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Finding great wedding gift ideas for a wealthy couple (whether they’re LGBT or not) is never an easy feat!

What do you get a couple that literally has everything they need…and then some?

I’ve been in that proverbial boat before and I managed to come up with a few great ideas such as housewarming gift ideas for young couples!

We’ll talk about some general tips on shopping for wedding gifts for well-off couples, then I’ll show you some of my favorites!

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Wedding Gift Ideas for a Wealthy Couple at a Glance

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Check the table below for a side-by-side comparison of our favorites!

Original Large Art Huge Painting Modern Contemporary Trees ... 36" x 60" .. Intertwined, great wedding gift
Top Benefit
Hand painted acrylic painting on a collapsible canvas
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Personalized WEDDING Comic book Covers - Perfect Gift
Top Benefit
Very unique
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Editor's Choice
World Map on Canvas with Pins | Personalized World Map Pin Board | Modern Navy Push Pin Map Design | 24" x 32" up to 40" x 53"
Top Benefit
Printed on thick matt canvas using premium pigment
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Koi Handcrafted Blue Fused Glass Decorative Art Plate
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One of a kind fused glass blue Koi art piece
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How to Find Great Wedding Gift Ideas for a Wealthy Couple

When you’re shopping for wedding gift ideas for a wealthy couple, you really have to think outside the typical toaster-shaped box

Assume that, for the most part, they already have all of the household items they really need.

After all, I know if money wasn’t an object for me, I wouldn’t wait until my wedding to get that super fancy espresso machine that I’ve been eyeing!

So, if traditional gifts like appliances and home goods are out, what’s left? Fortunately, a lot!

My favorite categories (so to speak) for wealthy couple gift ideas are:

  • Totally Unique (in the literal sense of the word)
  • Deeply meaningful
  • Completely Intangible

Don’t worry, I’ll explain each one a little better (especially that last one).

Totally Unique Wedding Gifts

“Unique” is probably the most over-used word in the English language, and like Inigo Montoya says in The Princess Bride:

So, what exactly is a unique gift idea? It’s literally something that is one-of-a-kind, as in no one else will ever have the exact same thing.

While I often call personalized gifts “unique,” truth be told they’re really not, since almost everyone shares a name with someone else.

Well, except me. I’m literally the only one with my exact name in the entire world. True story!

I have a unique last name that was changed from the original spelling when my ex-husband’s family came over from Sweden. Neat, right?

Anyway, I digress. Personalized gifts aren’t the literal definition of the word “unique” (although they do make great ideas, more on that below).

So, what does fit the literal definition? Some things include:

  • One-of-a-kind pieces of art (either made by you if you’re artistically inclined or commissioned by someone who is).
  • Photo gifts (from simple framed shots to entire blanket collages), especially if it’s a photo you took yourself and know the couple doesn’t have.
  • Handmade gifts (again, you can either make them or get them from a place like Amazon Handmade, just make sure they’re one-of-a-kind and not mass-produced).

Deeply Meaningful Wedding Presents

It’s hard to define “meaningful” because it’s such a subjective word. What’s meaningful to me may be totally meaningless to you.

Basically, you want to really think about the couple and choose something that symbolizes their love (and also be something they wouldn’t have thought of).

Some examples include:

  • A framed artistic photograph (meaning, not just a random pic you snapped with your phone) of the place where they met, had their first date, or got engaged.
  • A gift that’s specific to a place that’s meaningful to them. For example, a gift basket filled with real maple goodies for a couple who met in Vermont
  • For an LGBT couple, a beautifully framed copy of the ruling that finally made their union legal.

I’ll give you some specific ideas below, as I have a few favorites that fit the “meaningful gift ideas for a wealthy couple” category.

Personalized Wedding Gifts

While we’ve established that personalized wedding gifts aren’t necessarily “unique” in the dictionary definition of the word, they’re still great for the couple who has it all.

When you’re choosing the perfect personalized gift, just make sure you’re thinking about the couple’s tastes.

Also, remember that “personalized” doesn’t always mean, “random gift with their name slapped on it.”

Sure, an engraved set of wine goblets are super classy, but there are other ways to add a personal touch to your gift. Some include:

  • A book filled with recipes that you gathered from both sides of the couple’s family (it’s unique, meaningful and personalized!).
  • Completely personalized wine (choose a vintage from their birth years and gift them in a personalized box)
  • A personalized engraved frame for their wedding photos.

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Completely Intangible Wedding Gifts

Last, we have gift ideas that can’t fit in a box yet still check off all of the above categories!

Intangible gifts are things that can’t be held in their hands (and won’t clutter their homes) yet still show your deep regard for the couple.

Some ideas include:

  • Couples cooking classes (or other classes that they’ve expressed an interest in)
  • Dinner reservations to hip new restaurants
  • Gift certificates for unique experiences (skydiving, for example)

Of course, for these types of gifts you really need to know the couple! You wouldn’t want to give skydiving lessons to someone who is terrified of heights, after all!

What if you don’t know what the couple likes, but you still want to give an experience gift?

There’s actually a really neat solution! Let me tell you a bit about it, then we’ll get to some other specific gift ideas.

Tinggly Just Married Gift Box Offers Hundreds of Unique Experiences in One Clever Package

A Tinggly Experience Gift is such a neat concept and a totally unique wedding gift for couples who have it all. Their slogan says it all, “Give stories, not stuff.”

Each one of their collections offers up hundreds of unique experiences all around the world.

For example, their Just Married collection lets them choose from over 500 options, like a sailing experience in Rhode Island or a Tahoe Snowshoeing adventure for two.

How does it work?

Take a look at the different collections on Tinggly and find the perfect one for both your budget and your favorite couple’s style.

Then, choose either a physical gift box (it ships worldwide in 2-3 business days) or, if you’re really on a time crunch, an e-voucher that zips into their inbox in seconds.

The voucher has no expiration date, so when your couple is ready for a new adventure, they simply visit the Tinggly redeem page, pick the date and experience, book it and wait for the confirmation email. 

Eco-conscious couples will love the fact that Tinggly collections come gift boxes made from recycled materials and are printed using eco-friendly inks.

Plus, Tinggly offsets the CO2 footprint of every experience by 200%. Also, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a Tingly experience gift can be!

Now that we have a general idea of great wedding gift ideas for a wealthy couples, let’s check out a few of my favorite specific gifts that fall into those categories!

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10 Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have it All

Each of these gift ideas fits at least one, if not more, of the categories above.

The first five are gifts for any couple (LGBT included), and the last five are just for our LGBT friends.

General Wedding Gift Ideas for a Wealthy Couple

1. Intertwined Trees Original Artwork

Intertwined Trees Original Artwork

This one is both meaningful and unique, since it’s 100% original artwork.

Yes, it’s kind of pricey, but if you have the budget for it I guarantee no one else will get them the same thing!

The artist has other unique pieces in her Amazon Storefront that are priced a little lower if you don’t love this piece.

It’s my favorite, though, because it’s beautiful yet fairly neutral in terms of design, so it won’t class with their decor.

2. Personalized Comic Book Cover

Personalized Comic Book Story

What do you get the wealthy yet totally geeky couple that has it all?

Why, a personalized comic book cover rendition of their love story, of course!

As a fangirl geek myself, I’d definitely love this gift idea!

It’s also meaningful because it shows that you know the couple well enough to realize that fancy goblets and gold-plated serving dishes just aren’t there thing.

3. Handmade Stoneware Mugs

Handmade Stoneware Mugs

If you want to give something a little more along the lines of a traditional housewares gift but still want it to be unique, try these mugs.

They’re individually wheel-thrown so no two are exactly the same.

The outside has a stony natural feel while the lip curve and inside is finished off with food-grade glaze.

4. Personalized Map for Travelers

Personalized Map for Travelers

One of my favorite personalized and unique wedding gifts for a wealthy couple, this one lets them track their journey around the world.

While I love the style of of this one, Pin Adventure Map also makes the map in a ton of other colors and styles.

You’ll get a digital preview of your personalization before it’s printed, which is nice since we all make typos (I literally made one with the word “typo” just there…twice!).

5. Personalized Wine Box Gift Idea

Personalized Wine Box Gift Idea

Remember how we talked about a personalized wine gift above?

Well, you can start with this gorgeous box! Add their names, wedding date, and location of their wedding (or any other meaningful location).

Fill it with wine bottles from their birth years, the year they met, and the year they’re getting married.

LGBT Wedding Gift Ideas for a Wealthy Couple

1. Hand-made Koi Plate

Hand-engraved Koi Fish plate

If you’re looking for a piece of original artwork that incorporates the rainbow pride flag in without being overly rainbow-like, this is a stunning choice!

Koi represent so many beautiful things, including family, prosperity, success and perseverance.

They make a wonderful pride gift, too, as LGBT couples have had to persevere against close-minded people just to have the rights they never should have been denied in the first place.

2. Lovebird Painting

Another beautiful rainbow-inspired gift, this one is hand-painted and features two beautiful lovebirds sitting together watching the sunset.

It’s a commissioned piece, so make sure you allow for extra time. In other words, don’t buy it the day before the wedding!

Like the intertwined trees above, this one is also made by SkyeArt right in her Colorado studio.

3. Beach Sea Glass Suncatcher Mobile

Sticking with the rainbow pride symbolism, this beautiful mobile is made with sea glass in every color imaginable.

It’s falls well into the meaningful category for a couple that met (or lives on) the beach.

Even if they’ve been landlocked all of their lives, though, it’s still quite unique for those who dream of breezy ocean days.

4. Handmade Rainbow Crystal Wine Goblets

Handmade Rainbow Crystal Wine Goblets

Another gift that’s both traditional and unique, these handmade crystal wine glasses symbolize LGBT pride in a beautiful way.

Plus they’re made in France, so they have that added romance factor!

The artisans also make other crystal glasses, in case your favorite couple isn’t really into wine.

5. Framed Map Art Heart

Framed Map Art Heart

For something budget-friendly (because not all of us shopping for a wealthy couple are wealthy ourselves) yet still meaningful, check out this beautiful piece!

The heart surrounds a place of your choosing, be it where they met, married, or plan to live.

Add the couple’s names and wedding date for the perfect personalized finishing touch.

I realize that a lot of these wedding gift ideas for a wealthy couple make it seem like I’m assuming that you have a fairly high budget yourself.

Don’t leave here thinking that you have to spend a fortune to give a meaningful gift to a couple that has it all.

It’s entirely possible to give a meaningful gift without spending a cent.

For example, you can gather handwritten well-wishes from friends and family and place them into a “wishing jar,” or gather recipes into a book, or even just write a beautiful letter expressing your love for the couple.

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Our Final Recommendation

Go with our top pick: the Pin Adventure Map. It’s super unique and stylish!

Looking for wedding gift ideas for a wealthy couple? Learn how to find unique ideas, then check out our favorites!

What are your favorite wedding gift ideas for a wealthy couple? Share below!


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She loves writing about quirky and unique wedding ideas, probably because she’s pretty quirky herself!

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