are in awe of it regardless. Your little bearer will be ecstatic about getting this beautiful personalized construction digger night light for their room.

Construction Digger Personalised Night Light Kids Bedroom | Etsy

A beautiful little night light to brighten up any child's bedroom, nursery or any infact any room that needs a little ambience.

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12. Personalized sippy cup

personalized sippy cup

If your ring bearer is too little for a conventional cup. You should seriously consider getting them a personalized sippy cup. It is both pretty and useful.

Personalized Sippy Cup Stainless Steel Toddler Cup Birthday | Etsy

These adorable sippy cups are 10oz double walled vacuum sealed, kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel, includes triton lid, BPA Free, holds ice up to 24 Hours. The mouth piece is hard plastic with a silicon mat underneath to slow the flow.

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13. Neon light for bedroom with custom name

You can get your ring-bearer this neon light sign for their bedroom. You can have it customized to say their name or their pet’s and toys’, either way, they will love it.

Neon Sign Custom Name for Kid Room Neon Sign Bedroom Neon | Etsy

If you’re like us, you love the look of neon… the way it energizes the mood, enhances the vibe, and electrifies a space with its warm, inviting glow. Customers enjoy our canvas art depicting neon so much, we were inspired to find a way to bring the fun and excitement of neon art home… in a way that’s beautiful, affordable, built to last and fun!

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14. Personalized Harmonica

customized harmonica

Have you got a ring bearer who is also a talented little musician? You can get them this personalized harmonica with their name engraved on the exquisitely finished front. You can even have them play it at your wedding as an added gift.

Harmonica Personalized Stainless Steel Groomsmen Kids Gifts | Etsy

Play the blues or even a little rock-n-roll Music on this genuine Personalized stainless steel harmonica. Makes nice personalized engraved gifts for men, ringbearer, groomsmen gifts, Ring security, Officiant, kids gifts, Christmas, women, Birthday, groomsman and all music lovers. Comes in clear box with burlap gift sac; no gift wrapping needed!

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15. Personalized kid’s apron

personalized apron

 If you have got a little chef to carry your rings on your big day, you can get them this personalized little apron for kids. The name will be embroidered on the apron and the little chef will be able to experiment in the kitchen without staining their clothes.

Personalized kids apron with name Birthday gift Custom | Etsy

These are personalized kids aprons. Perfect for crafts or cooking!

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16. Skipping rope with custom name

personalized skipping rope

Everyone is fitness-conscious in this day and age. You can gift this personalized skipping rope to your ring bearer. They will be more enthusiastic to stay fit if their skipping rope is exclusive.

Personalised Gifts for Kids Wood & Coloured Children's | Etsy

A lovely personalised Skipping Rope for Kids which is great for keeping children active and getting them outdoors.

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17. Bath bomb gift box

bath bomb gift box

Kids are hyperactive and hardly stop to recuperate and reenergize. Your ring bearer will be extra tired with all the excitement of your wedding and their big role in it. You can help them relax by gifting them this bath bomb gift box. It doesn’t just include bath bombs but also a whole arena of bath-related items for kids including bubbles, bath crayons pixie dust and much more.

Kids Bath Bomb Birthday Gift Box | Etsy

Here is our lovely box of bath time fun, ideal for a birthday gift or treat. Our kids love adding the glow sticks to the bath and turning the lights out, it really brings out the colours...

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18. Balance beam and stepping stones

balance beam

Want to ensure that your ring bearer doesn’t lose his/her balance on your big day? Have them practice their graceful movements by gifting them these balance beams and stepping stones that are made of wood.

Set of 2 Items: Balance Beam Stepping Stones Montessori | Etsy

Our toys help your child to develop balance and coordination skills. The material we use is birch plywood. Our plywood paint is eco-friendly for your child. It is a great gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, or any other day of the year.

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19. Peel and stick World map

world map

Kids are voracious knowledge seekers. The use of visual aids is one of the best methods to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. This beautifully simplified world map will enable your ring bearer to study the world’s geography in detail.

Kids World Map Peel & Stick World Map Mural Map With Animals | Etsy
  • Handmade
  • Materials: Vinyl film, Plastic squeegee, Instructions, Cardboard post tube, Lamination film
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20. World map puzzle

world map puzzle

Do you wish your ring bearer to shape the world? You can get them this non-toxic wooden world map puzzle which is totally handcrafted as a gift. This educational toy will make your ring bearer geographically savvier than most kids and many adults.

Kids Puzzle World Map Puzzle Educational Toy Wooden | Etsy

Studies have shown that kids retain information much more quickly if they have a visual aid so this wooden world map puzzle is the ideal educational toy for them to learn about the world around them. This is a geography lesson that is super fun!

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21. Design your own T-shirt Craft set

design your t-shirt

Do you want a designer-to-be to be your ring bearer on your big day? You can put the biggest smile on their faces as they get a chance to make a fun design using their own t-shirt kit. It comes in different sizes with one white t-shirt, three fabric paint colors, pre-cut shapes, sponges and brushes and of course, instructions.

Design a T Shirt Kit-Rainbow Crafts Craft Kit-Zoom Craft | Etsy

The photos of T shirts displayed are real customer photos of designs made with these kits.

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22. Bath bombs dinosaur

bath bombs

Kids love dinosaurs. You can gift these bath bombs with dinosaur toys that glow in the dark to your ring bearer. The bath bombs to have them fresh as a daisy on your big day and the toys to be their companions in the dark.

Glow in the dark dinosaur toys in bath bombs bath bombs with | Etsy

This listing is for a 3 pack of egg shaped bath bombs. Each bomb contains a 2 inch dinosaur that glows in the dark. Dinosaur shapes, colors and scents vary. Scents included are: monkey farts, gummy bears, cotton candy, birthday cake, fruit loops, dreamsicle, starburst, peach, marshmallow fluff, and ocean

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23. Handcrafted Kitchen – Wooden

kitchen play

You can get your little chef-ring-bearer this little handcrafted wooden kitchen. Watch as their jaw falls at the prospect of having their own toy kitchen, complete with an oven.

Handcrafted Wooden Play Kitchen | Etsy

Inspire your little chef or baker with their own little kitchen. The surface has enough space for them to make a 'bake' which can then be popped in the oven (with magnetic door) or set on the hob to 'cook'. Utensils and equipment can then be packed away in the handy cupboard or placed on the rack above the sink.

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24. Butterfly wings

butterfly wings

You can get the little angel carrying your ring, these beautiful butterfly wings if they like to dress up. These fancy-fabric wings are patterned like a monarch butterfly, well suited to be given to the little prince or princess.

MONARCH BUTTERFLY Wings and/or Mask for Ages 3-9 Cotton Gift | Etsy

Designed to encourage imaginative role play, self-expression and poise, these fanciful fabric wings with a matching soft sateen fabric mask give your child a chance to transform into a butterfly and buzz around in colorful fashion.

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25. Geometric puzzles shapes

geometric puzzle

Education is the best of gifts to be given to a child. You can gift these educational geometric puzzles to your ring bearer so they can have fun while they learn. These wooden puzzles are stackable and non-toxic, perfectly safe for children. In short, a perfect choice!

Geometric Puzzles: Square Circle Triangle Gift for Kids | Etsy

The novelty that stole our hearts. Simple shapes to help your child develop motor skills

A special toy for toddlers with different shapes.

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26. Human body and internal systems puzzle

human body puzzle

Is your ring bearer aspiring to be a doctor? A detective or a biologist? You should gift them this educational human body and internal systems puzzle as a thank you. It is a handmade, fun and educational product made of wood.

Wooden Puzzle Human body Internal organs Montessori | Etsy

A wonderful puzzle made of birch plywood that will not leave children and adults indifferent. The process of studying the structure of a person will be very exciting.

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27. Sturdy construction vehicle 6-piece

construction toys

Construction vehicles are simply awe-inspiring. You can gift this sturdy 6-piece set of construction vehicles to the little constructionist who will bear you rings on your big day. The toys are perfectly safe for children. 

Personalized 6-Piece Sturdy Construction Vehicles Car Toy Set | Etsy

All push vehicles parts have high maneuverability. Articulating arms enable your child’s hand-eye coordination as they play with the moving parts. It allows your child to learn the functions of each vehicle easily. Perfect birthday gift for 1 2 3 years old boys girls. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!

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28. Swing chair hammock

swing chair for babies

To thank your ring bearer, you can get them this swing-chair hammock. The swings are handmade from 100% cotton. The swing set comes with two adjustable five-meter ropes and four pine blocks. The swings are safe to bear up to ninety pounds of weight.

Swing Chair Kids Swing hammock baby swing fabric | Etsy

100% handmade

This hanging swing is suitable for babies from 6 months to 6 years old.

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29. Rocker, slide and climbing frame

rocker, slide and climbing frame

You can surprise your ring bearer with this 3 in 1 climbing frame. Your ring bearer can put it to good use by using it for any or all purposes like climbing, sliding, and of course, recuperating. The climbing frame can be turned upside down to make a rocker while a slide can also be added. The use of a climbing frame will actively improve your ring bearer’s motor skills.

XXL Climbing Frame and Rocker With Slide Montessori Toys | Etsy

KateHaa presents inspiring colorful classic rocker in an elegant, modern design and contemporary editions combining playing with learning and development.

For exciting, imaginative and joyful play there is no toy better than our handmade wooden rocker board.

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30. Teepee play tent wigwam for kids

teepee for kids

Does your ringbearer love to go camping? Okay, that is irrelevant, all kids love a play tent. You can thank your little bearer with this teepee that comes with poles and a variety of accessory options like mats and pillows.

Teepee play tent wigwam teepee for kids playhouse kids | Etsy

Fulfill the dream of a child and give him a private place to hang out. Teepee, will give your baby a sense of security and tranquility. Such an Indian wigwam is suitable even for the smallest.

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31. Water pail bucket with beach toys

beach toys

If the little prince or princess who you want to be your ring-bearer loves building sandcastles on the beach, then this set of beach toys is perfect for them. The beach toys are made of food-grade silicone and include a water pail and a sand shovel.

Kids Beach Toys with Water Pail Bucket Sand Shovel Summer | Etsy

A set of water and sand toys with beach pail bucket made of 100% high quality food safe silicone and BPA free. These gender neutral water and sand mould toys are perfect for both boys and girls to take to the beach this summer. Every child’s beach essential! Set includes 4 sand toys (dolphin, turtle, starfish and shell) plus one shovel and one water bucket to hold everything together. The silicone bucket is approximately 5.5 inch tall not including the handle and the sand shovel is approximately 9 inch long.

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32. Wild animal cards with realistic figurines

wild animals with cards

Do you think you want your ring bearer to also give eloquent speeches on your big day? Then why don’t you gift them these wild animal cards to improve their vocabulary? The set of cards includes a dozen cards and realistic animal figurines. Your ring bearer can polish their vocabulary by matching the figurines with their cards.

Wild animals Montessori 3 part cards with figurines Matching | Etsy

Matching 3 part cards to real objects is a typical Montessori activity. But what if you can't find a real elephant around you? ? We've replaced the animals with real looking figurines!

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33. Gardening tool set

gardening tool set

Have you got a little gardener to bear your rings on your wedding day? This little gardening toolkit will be a huge help for your ringbearer to pursue their hobby. The toolkit includes a tote bag and tools, a unicorn-shaped watering can, gardening gloves, biodegradable planters, and of course, to help the little gardener-to-be, a learning guide.

Kids Gardening Tools and Kids Gardening Gloves. Unicorn | Etsy

Teaching kids how to grow their own fruits and vegetables is an amazing way to make them more aware of what they eat in a fun and engaging way, and with the Unicorn Gardening Tools your will help your little ones get inspired to go outside and play!

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34. Gymnastic rings

wooden rings

You can motivate your ringbearer to stay fit and active with these little gymnastic rings. The gymnastic rings are made of high-quality wood and come with adjustable hemp ropes. It is a long-lasting and durable present that both your ringbearer and their parents will love.

Gymnastic rings Wooden rings Rings with adjustable straps | Etsy

High-quality wooden gymnastic rings for kids 3 years old and up. Crafted from sustainably sourced, FSC certified Finnish birch plywood and natural hemp rope in the color light grey. Easily adjustable for lasting durability and comfort.

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35. Fishing set

fishing set for kids

Fishing is a fun, relaxing activity. You can develop your ring bearer’s interest in this healthy activity by getting them this fishing toy set. The wooden fishing rod comes with six wooden sea creatures and it looks like so much fun.

Kids Fishing Game set of 7 magnetic wooden toy pretend | Etsy

This toy fishing game is an absolutely wonderful gift for any child. Not only is it fun but it also provides kids an opportunity to develop their eye-hand coordination, patience as well as motor skills while exercising their curiosity.

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36. Plywood car garage playhouse

garage playhouse

If your ringbearer is a cars enthusiast, you have to gift them this beautiful garage that has room for 42 cars. It is among one of the sturdier little ring bearer gifts and is made of 4mm plywood.

Montessori toys for Baby Gift Wooden puzzle play house car | Etsy

The wooden garage is not just a shelf. It can teach children creativity, taking initiative, develop imagination and fine motor skills, and of course will help to teach tiding a room with pleasure. The best thing is that it is personalised.

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37. Personalized wooden name clock with removable shapes

wooden name clock

Does your ringbearer know how to tell time? Do you want them to be on time on your big day? You should get them this personalized wall clock which is so pleasing to the eyes of all age groups.

38. Abacus

wooden abacus

An abacus is still the best tool for learning to count. You can gift your ringbearer this lovely little abacus if you want them to be particularly good at mathematics.

Montessori Wooden Abacus Early Years Learning Toy for Kids / | Etsy

This wonderful animal themed handcrafted toy is a great start to early learning. Suitable for infants and toddlers!

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39. Doctor tool set wooden

doctor tool set

If you have picked an aspiring healthcare worker to be your ring bearer, we can think of no better gift for them than this personalized doctor’s kit. It comes complete with everything a young doctor needs, like a stethoscope or a clipboard. Of course, we don’t recommend you get a prescription from them.

Personalised Wooden Doctor's Toy Set Pretend Play Gifts | Etsy

This Doctor Toy Set brought back fond memories of play for me.

The case and all the toy medical instruments make a great optical impression with lots of naturally finished wood combined with the classic colours of red and white.

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40. Felt food set – baking time

felt food set

You can get your ringbearer these felt-filled bags to resemble tiny bags of sugar, flour, and cookie mix. Especially if they already own a toy kitchen, this is a very unique ring bearer gift.

Felt Food Baby Toys Birthday Gift Gift for Kids | Etsy

Does your little one like to pretend to bake like mom or dad? Do you regularly catch them trying to pull out cake and cookie mix, sugar, flour, their apron, and mixing bowls to bake? Are you routinely brought pretend cakes, pies, and cookies to devour? Well this set is perfect for your little one! Made of fiber-filled felt to resemble bags of sugar, cake, and cookie mix, these mini pretend-play felt mixes are perfect for little hands and are a great addition to any toy kitchen! Let your little one's imagination run wild with these customizable, made-to-order baking mixes!

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41. Wooden chair nuts and bolts tool set

wooden chair tools set

DIY activities are fun even for adults. This DIY kit complete with all necessary tools can help your ringbearer build a little chair for themselves.

Wooden Toy Tools Chair for Kids Screws Nuts Bolts Tool Set | Etsy

This beautifully crafted, wooden tool set toy for kids is a must-have for the little carpenters who love to build. With kids sized wooden tools (hammer, screwdriver, wrench), nuts, bolts, and screws, and smooth wooden parts, children can DIY build their very own chair! Using their creativity and imagination, they can build the chair with unique configurations and designs. Kids can also explore the different usage of tools. Chair can be taken apart and re-build.

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42. Wooden laptop for kids

wooden laptop for kids

Too much screentime is not good for our eyes, you should gift your ringbearer a laptop without a screen. This laptop educational toy has a magnetic board in lieu of a screen upon which alphabet letters and numbers can be displayed.

Wooden laptop for kids Toddler game Wood toy computer Magnetic | Etsy

Wooden laptop for studying the alphabet. Developing toy. Children's magnetic tablet.. The best toy for learning letters and numbers in a relaxed way that can capture your child's interest for a long time.

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43. Finger painting art set

Happlee Washable Finger Paint for Kids

Bring out the artist in your ringbearer with this fingerpaint pad that comes with 6 jars of washable paint. The pad contains 50 sheets of high-quality paper, promising a good deal of fun for your bearer.

Happlee Washable Finger Paint for Kids, Non-Toxic Finger Paints Set for Toddlers Kids Finger Paints for Art, School Painting Supplies (12 Colors X 1 Fl Oz)
  • 🐾【NON-TOXIC AND SAFE】 - Non-toxic and safe paint set for kids toddlers, the raw material of this toddler’s paint is nature ingredient, no stimulating and no harmful to skin. Recyclable and environmentally friendly, so you don’t need to worry about your kids work with this finger painting.
  • 🐾【12 VIBRANT COLORS】 – 12 colors x 30ml (1.02 Oz). There’re 12 different vibrant colors, Including White, Black, Lemon Yellow, Mid Yellow, Orange, Yellow Green, Deep Green, Blue, Deep Blue, Scarlet, Burnt Sienna and Crimson Red. Different colors mixed can create new beautiful colors.
  • 🐾【WASHABLE KIDS PAINT】 – Premium washable paint washes easily from skin and most of washable clothing. There’s no need to worry about this painting will make your body and clothes dirty.
  • 🐾【PERFECT PAINT FOR KIDS】 – Bright colors are super perfect for cultivating children's interests and independent creativity, especially fit for introducing kids to the joys of painting and self-expression. These kid paints are important in teaching children to recognize colors and stimulating their imagination. And the kids painting will be the best choice for kids and toddlers.
  • 🐾【ESSENTAIL ART SUPPLIES】: Thick consistency of the art supply reduces spilling and splashing and assures consistent performance. Freeze-thaw stable paint does not separate and won't crack or rub off when dry. The paint kit create a compact space, convenient for children to paint and organize.

44. Personalized drawstring backpack

drawstring backpack

Does your ringbearer love animals? You can thank them with this personalized backpack that packs the entire jungle for them.

Personalised Children's Bag Safari Jungle Animals Name | Etsy

This drawstring bag, personalised with your chosen name, makes a special and unique sports / dance kit, or perhaps a thoughtful gift to be hung and admired in a new nursery.

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45. Egg crayons

egg crayons

For the artist carrying your rings, you should get this set of 6 lovely egg-shaped crayons available in adorable colors. These are eco-friendly and made of soy and beeswax. Of course, they are non-toxic and perfectly safe if your ringbearer ever decides to try colorful poultry.

Eggs: Eco-friendly Set of 6 Handmade Soy & Bees Wax Crayons | Etsy

Childhood Crayons are 100% handmade soy and beeswax crayons made in the USA. They come in a wide variety of fun shapes and colors that are meant to inspire creative play as well as happy coloring.

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Final Words

The little ring bearers help create the biggest moments in a wedding ceremony. If you can get your little bearer friend a gift that they like, we are sure that you will share in on their magic.

This is exactly why it is crucial that you put some serious thought into what you need to get your ring bearer.

ring bearer holding a little pillow with the wedding rings

What are your favorite ring bearer gifts? Please share your pick below!

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